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Yom Hashoah in Carson City, NV

jfsa las vegas
There are times in a person's life where the memories of an event will forever be engrained.
Through the generosity of Mr. Sheldon Adelson, both Nora Kraidman, Senior Services Director, and Christina Primack, CEO of Jewish Family Service Agency of Las Vegas, NV had the pleasure of traveling with forty of our local Holocaust Survivors to Carson City for the Governor's recognition of Yom Hashoah.  The energy and excitement in the airport was contagious as they anxiously waited for the green light to load the busses and board Mr. Adelson's private aircraft.  As they approached their "chariot in the sky," Christina was able to photograph the most precious faces of their Survivors. Continue reading here.
The Protective Factors for Maintaining Independence
jfcs pittsburgh
Jewish Family & Children's Service of Pittsburgh, PA was featured in the Winter/Spring 2013 edition of the Journal of Jewish Communal Service. Jordan Golin, PsyD, Director of Clinical and Elder Care Services for JFCS Pittsburgh and Jeffrey Freedman, board member co-authored "The Protective Factors for Maintaining Independence," on JFCS Pittsburgh's assessment tool for seniors.
JFCS Louisville Provides Childcare Program for Refugee Women
jfcs louisville
Newly-arrived refugees usually can find only low-wage jobs, requiring both parents to work in order to support a family with children. However, childcare issues (inability to communicate with English speaking providers, non-traditional work schedules, transportation, etc.) often act as a barrier to employment for refugee women.
Jewish Family & Career Services of Louisville, KY received a grant from the Department of Health & Human Services' Office of Refugee Resettlement to oversee the Family Childcare Program.  This 8-week training prepares low-income refugee women to operate home-based childcare businesses. The training focuses on child development, health, safety, and nutrition, as well as small business planning and management.  Participants receive individual assistance to help them get their businesses up and running and to ensure they are able to provide quality childcare in a safe environment. Initially women are prepared to operate registered childcare homes that can care for up to three children; those with capacity to meet licensing requirements are provided with assistance in growing their businesses over time. The Family Childcare Program promotes self-sufficiency, allowing providers to earn income while enabling other women to overcome childcare barriers and go to work.
Volunteer instructors and mentors provide opportunities for participants to interact with American culture and provide support that will help ensure that they will succeed.
Jewish Para-chaplain Volunteers Needed for JFS Colorado Training in May
JFS Colorado
Beginning in late May, Jewish Family Service of Colorado will begin training volunteers for its Bikur Cholim (Visiting the Sick) Para-chaplain Program.

Para-chaplain volunteers visit Jewish seniors or conduct holiday services in non-Jewish nursing homes, assisted living facilities, prisons, and hospitals to provide spiritual support to isolated members of the Jewish community. "These invaluable volunteers truly help make a difference in the lives of people suffering from serious illness or isolation," says Nancy Benyamin, JFS director of volunteer services.

In order to be a para-chaplain, volunteers must be Jewish, but do not need to have an extensive Jewish education. To lead services, a deeper understanding of Jewish traditions is desirable.

Training is provided by JFS staff members and knowledgeable expert guest speakers.

Information/registration: Beth Lippa at 720.248.4599.
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Matters of the Mind: Addressing Mental Trauma in Muslim Communities  
April 22nd, 2pm ET


The Health Care Law and Health Disparities  April 29th, 2pm ET


What We've Learned, and What's Next
April 30th, 2pm ET


Facebook Goes Green: Using Social Media for Environmental Advocacy
May 1st, 1pm ET


Tour of HealthCare.gov
May 2nd, 1pm ET


It's Complicated: Understanding and Managing Relationships As a Breast Cancer Survivor
May 7th, 8pm ET


How Senior Friendly is Your Website?
May 9th, 1:30pm ET


Make the Call, Don't Miss A Beat!
May 16th, 12pm ET

The Health Care Law 101
May 23rd, 2pm ET

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April 19, 2013 
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  walking kids
D'Var Torah

Lee I. Sherman

Our friend and colleague, Marc Jacobs, CEO of Jewish Family Service of Metrowest, MA, said it best earlier this morning: this has been the "strangest week imaginable." As I write this, much of the Boston area is in "lock down" as one of the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings is still at-large. At this point, much more is unknown or speculation than facts upon which we can rely. However, what we do know is we can relate to all of those in the community who are facing a dramatic disturbance to their daily lives, and, many of whom are likely to have their lives changed forever.

In Judaism, we often use the phrase:" Kol Yisrael arevim zeh la-zeh, all the people of Israel are responsible for one another." This expression of core Jewish values describes the work that most of us are concerned with on a daily basis, seeking to improve the lives of the individuals and families we serve. But, it is at times like today that our relationship to each other is not only grounded in the obligation of responsibility, but also a shared sense of vulnerability.

I don't know what it is like to be trapped inside my home. I can attempt to understand what the people of Boston are undergoing, but I also realize much of this is beyond my comprehension. I do believe that the shared vulnerabilities present among us infuse and inform the sense of responsibility we have for our families, friends, and communities. When we can seize upon our vulnerabilities and take action, we are fulfilling our obligation to make this world a better place: one step at a time, one volunteer commitment, one kind word, one instance of raising our voices for those actions that will bring us closer to a just, safe, and fulfilling world.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Boston. May they have a peaceful Shabbat.
Share Your Agency's Advertising/Promotional Materials at AJFCA's 41st Annual Conference
AJFCA's Annual Conference will feature a Delegates Lounge where attendees have the opportunity to meet and network with colleagues, friends, sponsors and exhibitors. Tables will be set up in the lounge to display AJFCA agency brochures, special/annual reports, projects, and/or marketing and fundraising materials. Please share your agency's materials and either bring or send 100 copies of each publication. Shipped materials must be received at JFCS Phoenix no later than Friday, May 10th. Please be sure to use the mailing address below. 2013 AJFCA AC logo
Jewish Family & Children's Service
4747 North 7th Street, Suite 100
Phoenix, AZ 85014
Attn:  Louann - Delegates Lounge Materials
The cut off date to register under AJFCA's group block and discounted rate of $209/ night at the Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa is Monday, April 22nd. Book your room here.

The cut off date to register for the 41st Annual Conference at a rate of $520 is Tuesday, April 30th. Registrations made after April 30th will begin at $570. Register here.

All outstanding invoices are due to Sandra Rosenbaum no later than April 30th.
Comic Book Explains FQBHCs and Demonstrates Power of Excellence Act
For the first time in years, the Senate this week is set to take up legislation to expand and support the nation's behavioral health treatment system. The Excellence in Mental Health Act may be included in this vote.
national council behavioral healthcare
What does the Excellence Act mean for you as a provider, consumer, or family member? The National Council for Community and Behavioral Healthcare's new comic book, "A Guide to FQBHCs," will help you understand the concept of federally-qualified behavioral health centers, as outlined in the Excellence in Mental Health Act.

Please share widely with your colleagues and partners to help protect the future of behavioral healthcare! Then, take 2 minutes to ask your Senators to vote for the Excellence Act. Your advocacy is crucial to getting this important legislation through Congress!
The 9 Laws of Affinity in an Era of Digital Darwinism
Technology serves as the glue that bring like-minded people together. This is why relationships are now more important than ever. Even though people are connecting in social networks, just creating a presence on Facebook or Twitter isn't enough to show that you're listening. Nor does it convey empathy or a new vision. Hosting conversations or getting people to follow you on Twitter or Like you on Facebook is one thing. But, to connect and foster real relationships, organizations must learn how to dedicate resources to listen, learn and adapt the processes, systems, experiences and prevailing culture that will entice and nurture consumer engagement. Continue reading here.
To Get More Subscribers, Focus on the Path
Kivi Leroux Miller, 2013 AJFCA Annual Conference guest speaker, has been having lots of conversations with clients and others lately about building email lists. Often these conversationnonprofit marketing guides start with Kivi being asked if a client should do one very specific tactical thing or not, which is not the right place to start.
Instead, think a little more big picture first. What is it that you want that person to do, and what is the path that will take them to the place online where they do it? Continue reading here.
What Moneyball Didn't Teach You About Measurement 
When we have a lot of data, it can be tempting to chase answers to all sorts of interesting questions. But after all that analysis, if youchronicle philanthropy answer questions that nobody else is in your organization is asking, your findings will wither on the vine. Either focus on the questions that matter to decision makers or, better yet, understand that your first job is to help people ask better questions. Continue reading here.
Fabulous Guide to Visual Storytelling
Resource Media has a fantastic and free guide to visual storytelling. It's a MUST read (see) for your cause. The guide has great tips like:
  1. Always test visuals
  2. Pair visuals with words to increase retention of your message
  3. Shun bad stock photos 
There are great examples, checklists and templates. Get the guide here.
From Founder's Dilemma to Founders' Advantage: The Partnership Model as a Pathway to Second Stage Growth 
When someone asks Elie Kaunfer, co-founder and executive director of Mechon Hadar for advice these days about launching a Jewish staejewish philanthropyrt-up, she always ask first: "Who is your partner?" In my mind, this is much more important than the brilliance of the new idea or even the potential sources of funding. Launching a start-up is daunting, but launching a start-up alone is extraordinarily difficult. Continue reading here.
Engaging Major Donors with Humor 
Hear from a development director with 35 years in the development business how he uses humor to engage donors.
Resourceful Nonprofits Look Outside the Box for Sustainability
Even if your nonprofit organization is financially healthy, you'd do well to keep an eye on the future. We live in an environment of ever-increasing demands on resources; you need to be on the lookout for new ways to ensure long-term sustainability.
Strategic alliances -- anything from sharing back office expenses to merging -- may provide both the financial stability and expanded options to serve your clients. Continue reading here.
When Is A Good Time For Nonprofits To Evaluate Their Online Tools?
Chances are pretty good that you've been using the same set of online tools to create your donation forms, email messages, advocacy alerts for a while now.  Settling down with a set of online tools is comfy, like wearing a pair of sweatpants. Familiar. Easy. Sure, you've got your pet peeves about the system but you know each other pretty darn well.
cause connected
It's silly to pack up and move just in the name of change - and it's also a mistake to stay where you are if your tools don't meet your needs. Firefly Partners offers an effective tool evaluation process that can shed light on whether it's time to pack it up and move to a new platform. Continue reading here.
If Landing Pages Were People - 3 Nasty Habits That Drive Prospects Away
Landing pages and people are not as different as you might think. That's because landing pages are written by people. Sounds obvious now but the fact is, it can sometimes be hard to keep the worst parts of ourselves out of what we create. Here are three very bad habits common to landing pages, which tend to depress conversion rates. Continue reading here.
We Were Slaves:
The Jewish Community Unites Against Sex Trafficking
UJA-Federation of New York's Task Force on Family Violence
  • Human trafficking is a $32 billion industry.
  • Jewish women and girls were trafficked for sex to the Americans as part of the "white slave trade.
  • The average age of entry into prostitution is 13.   
Attend this all-day conference to explore the history and obligation to combat sex-trafficking. This conference is open to all and will provide essential information for social-service, legal, and medical professionals; Jewish clergy, rabbinical students, and educators; lay leaders and all those interested in learning more about this form of modern day slavery.

Monday, April 22, 2013
UJA-Federation of New York, Seventh-Floor Conference Center
130 East 59th Street, New York City

Debby Perelmuter, Vice President of Services to the Jewish Community and The Jewish Child Care Association (JCCA) has been involved in the planning of the conference, and one of JCCA's treatment programs, Gateways, for trafficked women is being featured, in the last part of the day.
Cut Costs, not Corners: An Electronic Record that Pays for Itself
AJFCA encourages member agencies to attend this free webinar offered by our newest Partner Foothold Technology, a leading provider of web-based software developed specifically for human services organizations.
Foothold Technology
Cut Costs, not Corners: An Electronic Record that Pays for Itself
If you're among the hundreds of community-based providers looking to transition to electronic record-keeping without breaking the bank, you cannot afford to miss this webinar. Foothold's software, AWARDS, has helped more than 600 behavioral health and human service agencies track their services and bill more accurately, resulting in increased revenue and a higher quality of care. Continue reading here.

Cut Costs, not Corners: An Electronic Record that Pays for Itself
Wednesday, May 1st, 2:00pm EDT
Data Driven - Path Focused
Transform How You Manage Cases, Track Clients and Improve Outcomes with FAMCare Pathways
Today agencies are struggling with more clients entering the system and less funding available to provide adequate services for all. In order to be truly effective - technology tools need to help casewGlobal Vision Techorkers streamline case management, not hamper their productivity. Agencies need better data collection tools, faster access to information and solid reporting to keep their funders happy and caseworker morale high. In this 60 minute webinar discover why FAMCare Pathways is transforming how agencies track their programs and services; allowing them to be more productive and accountable than ever before. Continue reading here.
Data Driven - Path Focused
Wednesday, May 1st, 3pm ET - REGISTER HERE
Thursday, May 2nd, 3pm ET - REGISTER HERE
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