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Public Education & Mental Illness
Partnerships vs. Collaborations
Health & Long-Term Care Agenda Kick-Off Call
Jewish Disability Awareness Month & Advocacy Day
Jewish Family Services of Dallas presents its first in a series of three inclusive, faith-based communities symposia created to share successful strategies to fully embrace individuals with disabilities and their families on February 25th. Share, learn and connect with spiritual and lay leaders, congregants and consumers from a cross-section of faith communities to create opportunities that empower an individual or family with a disability to participate and contribute to their highest potential. This project is funded graciously through a grant from the Texas Council on Developmental Disabilities with federal funds made available by the US Department of Health and Human Services, Administration on Developmental Disabilities. Continue reading here. 
JTNews readers in Washington voted Jewish Family Service of Seattle:
- Best Local Jewish Organization, School or Agency
- Best Place to Volunteer   
- Best Local Food Bank
- Best Counseling Service

"Jewish Family Service serves so many areas of our Jewish  community -- and a lot of the non-Jewish community, it should be said -- in so many different ways. Once again this Agency is the clear winner." - JTNews, What You Loved in 2012, 1/21/13
Continue reading here.
People whose lives have been touched by adoption, especially adult adoptees and birthparents, often have a strong interest in searching for family connections.

Jewish Community Services of Baltimore invites anyone who is interested to join its adoption search group. Participants discuss
whether to search, how to search, and how to handle issues that arise after searching.

This non-sectarian group meets one evening a month. Formore information, please call Myra Hettleman at 410-466-9200. 
On Sunday, January 27th at 9:27am Local 10 WPLG TV will feature a segment on the Jewish Community Services of South Florida's Kosher Food Bank. News Journalist Constance Jones went to the Kosher Food Bank this week with a camera crew to film a 'Faith & Family' segment. She interviewed Bonnie Schwartzbaum, KFB Coordinator, as well as one of JCS' client families.   
Calls & Webinars
Visit  AJFCA's Calendar to learn more about free calls and webinars. For more information login to For Our Members on the AJFCA website, followed by Webinars. Contact Megan at 410-843-7327 with questions.

Top 10 Reasons to Be a "No Check" CEO
Jan., 28th, 4pm ET

Catching the Mobile Wave
Jan., 29th, 2pm ET

Monthly Donors, Social Media, & Cross-Channel Integration
Jan., 29th, 2pm ET

"Am I A Survivor?"  What You Should Know Now About Breast Cancer Survivorship
Jan., 29th, 8pm ET

Transform Your Food Pantry into a Source of Health and Wellness
Jan., 31st, 2pm ET
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January 25, 2013 
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D'Var Torah
Lee I. Sherman


In a few days (January 29), it will be the 50th anniversary of the death of American poet Robert Frost. As I was reminded of this, I was also thinking about this week's Torah portion, B'shallah, as the Israelites set out on their long and circuitous route from bondage in Egypt to the new nation of Israel. In particular, I thought of Frost's own travel poem, "The Road Not Taken" and its final stanza:
                        I shall be telling this with a sigh
                        Somewhere ages and ages hence
                        Two roads diverged in a wood, and I -
                        I took the one less traveled by,
                        And that has made all the difference.
Another directional travel decision is made at the opening of this week's parashah, when "God did not lead them by way of the land of the Philistines, although it was nearer; for God said, 'The people may have a change of heart when they see war, and return to Egypt.' So God led the people roundabout...."  13:17-18. The path to get to the final destination is not always the most direct route or the one most often traveled, in fact, the longer, perhaps more difficult route, is often the one that better prepares the traveler for both the journey and its successful completion.
The Israelites had the choice of a path made for them by God. Frost's traveler made the choice himself. In our work, we want to assist our clients in making better choices, knowing that the journey may be difficult, most likely not a straight road, and one that requires a firm commitment. We hope that the journey, no matter how circuitous will result in a positive result. We value the journey for the lessons along the way and the experience it provides for a positive result.
Shabbat Shalom.
2013 AJFCA Award Guidelines  2013 AJFCA AC logo
AJFCA is pleased to sponsor the 2013 Goodman Award (submission form), Distinguished Service Awards, Leadership Awards, Kovod Awards, TrailBlazer Awards and Joseph S. Kaplan Memorial Scholarship Award. Winners will be recognized at the 2013 Annual Conference with a reception in their honor, mention in the conference mobile app, and during the annual awards ceremony. Submission deadlines vary. On behalf of the Award Committees we look forward to receiving your submissions.

Domestic Violence Professionals Call 

On January 22nd, AJFCA facilitated the Domestic Violence Professionals with a well-attended and participatory conference call. Domestic Violence Professionals from across North America shared information on topics ranging from engaging funders to messaging and branding to exploring individual donors as a revenue source. The group will be meeting by conference call in late March. If your agency has a domestic violence professional that would like to join this group, please contact Megan.

Supporting Elder Holocaust Survivors
In 1995, the Claims Conference and the Alpert Jewish Family & Children's Service (AJFCS) started the first social services program for Holocaust survivors, bringing attention to the plight of survivors after years of silence. Now, the Claims Conference funds approximately 100 social welfare agencies, reaching about 18,000 survivors across the United States every week with home care visits.. Continue reading here.
How Small Nonprofits Can Improve Their Fiscal Health
Three-quarters of American nonprofits have annual budgets under $1 million, and most are even smaller. What these organizations lack in size, however, they make up for in impact. They respond to local needs, are absolutely critical to community building, and are staffed by people who understand and care about their communities-communities that have been abandoned by countless others.
chronicle philanthropy
Yet, it is known from work with small nonprofits (most recently through the Capital and Capacity for Economic Recovery Initiative) that they often struggle with financial challenges that are unique to their size and structure. Continue reading here.
Our Challenge: The Under-Demand for Jewish Life
To "win" in the Jewish community of tomorrow we must continuously imagine what people will need, or what will make a difference in their lives. ejewish philanthropy
At the May 2007 national Jewish Federation Leadership Summit, Marc Blattner, President and CEO of  the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland presented a paper about lessons the Jewish community should take from Target (the department store). He discussed then the consumer nature of the Jewish community and outlined what he believes are the four greatest challenges facing Jewish communal life: cost, convenience, value and meaning. Today, Marc reads more and more from others about "Jewish consumerism." The problem is many still do not want to accept it. Continue reading here.
A Team Approach to Fundraising
Last week, CompassPoint and the Haas, Jr. Fund released "UnderDeveloped," a new report focused on the state of nboard sourceonprofit fundraising and - more specifically - the challenges that organizations face in recruiting and retaining strong development professionals and the underlying issues that often create those challenges. Continue reading here
Keeping Kids on Track...and From Dropping Out
The National Assembly announced a new tool: Keeping Kids on Track in the Middle School Years: Investing in Out-of-School Time Staff and Volunteer Competencies as a Dropout Prevention Strategy. The impetus for this tool and NHSA's work in this arena is simple. The U.S. is in the midst of a dropout crisis, and key decision makers are overlooking a critical opportunity to increase graduation rates by better supporting youth during the middle school years when disconnection begins. Continue reading here.
Global Webinar:  Jewish Tradition, Innovation and Community in a Vitural EraJCSANA logo for contest
Join the Jewish Communal Service Association of North America (JCSANA), and Lead: Inspiring Jewish Leaders, a division of the Jewish Leadership Council (England) for their upcoming global webinar on the topic: Jewish Tradition, Innovation and Community in a Virtual Era.
Presenters from three countries will share practical ways in which Jewish communal professionals can make the most of virtual culture while remaining attuned to the values of their Jewish past, and will provide participants with access to new web-based resources that can enhance their own practice.
Jewish Traditions, Innovation and Community in a Virtual Era
Wednesday, February 20th,10:00am ET
To participate please register at here, then click on events.  
2013 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report
The 2013 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report is now available. In addition to the overall data, shared there are some interesting insights when you look at the data by organization size, mission, and region of the U.S. Inforgraphics have also been published and are available for your use on Pinterest and Facebook.
A Hierarchy of Program Evaluation Metrics
Idealware is diving into researching data-based decision making for a couple of projects, which includes metrics for program evaluation. Evaluation is a well trod field --a lot of people have said a lot of things about it... but a lot of it is contradictory or not that helpful. Laura Quinn, Director of Idealware especially dislikes the commonly used nomenclature of "outputs" and "outcomes." First, is it even possible to find two more confusingly similar words to represent two different concepts? Second, the terms aren't even used consistently and specifically-- there's a fair amount of overlap where one authority might call something (say, attendance at a workshop) a output when someone else would call that same thing an outcome. Continue reading here. 
Expand Public Education About Mental Illness
The National Council for Community Behavioral HealthCare working together with the NYS Council and organizations around the country has launched a petition calling on President Obama to take concrete steps to expand public education about mental illness and improve the behavioral health system's capacity to serve people in need of care. Over 4,300 people have already signed the petition, but it needs 25,000 signatures by February 2nd in order to get an official response from the White House.Please help raise the profile of behavioral health on Capitol Hill by taking two quick steps today:
  1. Sign the petition. You can add your name to the petition at:   http://wh.gov/UmJo. 
  2. Share the petition with your networks via email and social media. Find samples that you can use here: http://bit.ly/SmOz4U  
Contact Lauri Cole at 518-461-8200 if you have any questions. 
The Difference Between Partnerships and Collaboration
The Difference Between Partnerships and Collaboration, January 17, 2013, eJP, by Rabbi Aaron Bisno ejp full logo
Two years ago Rabbi Aaron Bisno, began speaking of the need for communal collaboration. He laid down this gauntlet for both his own congregation in Pittsburgh, Rodef Shalom, as well as for neighbors because he felt the challenges faced were so significant that no single entity could possibly solve them alone. Further, Rabbi Aaron believed - and felt more strongly than ever - that the Jewish community will not be well served if we continue to rely upon the modus operandi that "has served us so well for so long but have only taken us so far." Continue reading here.
2013 Health & Long-Term Care Agenda Kick-Off
The Jewish Federations of North America will host a call highlighting their 2013 Health and Long-Term Care priorities and strategy. Supporjfna logoting materials will be sent prior to the call. Please RSVP to Allison Redisch by COB on Friday, January 25th.  
2013 Health & Long-Term Care Agenda Kick-Off
Tuesday, January 29th, 4:00pm ET
Participant Dial-In Number: (877) 559-2802
Conference ID:   88544371
Jewish Disability Awareness Month & Advocacy Day
With February only a few weeks away, Jewish communities across North America are once again developing programs and events in recognition of Jewish Disability Awareness Month.  AJFCA and JFNA are proud to join the Consortium of Jewish Special Educators in recognizing and increasing the awareness of the needs, strengths, opportunities and challenges of individuals with disabilities in our communities, as well as ensuring our communities are as inclusive of individuals with disabilities and their families as possible. Continue reading here
jewish disability
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