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Perspective is Everything
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Adoption and the Family
For the 16th consecutive year, Alan Shawn Feinstein, through the Feinstein Foundation of Cranston, RI, will divide $1 million among hunger-fighting agencies nationwide to help raise funds during March and April 2013. Jewish Family & Career Services of Louisville is one of the participating agencies in this event to receive a portion of the funds.
All donations during this period to the JFCS Food Pantry of food, canned goods and grocery gift cards, as well as monetary donations to the Sonny & Janet Meyer Family Food Pantry Fund, will be matched as part of the Feinstein Challenge to Fight Hunger. Many families and individuals use the JFCS Food Pantry throughout the year, allowing them to utilize very limited resources to pay for other items while JFCS helps with the basic food needs. JFCS distributes more than 40 tons of food annually. 

Past Feinstein Challenges to Fight Hunger have raised a record $1.5 billion for hunger-fighting charitable agencies nationwide. Make a donation to JFCS during March and April and become a partner in the most successful grassroots campaign of all time to fight hunger. Food donations can be delivered to JFCS Monday-Friday, from 8:30am-5:00pm. Monetary and credit card donations are also accepted via mail or on the JFCS website. Be sure to designate to the Food Pantry. Call 452-6341 for more information. 
The United Nations held a Holocaust Memorial Ceremony to honor Holocaust Survivors and the many heroic people who risked their lives to rescue thousands marked for death by the Nazis. Entitled "Rescue During the Holocaust: The Courage to Care," the event featured distinguished speakers, video, and live music.
jbfcs 2.21.13
The Jewish Board of Family & Children's Services was represented by Board member Carol Levin, Assistant Executive Director Carmen Collado, and Jonathan Katz, Director of Jewish Community Services. They are seen in this photo with Carol's husband, Jerry Levin, President of UJA-Federation of New York, which helped sponsor the commemoration as part of its Community Initiative for Holocaust Survivors.
NY1, New York City's cable news station, recently interviewed Jewish Child Care Association experts concerning a controversial new study by the National Institute of Mental Health that found that some people "outgrow" autism.
jcca 2.21.13
Elise Hahn-Felix, Director of JCCA's Compass Project, told the NY1 reporter, "I've seen people adapt to autism but not outgrow autism." Click here to view the video.
AJFCA congratulates Mark Hetfield, the new President & CEO of Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), the global migration agency of the American Jewish community. The announcement was made by HIAS Chairman Marc Silberberg, following a unanimous vote by the HIAS Board of Directors. Hetfield was most recently HIAS' Interim President & CEO while an extensive national and international search to fill the agency's top position was conducted by a specially appointed board committee in collaboration with a search firm. Continue reading here
Academy-award winner Richard Dreyfuss, who lives with bi-polar disorder, delivered the keynote on February 21st, at Ruth Rales Jewish Family Service's sold out new luncheon on breaking the stigma of mental illness while benefiting comprehensive mental health services. Continue reading here
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Have Phone, Will Donate: How to Get People to Give on the Go
Feb., 26th, 1pm ET

The Health Care Law 101 (in Spanish)

Feb., 26th, 3pm ET
The Connecting Kids to Coverage National Outreach and Enrollment Campaign
Feb., 27th, 2pm ET

Medication Safety
Feb., 28th, 3pm ET

The Health Care Law 101  March 7th, 1pm ET

Conquer 3 Common Fundraising Misconceptions
March 7th, 2pm ET
The Health Care Law 101 (in Spanish)
March 19th, 3pm ET
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February 22, 2013 
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D'Var Torah
Lee I. Sherman

A few weeks ago (Feb. 4) was the 100th anniversary of the birth of Rosa Parks. Since then, I have been thinking about the individual courage of this gentle woman. On a December day in 1955 in Montgomery, AL, while riding a city bus home from work, she refused the bus driver's demand that she give up her seat to a white passenger who had just boarded. Three other black passengers moved from their seats, but Rosa Parks stayed. She was arrested and her actions prompted the Montgomery Bus Boycott led by Martin Luther King, Jr., and the course of history was changed for the better. Rosa Parks responded to the hatred around her by taking a stand.

Tomorrow evening, we begin the celebration of Purim. Amongst the festive celebration of costumes and noise-making, a serious story is being told. In Megilat Esther, we read of the heroism of Queen Esther, an ancient predecessor of Rosa Parks, a woman who seized her moment to take a stand for what is right. These women did not seek the occasion to act heroically, but when they found themselves faced with the challenge, they responded.

During this year's Purim celebration, may we all think about the example of Esther to speak out for truth and against injustice. Most of us will not be placed in a position to alter history with our actions, but we all can work day to day to carry on the message of tzedek and hope which is at the heart of the Purim story.

Purim Sameach and Shabbat Shalom.  
Happy Purim
Purim begins at sunset February 23, 2013 (Jewish Year 5773)
Purim lasts 1 day and ends at nightfall February 24, 2013 .

Purim is one of the most joyous and fun holidays on the Jewish calendar. It commemorates a time when the Jewish people living in Persia were saved from extermination. Purim is celebrated by:
  • Reading Megillat Esther, (Scroll of Esther),
  • Mishloach Manot - Sending food to friends,
  • Matanot L'evyonim - Giving gifts to the poor
  • Enjoying a Purim Seuda (meal).

AJFCA wishes you and your family a joyous Purim.

2013 AJFCA Annual Conference Registration  
Conference registration is now open. Register today. We can't wait to see you in Phoenix in May.

2013 AJFCA Award Guidelines  2013 AJFCA AC logo
AJFCA is pleased to sponsor the 2013 Annual Conference awards. Thank you to those who submitted Goodman and Kovod award submissions. Distinguished Service Awards and Leadership Awards are due on Monday, February 25th. TrailBlazer Awards are due March 22nd.

Winners will be recognized at the 2013 Annual Conference with a reception in their honor, mention in the conference mobile app, and during the annual awards ceremony. On behalf of the Award Committees we look forward to receiving your submissions.
2013 AJFCA/Repair the World Volunteer Initiative Cohort
We are thrilled to once again present to you a wonderful opportunity to elevate the role and impact of volunteering at your agency and incrRepair the Worldease the engagement of young adults within the work of your agency.
At the 2013 AJFCA Annual Conference in Phoenix, May 19-21, AJFCA will again sponsor a cohort under the AJFCA/Repair the World Volunteer Initiative. Learn more here.
Grants - March Deadlines
The following funding opportunities that have March deadlines. If you intend on applying for any of these grants, please let Shelley Rood know. 
  1. U.S. Administration for Community Living and The Community Transportation Association of America
    New Inclusive Coordinated Transportation Partnership Project 
    Deadline:  March 20th  
  2. The Ruderman Family Foundation
    Ruderman Prize in Disability  capital
    Deadline:  March 18th
  3. U.S. Department of Labor
    Deadline:  March 19th 

For more detailed information click here.

Financing Not Fundraising: Find and Keep a Great Fundraiser
Financing Not Fundraising: Find and Keep a Great Fundraiser, February 20, 2013, Social Velocity, by Nell Edgingtonsocial velocity
The news is not good lately about how effective the head fundraiser is at nonprofit organizations. A new study by CompassPoint reveals some startling realities about the fundraiser role in the nonprofit sector:   
  • 25% of executive directors fired their last development director
  • 33% of executive directors are lukewarm about their current development director
  • More than 50% of executive directors say they can't find well-qualified fundraisers
  • 50% of development directors plan to leave within the next two years
  • And 40% plan to leave fundraising altogether

Continue reading here

Conflict of Interest . . . or Conflict of Loyalty?
Conflict of Interest . . . or Conflict of Loyalty? December 8, 2012, Board Cafe, by Jan Masaoka
"Conflict of loyalty" is a useful concept and term that gives us another dimension to work with than simply conflict of interest:
board cafe
In our legitimate desire to avoid conflicts of interest in nonprofits, we typically make two oddly opposite mistakes:
  1. We narrow "conflict of interest" to a strict legal definition and focus only on matters that involve personal financial gain, and
  2. At the same time we are too quick to label any kind of relationship at all as a conflict of interest. 

Continue reading here.

The Five-Minute Nonprofit MBA
The Five-Minute Nonprofit MBA, October 9, 2012, Stanford Social Innovation, by Curtis Chang
Among all the differences between nonprofits and the corporate world, one contrast that is often overlooked but influential is the path to executive leadership.
stanford social innovation review
If you're a nonprofit executive, chances are that you embarked on that path because you were committed to your mission, not to the art of management. This is the reverse of the pattern in the corporate sector, where many aspire to leadership positions first and often move between industries in pursuit of those positions. Continue reading here.
Does Your Social Media Team Stack Up To These Stats?
Does Your Social Media Team Stack Up To These Stat? February 20, 2013, SocialFresh.com, by Jason Keath  
Recently, Ragan, a PR publisher, partnered with NASDAQ OMX Corporate Solutions to produce a survey that details the social media profession in the corporate world, non-profits, and government.social fresh
This survey was created to answer the most pressing questions about those who work in the social media world. In order to map out the landscape of the profession, they surveyed 2,714 respondents online, focusing on communicators, marketers, public relations pros and others whether they have someone who focuses exclusively on social media, or if their social media duties are duties on top of their regular work. Continue reading here.
Wingspread 2013:  ASA Pre-Conference Event
Attend Wingspread on March 12th to meet others who are passionate about serving older adults and challenging older adults to serve. Rabbi Dayle A. Friedman, MSW, MAJCS, BCC is a spiritual guide, social innovator, scholar and chaplain will present two sessions:   
  1. Fostering Elders as Spiritual Resources within Faith Communities
  2. Our Stories as a Map for Healing and Transformation 
The Trouble with "Passion for the Mission"
The Trouble with "Passion for the Mission" February 10, 2013, Blue Avocado, by Jan Masaoka 
"Passion for the mission is a must" . . . so say many job announcements and board member requirement lists. Wait a minute. Let's examine this sacred cow cliche a little more.
blue avacado
First, is "passion for the mission" enough to make someone a good board member, good executive, good staff person? Of course not. Someone may have a deep passion for children's health, yet not be interested in a particular pediatric clinic or a toxics prevention organization. So we know that passion isn't enough. Continue reading here.
Easy to Forget, Critical to Remember: Perspective is Everything
Easy to Forget, Critical to Remember: Perspective is Everything, February 15, 2013, Katya's Nonprofit Marketing Blog, by Katya Andersen 
Have you ever noticed how very young kids' drawings usually don't feature a person's neck? Have you wondered why?
katya nonprofit marketing blog
Katya's theory is that if you're two or three years old and your perspective is low to the ground, you don't see people's necks when you look up. You see a head sitting on arms. 

She can't think of a better analogy for marketing. Marketing mandates that we look at the world through the eyes of our audience and communicate from that perspective. The process of pushing into a foreign frame of reference can be hard, but when we do it, we find its value. Everything looks wildly different from that perspective.  And our work must meld to its crazy contours. This is the mind-bending fun that is our profession.
Council On Accreditation's PQI Webinar Series
Sign up today for the February/March 2013 three-part Performance Quality Improvement (PQI) Webinar series designed to help organizations gain an in-depth understanding of COA's PQI standards. COA is an AJFCA partner organization. Member agencies receive a 25% discount on COA fees. Learn more about membership benefits here. Register for the webinar seris and learn more here.
PQI Webinar Series $75
Part One: An Introduction to COA's PQI Standards
Tuesday, February 19th, 3:00-4:30pm EST

Part Two: Outcomes and Measures
Tuesday, February 26th, 3:00-4:30pm EST

Part Three: Closing the Loop
Tuesday, March 5th, 3:00-4:30pm EST
Adoption and the Family - 19th Annual Conference
Couples and families dealing with fertility and adoption issues will learn from a wide range of experts about the basics of domestic and international adoption at the 19th annual conference Adoption and the Family. The conference, sponsored by the Ametz Adoption Program of Jewish Child Care Association (JCCA), will take place on Sunday, March 10, 2013, 8:00am-5:00pm at The Conference Center, 130 E. 59th St. in Manhattan. Ametz has been a leader in domestic and international adoption since 1984. Continue reading here. jcca
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