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Lee Sherman                                          Shelley Rood
AJFCA President/CEO                            AJFCA Washington Director

                        Friday, October 4, 2013  

Government Shutdown
Clearly the government shutdown is at the top of our minds, as well as the continuing lead news story of the week.

The shutdown is obviously hyper-political. Thus, at this point, we do not think it would be wise for agencies to become intricately vocal in a way that looks like we are engaged in this partisan food fight.

That said, depending on the duration of the shutdown, its impact on the programs and services may be drastic and severe. We have already heard from some agencies about programs being suspended, as well as key staff with whom we interact being furloughed. The Office of Management and Budget has a list of agencies' contingency plans including the plan for the Department of Health and Human Services.

At this point, we are continuing to stress what we've stressed throughout sequestration: while cuts in governmental spending may be necessary, they should not disproportionately impact the vulnerable populations who require them for their survival and sustenance.

We will provide more guidance as we receive it. In the meantime, please send Shelley Rood any notices you receive about the effects of the government shutdown on your programs.