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Ted Flaum Named New Executive Director of JFS St. Paul

 Judy Brier and Leslie Hahn, co-presidents of Jewish Family Service of St. Paul and Eli Skora, executive director of the Jewish Federation of Greater St. Paul are pleased to announce the appointment of Ted Flaum as the new executive director of JFS. Ted succeeds Rena Waxman, current executive director, retired at the end of the year. Ted began his position in February 2014. Read more about Ted here.

DASHing Towards Service

 jfs seattle  

 The newest volunteer community at Jewish Family Service of Seattle challenges its members to DASH - dare to act, serve and help - towards service. The group formed as part of an initiative to engage those 40 and under in volunteer work. For its latest project, DASH is hosting an online registry to benefit Refugee & Immigrant Service Center clients. Over the course of the drive, DASH will collect small housewares to furnish homes for newly arriving refugees. The drive runs through April 13 and includes an in-person happy hour and shopping trip to City Target on March 20th.

DASHing Towards Service


jfcs boston
Jewish Family & Children's Service of Greater Boston
is excited to share that Noah Schectman of the JF&CS Performance and Quality Management department is the keynote speaker at the Boston Area ETO User Conference (ETO is their performance management software) hosted today by Social Solutions.

An Honest Look at Mental Illness


Jewish Family Services of Greater Hartford is proud to sponsor this important conversation about mental illness. Too many people - children and adults - are not getting the help they need because of the stigma, lack of information, and confusion about where to go and how to pay for treatment.

Join JFS Greater Hartford and hundreds of other concerned people for An Honest Look at Mental Illness Friday, March 7th at The Bushnell.

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The Three A's of a Successful Agency: Accountability, Accessibility, Affordability
March 11th, 2pm EST
Foothold Technology 

Health Care Reform: How Does It Affect Me?
March 18th, 8pm EST

MITalks: Millenials & Online Giving
March 20th, 12pm EST

In this MITalks session, you will hear how leadership programming to grow the next generation of nonprofit leaders is transforming organizations across the country. In addition, Nessa Stoltzfus from Oxfam will discuss the leadership and advisory program they are developing to inspire Millennials to go beyond volunteerism and true engagement with the cause.

VIP log-in is required to access registration for this webinar, but AJFCA members have free VIP access. Please email Jennie Gates Beckman if you are interested in participating.

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March 7, 2014 
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D'Var Torah

Lee I. Sherman 

On Tuesday of this week, President Obama released his budget for the fiscal year beginning October 1, 2014. Among the tens of thousands of line items in this budget of over $3.9 trillion was the relatively small amount of $5 million for the "Holocaust Survivor Assistance Fund." But, this budget item is far from insignificant, and, if it is included in the final budget passed by Congress, it will make an enormous difference in the lives of low-income Holocaust survivors across the United States. This money, along with private funds being raised under the leadership of our partners at Jewish Federations of North America, with AJFCA's  input and assistance, will go to many of you and other agencies that are providing critical services to the Holocaust survivors in our communities. Nothing could be more significant.

This week we begin the reading of the third book of Torah, Leviticus or Va-yikra. With this week's  parashah, we read about sacrifices and the guilt which prompts them. We learn about what kind of repayment is required for committing a trespass, and the level of restitution necessary for a variety of grievances. This may not be the most interesting reading, no dysfunctional families or divine miracles, but we learn much about how to conduct ourselves as a society. Whether we believe the particular  details are relevant to our modern lives is not as important as the broader lessons involved in correcting a wrong.

There can be no question that the Jewish population of Europe and North Africa was "wronged" by Nazi terror in the mid-Twentieth Century. For those who perished, we are not able to correct that wrong. Even though those of us living today in the United States and Canada were in no way responsible for the heinous acts of the Nazis, we can do our part in making restitution to those victims of Nazi terror who still live among us today. So many of you do your part on a daily basis to do just that. This week, the Administration of the United States made a statement that they recognize the great work being done by our Jewish family service agencies and they want to contribute to that effort. That is significant.

Shabbat Shalom.
Partnering with Community Health Centers on Outreach and Enrollment Activities health insurance marketplace
Health centers are playing an essential role in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Nationwide, health centers have expanded their current outreach and enrollment (O&E) assistance activities to facilitate the enrollment of millions of eligible health center patients and service area residents into affordable health insurance coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplaces, Medicaid or the Children's Health Insurance Program. Click here for tips for how organizations can partner with health centers on Outreach & Enrollment activities.
Keshet Parent & Family Connection
The Keshet Parent & Family Connection is composed of remarkable parents and family members of LGBTQ Jews across the country who are coming together to transform the Jewish community through peer support, public events, and advocating for change. We come from all streams of the Jewish world, have children of all genders and sexual orientations, and are driven by personal journeys of struggle and celebration. Learn more here.
Go Outside: Expanding Your Professional Development Horizons ejp full logo
The professional Jewish community overflows with conferences. The pockets of time between major holidays are crammed with opportunities for learning, connection, case studies, best practices and keynote speeches. While they are worthwhile, informative, necessary and valuable, they are also an echo chamber. Continue reading here.
How Do I Get My Development Officers Out of the Office to Meet with Donors?
While everyone in the development business seems to understand that the face to face meeting is probably one of the most powerful donor cultivation tools available, so many development employees become frozen when asked to pick up the telephone to make appointments. Learn how to get your development officer out of the office.
AJFCA Partners with Verified Volunteers
We are pleased to announce that AJFCA has entered into a new partnership with Verified Volunteers. Verified Volunteers is truly the only background check platform tailored to the specific needs of the service sector and the first online community to mobilize repeat, vetted volunteers. We believe this platform has the potential to dramatically transform volunteer screening for the better for AJFCA member agencies throughout the United States and Canada. Learn more here.
How to Get Your Board on Board with Online Fundraising network for good
If you're a fundraiser who is struggling to get your executive director or board to understand why you should launch an online fundraising program or invest more in online giving tools, try these talking points to help plead your case
How to Talk Mergers with Boards and Senior Staff
Mergers can often leave senior staff and board members feeling uneasy. Staff and board members may not have a clear sense of what their roles might be in the newly formed entity. And board members committed to their respective organization's mission can see the merger as a departure from why they joined their boards in the first place. Continue reading here.
The Dirty Dozen Website Mistakes ejewish philanthropy
With 2013 behind us, we encourage staffers to take a close look at your website and examine every single page for content, style, tone and layout. Think about the big questions first and ask yourself: is this page really necessary? What is the main message from this page? Is there a shorter, more effective way of saying it? It's a best practice to regularly maintain your website to keep it functioning optimally, much like a car. Click here to read the dirty dozen website mistakes.
Pew Research Breaks Down Social Media Use by Age and Other Factors nonprofit quarterly
A recent study from the Pew Research Center shows that as of September of 2013, 73 percent of all online adults are currently using social media. The data shows that within every age group across the map, from young adults to those over 65 years old, social media usage increased over the past year. Learn more here.
An Hour Today Keeps the Auditors Away Foothold Technology
Is the thought of an audit enough to make you ill? Are you tired of running around collecting stats from different programs and sites? Corporate compliance programs help your agency adhere to the regulations governing your services and protect you from the risks associated with substandard performance. Electronic chart records like Foothold's AWARDS software can help you relieve stress, expedite internal audits, and assist you in managing Medicaid and other outside audits. Join AJFCA's partner and 2014 Annual Conference sponsor, Foothold Technology, for a complimentary webinar for just one hour and see how AWARDS can help you avoid days of headache and worry later.

An Hour Today Keeps the Auditors Away
April 2nd, 2pm EST - REGISTER HERE 
Labor Department Study Says Volunteering at 10-Year Low NPQ
The Bureau of Labor Statistics has been conducting studies of the rate of volunteerism in the U.S. since 2002, and its study this year shows that rate to be the lowest to date at just 25.4 percent. Neither the Bureau nor the Corporation for National and Community Service were able to explain the drop. Judging from the chart below, the decline began to be recorded in 2006. Continue reading here.
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