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Effective July 1st David Rivel will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer of the Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services.
david rivel
David Rivel has been running successful nonprofit organizations for 20 years.  David came to JBFCS two years ago to overlap with Paul Levine so that he could learn the organization, programs, staff and partners. During that time, David also worked with the staff and board to develop a new strategic plan, one that focuses on recovery and resilience for all JBFCS clients and calls on JBFCS to be more data-driven and outcome-focused than ever before.

After 31 years at JBFCS, Paul's tenure comes to a close. He is extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to serve in partnership with your organization. If you wish to be in touch with Paul beyond July 1st, his email will change to paul@jbfcs.org
AJFCA Annual Conference and Clinical Services at JFSA Las Vegas

  jfsa las vegas
Since Dr. Shari Stanton joined the Jewish Family Service Agency Las Vegas team, she has felt some discomfort when asked to change the way she thinks about clinical services.
las vegas
When introduced to words such as strategic planning, business plans, and sustainability, she thought the JFSA executive director and board president, failed to understand the heart of clinical services. Continue reading here.
Celebrate the Shore - Revel
  JFS Atlantic and Cape May
Jewish Family Service of Atlantic & Cape May Counties will hold Celebrate the Shore on June 27th.
Over the past 25 years more than 25,000 visitor have helped JFS raise $1 million through the Annual House Tour featuring the island's most luxurious Downbeach homes. On October 29th Superstorm Sandy devastated Absecon Island. Many area homes were destroyed leaving thousands without food, shelter or a place to go. Learn more here.
Partnership Highlighted for Helping Pittsburgh's Seniors "AgeWell"
  jfcs pittsburgh
AgeWell Pittsburgh impacts the lives of thousands of local seniors, decreasing emergency room visits and lowering nursing home admission rates in comparison to rates in Pittsburgh and nationwide. Continue reading here.
JFCS East Bay Answers Need by Launching Home Care Program
  jfcs east bay
Responding to a growing community need, Jewish Family and Children's Services of the East Bay has entered the burgeoning home care business - with a twist.

Berkeley-based JFCS launched its Home Care for Seniors program last month in collaboration with 24Hr HomeCare, a privately owned company based in Southern California. The unusual partnership between  a nonprofit agency and for-profit business allows JFCS  to "leverage what we're best at, while teaming up with somebody who already has the expertise and infrastructure" to provide home care services, said JFCS executive director Avi Rose. Continue reading here.
Beth Wynne of Samost JFCS Wins Jewish Foundation Award
  samost jfcs
Congratulations to Samost Jewish Family & Children's Services' Director of Fundraising and Development, Beth Wynne, who has been selected to receive the Harry and Helen Pinsky Memorial Award from the Jewish Community Foundation.
Beth Wynne
This award recognizes Beth's exemplary professional accomplishments and will be celebrated at the Foundation's annual meeting later this month.
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Improving Parenting Skills:  New Tools in PerformWell
June 25th, 3pm EDT

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How Nonprofits Can Save Time & Money on Unemployment Costs
June 25th, 8am PST
 June 26th, 11am PST
 June 27th, 1pm PST


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Energize Our Families: Parent Program
June 26th, 1pm EDT


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June 21, 2013 
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  walking kids
D'Var Torah

Lee I. Sherman

I have been traveling a great deal lately, and having terrific conversations with people from many different backgrounds and experiences. A lesson I learned early in my college days has stayed with me and permitted me to be more open to the insights of all of those I meet. This greater acceptance is borne out of an experience that I have paused to remember time and again, but at the time was so elementary and a non-event that I am still surprised it stays with me. I attended the University of Virginia, and although I had lived in the South, I was not prepared for the extreme Southern drawls and what I would have then described as "hick" accents that I encountered. I considered myself to be fairly progressive, but I carried with me a preconceived notion of what an "intellectual" should look and sound like. It didn't take long for that perception to be shattered. I was sitting in a seminar during the first few weeks of school and we were discussing a poem, John Donne I believe. One student who had been silent throughout the discussion decided to make a contribution. He was a bit on the rough looking side, dressed more like a coal miner than a typical college student and he came from the deepest part of Southwest Virginia. When he opened his mouth to expound on the poem, it was with the heaviest Southern accent I had ever heard. And then he gave the most concise, literate, and perceptive comment I had ever heard. I have never allowed looks or pattern of speech to be a predictor of intellect again.
In this week's parashah, Balak, we find the unusual and comic story of Balaam and his donkey. This story is in many ways a strange interlude from the battles and laws we read about in most of B'midbar. But here we read of Balak, the king of Moab, summoning the sorcerer Balaam to curse the Israelites. On his way to do so, Balaam and his donkey meet an Angel of God. Three times, the donkey sees the angel and stops, veers, and sits.  Balaam, seeing nothing, just grows angry and beats the donkey. Finally, after the third incident, the donkey speaks, and says "why do you beat me, do you not see the angel." Only then are Balaam's eyes opened and does he see the angel.
Once his eyes are opened, Balaam goes on to bless the Israelites, not curse them, much to the displeasure of Balak. We learn from this talking donkey that words or actions from an unexpected source may often be just what we need to see things differently, and for the better. Sometimes it takes something completely different to open our eyes so we may be flexible and creative enough to make the right choices.
Shabbat Shalom.
What's new with the Older Americans Act?
Marci Phillips, NCOA's director of Public Policy & Advocacy, was on the Lizz Brown Show earlier this month to discuss issues facing Older Americans Act (OAA) funding and reauthorization and what advocates can do. Meanwhile, the Administration on Aging (AoA) released new tables that reflect the impact of FY13 sequester cuts on OAA programs. The AoA noted earlier this year when releasing estimated sequester impacts that "[t]he statutory factors used to determine the allocations-such as funding level, population, hold harmless, minimum allotments, and guaranteed growth-vary across programs and result in variations among states in the magnitude of the reductions." Listen to the radio interview. View the OAA tables. Keep up with OAA news.
Federal Long-Term Care Commission Names Chair
The new federal Commission on Long-Term Care has elected Bruce Chernof, president and CEO of The SCAN Foundation, as its chair. The commission was created by the "fiscal cliff" law to advise Congress on how we can better provide and finance long-term care for older adults and people with disabilities. Continue reading here.
Jewish Federation of Sacramento Joins AJFCA sacramento
The Jewish Federation of the Sacramento Region is located in California's capital city and serves 13 surrounding counties. The agency provides a part-time community social worker who currently serves as a Resource & Referral Coordinator; run a newly-created Kosher Food Pantry, which includes toiletries, household paper goods, and ritual items; deliver Holiday Outreach Baskets to home-bound individuals during Rosh Hashanah, Chanukah, and Passover; sponsor two monthly senior programs that include a kosher meal and entertainment; and address issues of disability, such as creating welcoming environments and socialization, through their Committee on Inclusion and Disabilities. For more information, visit www.jewishsac.org, email eprovance@jewishsac.org, or contact 916-486-0906 ext. 304.
Jewish Federation of Charleston Joins AJFCA
Charleston's Jewish community is one of the oldest Jewish communities in North America:  religiously diverse - from Reform to Orthodox and anything in between; geographically dispersed - from Isle of Palms to Seabrook Island, from West Ashley to Mt. Pleasant; a diverse population - everything from young professionals to retirees, singles to empty nesters.Charleston Jewish Family Services is a part of the Charleston Jewish Federation in South Carolina. Charleston Jewish Family Services currently offers a community kosher food pantry, counseling for adults and children as well as JELF loans. For more information visit www.jewishcharleston.org.
It's Time to Move Beyond Overhead
"The percent of charity expenses that go to administrative and fundraising costs - commonly referred to as "overhead" - is a poor measure of a charity's performance."Continue reading here.
Are You a Leader or a Manager? There's a Difference Inc 500
The terms leadership and management are often used interchangeably, but there is a huge difference between a leader and a manager.
Leaders aren't always managers and vise versa. It is a rare individual that is both of these things. They have very different skill sets, both critical to success at a high-growth business. Continue reading here.
How Small Businesses Can Help Your Nonprofit
Small companies can be powerful sources of fundraising help for charities of all sizes, says Joe Waters, founder of SelfishGiving.com and author of Cause Marketing for Dummies. Continue reading here.
Conference America Affinity Program conference america
Being a member of AJFCA entitles your agency to some cost-savings benefits. AJFCA has been holding conference calls and webinars through Conference America for the past few years. The quality of calls and customer service has been beyond satisfactory. AJFCA and Conference America have partnered to offer AJFCA member agencies an affinity plan with great rates. Whether it's local, national or international calling, webinars, or video conferencing, Conference America can design a plan specific to your agencies needs. Contact Matthew Wallace at 334-323-4739 or 334-300-0398 for details.
Development Professionals Call - Managing Social Media for Fundraising  ajfca logo-resized
AJFCA is pleased to offer the first Development Professionals Call, Managing Social Media for Fundraising on Wednesday, July 10th at 2pm ET. The call will be recorded. Barbara Barnholtz, Director of Development at JFCS St. Louis will facilitate the call. An agenda will be available in the near future. Please email Megan for access information.
Idealware's Summer Sale 
Idealware, one of AJFCA's partners has a full schedule-and now they're offering it at half price. The reason is simple: They want you to have the tools you need to succeed. The options include a mix of brand new sessions and Idealware classics, including all their best-rated sessions. Idealware hopes a 50% discount will help you carve out some time during your busy summer schedule. The Summer Sale applies to all Thursday sessions in June, July, and August. Click here for a list of sessions. Use the discount code:  SUMMER2013.
Board Fundraising: Give or Get?
The question "Do you apply the 'give or get' rule with your board or are they asked to do both?" was posted by a member of our Nonprofit ED/CEO LinkedIn community. Below are selected answers to this question from this conversation, which offer guidance to other nonprofit leaders considering their board member's financial commitments to their organizations. Continue reading here.
The Challenge and Opportunity of True Connection
In a recent commencement speech, novelist Jonathan Safran Foer lamented the risk of isolation in our wired culture. As technology becomes more ingrained in our daily lives, simple actions that have traditionally involved face-to-face communication have been transformed by apps and interfaces. As we've become more connected than ever, it's become easy to avoid true connection. Continue reading here.
Review: Exploring Cutting Edge Social Media communityorganizer2.0
Last month, Community Organizer 2.0 launched a new report, "Exploring Cutting Edge Social Media," about how to think about emerging social media tools. Debra Askanase offered this insightful review. As she stated, "The discussion about when to adopt these tools is never-ending." Continue reading here.
Why Is It So Hard to Find Good Development Help? bridgespan
A nonprofit executive director asked members of the Bridgespan Nonprofit ED/CEO LinkedIn Group, "Why is it so hard to find good development staff?" Her question inspired a nearly month-long discussion around the challenges nonprofits face in finding good development staff and ways to overcome the hurdles. Continue reading here.
Can Volunteering Help You With Your Job Search?
Can volunteering be the difference-maker in your next interview? New, ground-breaking research at the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) provides evidence of a relationship between volunteering and finding employment. Continue reading here.
Final Chance to Join Sharsheret's New Partners of Excellence Program for Jewish Agencies  
Become a Sharsheret Supports Partner of Excellence and expand or create new culturally-relevant breast cancer and ovarian cancer support and educational programs for women and families in yosharsheretur community.
As a Partner of Excellence, your agency will receive:
  • Financial Support for Programs
  • Educational Program Development Guidance
  • Clinical Supervision for Support Group Facilitators
  • Local and National Partner Recognition  
Email Link Program Coordinator Adina Fleischmann to request a Partners of Excellence application or more information. Applications are due June 30, 2013.
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