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Chicago Tribune Covers JCFS Chicago Foster Parents

  jcfs chicago
On June 23rd Jewish Child & Family Services of Chicago held their annual fundraiser, A Striking Event, where they honored JCFS past president Tom Korman with the Irving B. Harris Leadership Award. Korman and his wife have fostered 40 local teenagers over the past 15 years while also raising their own son and daughter.
The Chicago Tribune ran a story on Glenview couple. Continue reading here.
JFSA Cleveland's Center for Cognition & Recovery Profiled

  jfsa cleveland
Jewish Family Service Association of Cleveland's Center for Cognition & Recovery was profiled in the spring issue of NAMI Advocate. Click here to read the article.
Gulf Coast JFCS Names Tia Gray as New CEO

  gc jfs
The Board of Directors of Gulf Coast Jewish Family & Community Services is pleased to announce the appointment of Tia Gray, LCSW as the new President/Chief Executive Officer of the agency. Tia will join the organization on July 15th.
tia gray
The Board appointed a committee to conduct a nationwide search. After reviewing dozens of applicants, the search was narrowed to two candidates who visited the agency in April. The selection of Ms. Gray was unanimous. Barbara Sterensis, Board Chair, stated, "Ms. Gray closely mirrors the Agency's culture and brings a wealth of experience in serving children and others in need in our community." Continue reading here.
JFS Greater Kansas City Launches Pet Food Pantry

  jfs kansas
Jasmine's Corner, Jewish Family Services of Greater Kansas City's new Pet Food Pantry, launched June 5th.  Especially for older clients, pets might be their only companions. 
pet food pantry
JFS Greater Kansas City never want their clients to be forced to choose between feeding themselves or feeding their pets, and now they're able to feed clients and their beloved animal companions.  Learn more here.
JFS Washtenaw County Receives $10,000 Grant for ESL

  JFS Washtenaw County
Jewish Family Services of Washtenaw County recently received a $10,000 grant from the Dollar General Literacy Foundation to support its literacy program.  Specifically, the grant will will allow JFS to expand the capacity of the ESL program to allow more individual attention for students.
 dollar general
"With the influx of refugees we've had in the past few months, more than ever we need to increase individualized attention for our newest students, many who are suffering from the trauma of war.  We are very happy that Dollar General was willing to support this need," said Andre Yastchenko, JFS' Director of Transportation and International Services.
JFCS Philadelphia Opens Therapeutic Summer Camp

  jfcs philly
Jewish Family & Children's Service of Philadelphia, in association with Quest Therapeutic Camps, will open a therapeutic summer camp at the Abington Art Center in Jenkintown. Quest will run from July 1, 2013 through August 9, 2013 from 9:00am-3:30pm. Campers must participate a minimum of three consecutive weeks for therapeutic benefit. Program treatment services may be reimbursed by insurance companies as an "intensive structured outpatient program" or group therapy. Continue reading here.
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June 28, 2013 
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D'Var Torah

Lee I. Sherman

It's been a few weeks, but I am still having difficulty getting past the violent drama in this season's next to last episode of HBO's "Game of Thrones." Those of you who watch the series know why I am disturbed by the events surrounding these fictional characters. I know I am not alone, as mental health providers across the country reported clients who expressed a deep sense of loss after some of their favorite characters met their demise. But, for me, this episode also conjured up thoughts of a (in)famous scene from Torah.

This week's parashah, Pinhas, begins with a dramatic and unsettling scene. In a carryover from last week's parashah, Pinhas takes it upon himself to stop the cavorting of the Israelite men with the local women by impaling two of the offenders (through the stomach, thus the connection to "Game of Thrones"). While Pinhas' actions have the desired effect, the notion of violent death as punishment is indeed unsettling. The fact that Pinhas is then rewarded by God and granted his grandfather Aaron's position as High Priest is even more troubling. What does this say about the exercise of leadership and the consequences of violent action? 

But Pinhas, while in a critical and important position, is not the true leader of the Israelite people. That person will be the successor to Moses. And so, we read in this parashah that Joshua is identified as the successor to the leadership of Moses. God identifies Joshua as a man with ruach, "a man in whom the spirit is." But, all of us have ruach, essentially the breath of life that comes from God. What is it that makes Joshua different? He has demonstrated leadership in the past as one of the two spies with positive reports of the Promised Land, but even beyond that the description of Joshua as a man suggests something greater in him. Joshua is "an inspired man" in some translations, and this seems fitting to me. What makes Joshua so special is his passion - his passion for the people, for God, and ultimately for the Land of Israel as a permanent home for the Jewish people.
May you all have a peaceful and passionate Shabbat.
Agencies Seek More Funding for Holocaust Survivors
State and Federal Help is Sought to Provide Home Care Assistance
A concentration camp survivor in her early 90s refused to leave her sixth-floor walkup apartment in Union County during Superstorm Sandy, despite having no heat or electricity. Continue reading here.
Newly Designed Medicare Notice cms
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently revamped the Medicare Summary Notice (MSN). The MSN is a quarterly notice (not a bill) sent to people with Parts A and/or B that shows all services or supplies billed during the past 3-month period. It includes information on what Medicare paid and the maximum amount your clients may owe the provider. Paper versions of the new MSNs will be sent out starting this summer. Remind your clients to review their MSN closely and report any inaccurate claims or appeal any payments/decisions with which they disagree. View a comparison of old and new MSNs. Read the CMS press release.
On Capitol Hill: Why Reverse Mortgage Counseling is so Critical ncoa logo
The federal reverse mortgage program can be a lifeline for some older homeowners, but consumer protections and comprehensive counseling are critical to protecting seniors and their home equity, NCOA told Congress last week. Ramsey Alwin, senior director of our Economic Security Initiative, testified before a subcommittee examining changes in the program. Read more here.
Analysis-Paralysis: Another Call for Action on Professional Leadership  
The community increasingly looks to their professional executives to envision, inspire and lead the change and those who hire executives realize that meaningful change will not occur without professional leaders who possess the vision, courage and skills to lead the process. Continue reading here.
Are You a Giver, Taker, or Matcher? give and take
The main thesis in the book Give and Take, by Adam Grant is that in a networked world success depends on how we interact with others. Grant suggests there are three different styles:  Givers (those who give to others without an expect for a return);  "Matchers" (those who give to get  something in return); and "Takers" (those who pretend to be givers, but are only motivated but what they gain.  The book shares many insights about how effective networking, collaboration, influence, negotiation, and leadership skills can to success for "Givers."  In short, nice people can finish first in a networked world. Continue reading here.
How to Not Kill People with PowerPoint no small change
PowerPoint presentations are a snoozefest. Most of them are. And if you've sat through them you know what death by PowerPoint feels like. But it's only the bad PowerPoint presentations that have this near-death effect. There can be - surprising but true - good and, great, PowerPoint presentations. So, if you don't want to go on a PowerPoint killer rampage, here's the top list of pointers.
Conference America Affinity Program conference america
Being a member of AJFCA entitles your agency to some cost-savings benefits. AJFCA has been holding conference calls and webinars through Conference America for the past few years. The quality of calls and customer service has been beyond satisfactory. AJFCA and Conference America have partnered to offer AJFCA member agencies an affinity plan with great rates. Whether it's local, national or international calling, webinars, or video conferencing, Conference America can design a plan specific to your agencies needs. Contact Matthew Wallace at 334-323-4739 or 334-300-0398 for details.
Development Professionals Call - Managing Social Media for Fundraising  ajfca logo-resized
AJFCA is pleased to offer the first Development Professionals Call, Managing Social Media for Fundraising on Wednesday, July 10th at 2pm ET. The call will be recorded. Barbara Barnholtz, Director of Development at JFCS St. Louis will facilitate the call. An agenda will be available in the near future. Please email Megan for access information.
AJFCA Canadian Conference
Jewish Federations of Canada - UIA & The Association of Jewish Family & Children's Agencies (Canada) presents a national conference for Canadian Jewish communal professionals and lay leaders to gather and discuss the current challenges and opportunities, and share best practices from a Canadian perspective, with a focus on access, identity, and inclusion October 20-22, 2013 in Toronto, ON.
canadian conference

Specific Objectives:   

  • To create opportunities for Canadian Jewish leadership and professionals from all size communities and organizations to connect, to network and to share best practices
  • To share/develop new program/business models (from within Canada and other countries) that will enhance Jewish communal affiliation( people), address the needs of the vulnerable, and build philanthropic capacity ( funds) 
  • To create opportunities for cross discipline and cross sector exchange and development among Jewish communal leaders and professionals across Canada 
  • To take home new ideas, new solutions, new networks that will have ongoing relevance and  impact in local Canadian Jewish communities  

Target audiences:
Volunteer and professional leadership and professionals from ALL Canadian Jewish communities and major organizations 

Email info@jfcuia.org with any questions.
Why Your Board Should Raise 10% of Your Nonprofit's Budget social velocity
It's no secret that nonprofits struggle with money. In fact, the Nonprofit Finance Fund's most recent State of the Nonprofit Sector Survey found that 41% of nonprofit respondents ran a deficit in 2012. So here's a radical idea. What if every nonprofit board were responsible for bringing in 10% of their nonprofit's annual operating budget? Continue reading here.
The Hand-off Huddle board source
Don't expect your new board chair to simply pick up where the current one leaves off. New board chairs should be formally oriented to their roles. The American Society of Mechanical Engineers explains how to do it.
Planning Your High Holiday Appeal
Now is the time for communications and fundraising professionals to begin planning strategically about the direct mail, online solicitations, special events, and other types of important "touches" with current and future donors that will take place during the High Holiday season. Continue reading here.
How to Create a Nonprofit Editorial Calendar  
Creating an editorial calendar is an effective way to keep your organization's newsletter, website, blog, and social media content fresh and current. Should you go with paper or something more high tech? Use whatever works best for you and your team: a wall calendar, Excel spreadsheet, Google Calendar, or even dedicated project management software. While it can contain loads of info, an editorial calendar at its most basic organizes the what, when, and who of your media outreach. Continue reading here.
Do You Know Your 'Failure Rate'?
"Why do you think most fundraisers are so resistant to innovation and change?" Fundraisers resist experimenting with innovative tools and processes because they insist that 'It' - the 'It' being a predictive model, a new online tool, a new multi-channel process, you name it - be 100% correct, 100% of the time. Otherwise, forget it, they'll just stick with the same-old-same-old, thank you. Continue reading here.
Apply for Funding to Engage Senior Volunteers
The Corporation for National and Community Service has released the RSVP 2014 Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) to provide local nonprofit and public agencies an opportunity to increase their capacity by engaging adults aged 55+ in high impact volunteer service. Up to $14 million is available to local organizations. Apply by September 10th.
Final Chance to Join Sharsheret's New Partners of Excellence Program for Jewish Agencies  
Become a Sharsheret Supports Partner of Excellence and expand or create new culturally-relevant breast cancer and ovarian cancer support and educational programs for women and families in yosharsheretur community.
As a Partner of Excellence, your agency will receive:
  • Financial Support for Programs
  • Educational Program Development Guidance
  • Clinical Supervision for Support Group Facilitators
  • Local and National Partner Recognition  
Email Link Program Coordinator Adina Fleischmann to request a Partners of Excellence application or more information. Applications are due June 30, 2013.
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