Happy International Volunteer Managers Day from AJFCA!
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Did you know that today is International Volunteer Managers Day?  It's a day just to celebrate YOU!  So many of you spend time honoring your volunteers both in the spring and every day, but November 5th has been designated as a day to thank YOU for all your dedication and hard work.
Volunteer Professional Compensation Survey
Speaking of YOU - AJFCA has found that Volunteer Professionals in our network would like to have a sense of what is considered the "industry standard" for compensation. 
In response to this interest we are launching a survey (click here to take it yourself) to capture an idea of the range represented in our member agencies and to create space for an open & balanced discussion of compensation.

An excellent article was written on the findings of the 2012 Jewish Communal Professional Compensation survey, which presented broad results, but we felt that surveying our member agencies would be the best way to respond to the specific needs of our volunteer professionals.

We have, however, based many of our questions on this survey in order to more easily compare data and therefore give you a sense of how AJFCA professionals compare with a larger broader sample of communal professionals.

We are encouraging volunteer managers in our member agencies to fill out this survey before Nov. 15th.  It's only 15 questions and considering the benefit to everyone involved it should be well worth your time.
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