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Health Coverage in 2014
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2013 GAI
Exceeding Expectations:  The Heart of the Matter
Megan Manelli
Manager of Membership Services & Communications
In sports, as in life, there are always favorites and there are always underdogs.  Expectations are formed about the performance of institutions, teams, people and organizations.

Some people seem to be drawn to the favorites, the New York Yankees or New England Patriots who are known by even casual fans.  I have always found myself drawn to the underdogs, and I am sure we have all felt like underdogs sometimes as we attempt to compete for attention and resources with bigger and more well-known organizations.  
Since AJFCA is headquartered in Baltimore, we have watched a great underdog story play out with our local NFL team the Ravens over the last several weeks.  After being written off by many after an injury wracked season, the Ravens shocked the football world by going on the road and beating the heavily favored Denver Broncos.

The local and national sports media overwhelmingly favored the Broncos, and even after the game most pundits could not identify a single reason that the Ravens had triumphed.  The Ravens players are the oldest on average in the league.  They were beset by injuries to their star players and limped into the post season having lost five of their last six games.  
What has made the difference?  More than any quantifiable statistic, the Ravens have won because they have had the courage to stand together and they have never stopped believing in themselves. They have heart.

Heart is what is needed to make the impossible possible. Heart is what enables AJFCA to succeed in a society filled with larger organizations, with inflated budgets and a multitude of staff. It is the team of member agencies like the players on a football team who make up the team as a whole. Sometimes a team is bigger than the sum of its parts and that spirit and determination make up for other deficiencies.

Continue reading here.
Jewish Family & Career Service of Atlanta has expanded its psychoeducational evaluation services, a program of JFCS' Child & Adolescent Services - Tools for Families division, to be able to serve more students and their families.
Psychoeducational evaluations often are requested by schools or parents when there is a question about a child's learning style or social, emotional or behavioral functioning. Evaluations can help determine whether this is a learning disability, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or other concern that may be getting in the way of a child's capacity for learning. It can also help to identify a student's strengths and weaknesses, and provide recommendations regarding next steps to help a student succeed to his or her potential.

JFCS' psychoeducational evaluation team is delighted to welcome Dr. Amy Kincheloe (right) and Dr. Sarah Levy (far right). Both Dr. Kincheloe and Dr. Levy have a warm and engaging style that helps families and students quickly feel at ease in the evaluation process.
Kudos to JACS 
The Jewish Board of Family & Children's Services' JACS (Jewish Alcoholics, Chemically dependent persons, and Significant others) was recently touted in a local paper for its sober Birthright trips to Israel.

Sharon Darack, the program director, was interviewed for the story and explained how the sober Birthright trips began and why they are so important.
Birthright Israel is meant to make people fall in love with Israel.

There is nothing hidden about the goal, and most of the time it works. It offers its 18- to 26-year-old participants a free trip that engages all their senses, engages their emotions, and very often captures their hearts. It accomplishes its task in a whirlwind of sights, sounds, smells, tastes, colors, and experiences, often fueled with the short-term rush of adrenaline rather than the longer-term comfort of sleep.

Finish reading at the Jewish Standard.  
Calls & Webinars
Visit  AJFCA's Calendar to learn more about free calls and webinars. For more information login to For Our Members on the AJFCA website, followed by Webinars. Contact Megan at 410-843-7327 with questions.

Let Justice Flow Down Like Waters
Jan., 23rd, 2pm ET

Top 10 Reasons to Be a "No Check" CEO
Jan., 28th, 4pm ET

Catching the Mobile Wave
Jan., 29th, 2pm ET

"Am I A Survivor?"  What You Should Know Now About Breast Cancer Survivorship
Jan., 29th, 8pm ET

Transform Your Food Pantry into a Source of Health and Wellness
Jan., 31st, 2pm ET
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January 18, 2013 
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D'Var Torah
Lee I. Sherman


Heroes rise and fall easily in our society. Just this week, Lance Armstrong admitted to using performance enhancing drugs and Manti Te'o, the All-American linebacker from Notre Dame, revealed that the story about his relationship and the death from leukemia of his girlfriend was a hoax, either perpetrated on or by him depending on one's view of the revelations. Both of these men who were celebrated for their accomplishments as athletes and for being the kind of sports "stars" we believe are models to emulate, have been diminished in our eyes. Did we make too much of them or did they just fail to be the people we believed them to be?

When I read the passages of the intransigence of Pharaoh in this week's parashah Bo, I wonder how the Egyptian people felt about their leader. In Egyptian society at that time, Pharaoh was a deity, he was worshiped and, presumably, a model for emulation. But, in this week's Torah reading, the Egyptians suffer from an impenetrable darkness that incapacitates them and, subsequently, the deaths of all of their first-born sons. After these horrible personal experiences, what are they thinking about their leader?

We all make mistakes and have second thoughts about what we may have done differently, perhaps better. But, we do not deliberately perpetrate fraud about who and what we are or purposely act against the well-being of those who depend on us. We cannot control how all of our stories will be told, but we can live authentic, caring lives so the stories will be as close to accurate as possible and reflect the values for which we want to be known.

Shabbat Shalom.
2013 AJFCA Kovod Award Guidelines  2013 AJFCA AC logo
AJFCA is pleased to sponsor the 2013 Kovod Awards competition for the following categories: revenue generating programs, cutting edge use of technology to serve clients and published article. Winners will be recognized at the 2013 Annual Conference with a reception in their honor, mention in the conference program, and during the annual awards ceremony. The deadline for submissions is February 18, 2013. Continue reading here.
Domestic Violence Professionals Call:  Engaging Funders & Innovative Funding Proposals
Please join Amy Rubin, Director of Community Services at Jewish Child & Family Services of Chicago and domestic violence professionals from across North America for a call focusing on Engaging Funders & Innovative Funding Proposals. How many times have you spoken with funders who want statistics pertaining to the number of abuse victims served in your community? How do we as domestic violence professionals fajfca logo-resizedrame messages? How should we go about telling stories so that funders understand the importance and impact of our prevention and intervention work?
Engaging Funders & Innovative Funding Proposals
Tuesday, January 22nd, 2:00pm ET
Email Megan to register for the call.
Behavioral Health IT: Implications for Community Providers Webinar cms
On January 15th, many professionals from AJFCA member agencies participated in a very timely and informative webinar presented exclusively for our network entitled, "Behavioral Health IT: Implications for Community Providers." We are grateful to our excellent panel of presenters from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the HHS Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) and the National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare who discussed in detail the current trends in patient data exchange and efforts to effectively safeguard the security of patient information.  

The webinar slide deck and recording are available in the For Our Members portion of the website, housed in the Webinars section.

Senior Level Management Practice Group

On January 16, AJFCA launched the Senior Level Management Practice Group with a well-attended and participatory conference call. COO's and Senior level directors from member agencies shared information on topics ranging from outcomes measurement to revenue generating programs to executive transition. The group will be meeting by conference call on a quarterly basis and will meet in person at the AJFCA Annual Conference in Phoenix in May. If your agency has a senior level professional that would like to join this group, please contact Lisa.

2013 Health & Long-Term Care Agenda Kick-Off
The Jewish Federations of North America will host a call highlighting their 2013 Health and Long-Term Care priorities and strategy. Supporjfna logoting materials will be sent prior to the call. Please RSVP to Allison Redisch by COB on Friday, January 25th.  
2013 Health & Long-Term Care Agenda Kick-Off
Tuesday, January 29th, 4:00pm ET
Participant Dial-In Number: (877) 559-2802
Conference ID:   88544371
Jewish Disability Awareness Month & Advocacy Day
With February only a few weeks away, Jewish communities across North America are once again developing programs and events in recognition of Jewish Disability Awareness Month.  AJFCA and JFNA are proud to join the Consortium of Jewish Special Educators in recognizing and increasing the awareness of the needs, strengths, opportunities and challenges of individuals with disabilities in our communities, as well as ensuring our communities are as inclusive of individuals with disabilities and their families as possible. Continue reading here
jewish disability
Millions of Americans Newly Eligible for Quality, Affordable Health Coverage in 2014
Administration proposes guidance for Medicaid, health insurance marketplaces hhs logo
Because of the Affordable Care Act, millions of Americans will be newly eligible to receive quality, affordable health care through Medicaid and the new health insurance marketplaces (also known as the Exchanges) in 2014. On January 14th Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius released a proposed rule that promotes consistent policies and processes for eligibility notices and appeals in Medicaid, the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and Exchanges and give states more flexibility when operating their Medicaid programs. HHS encourages all Americans to review and submit comments on the proposed rule. Continue reading here.
Repair the World Names David Eisner President & CEOrepair the world-square
Repair the World Names David Eisner President & CEO, January 16, 2013, by Repair the World
Former Head of Corporation for National and Community Service and National Constitution Center to Lead Jewish Service Movement
Repair the World, the country's leading national nonprofit organization mobilizing Jewish volunteers, and AJFCA's partner in our civic engagement initiative, announced the appointment of David Eisner as its new president and CEO. Eisner, who was appointed by President George W. Bush to head the Corporation for National and Community Service and tapped by former President Bill Clinton to lead the National Constitution Center, joins as the organization embarks on a new strategic direction. Continue reading here
5 Building Blocks of Nonprofit Success
There is a way off of the exhausting nonprofit hamster wheel of trying to do more and more with less and less. If your nonprofit can:
  1. Articulate the value you provide
  2. Strengthen your organization
  3. Develop a groundbreaking boardsocial velocity
  4. Chart a strategic direction, and
  5. Attract more support 
you will set yourself up to achieve the holy grail of the nonprofit sector: lasting change to a social problem. It's a process where your nonprofit assembles these 5 building blocks that each build on the next one. Continue reading here.
Social Enterprise Insight Center Launches
On January 10th, Harvard Business Review (HBR) and Bridgespan launched the "HBR-Bridgespan Insight Center," a three-month series of blogs on HBR.org from social entrepreneurs, impact investors, and thought leaders on how entrepreneurial organizations can help scale social impact. Continue reading here.
Networking Benefits Everyone ejewish philanthropy
Networking Benefits Everyone, January 16, 2013, eJP, by Stephen G. Donshik  
Sometimes we are not even aware of the value that our perspective on issues might have for someone else. At those times we might tend to say no to a requested meeting because we think we just do not have the time. Yet often these meetings can be stimulating and invigorating. The questions and challenges that are posed can cause us to think about issues in a new or different way. Another person's search can often provide us with opportunities to rethink our own ideas and to question assumptions we have made in the past about ideas, concepts, and organizations. Continue reading here.
I Need a COO: The Translation  bridgespan
Often nonprofit leaders see the COO as the Superman/woman who will bring order to operational chaos, institute some decent management practices, address the whole range of people issues, and generally make life easier for the executive director (ED). But that's not always the case. Getting things back on track often requires more than a COO. Continue reading here.
The Incredibly Simple, Science-Driven Way to Connect and Compel
Our brains are hard wired to relate to other people's experiences. When we witness or imagine someone acting, our own neurons fire in the same way they would if we were undertaking the same action. When we translate empathy into helping another person, we have another reaction in our brains:  We're rewarded with happy feelings, thanks to a chemical dose to our brain's pleasure center. The next time you send a message out to the world, make sure:
  1. It tells a vivid story of someone doing good
  2. It shows the reaction of the person helped 
  3. It inspires the rest of us to do the same 
This is the incredibly simple, science-driven way to connect and compel. Continue reading here.  
SafeLink Developments 
In their ongoing efforts to provide users with the best possible service, SafeLink has launched two new program developments. The first enhancement is that SafeLink users can now send and receive up to 1,000 text messages eachsafelink month. The second improvement allows individuals to provide their proof of eligibility for SafeLink by taking a picture of their qualifying document and sending it to SafeLink directly via MMS to accompany their online application.
2013 Government Affairs Institute & AJFCA Advocacy Mission 
Registration for the 2013 Government Affairs Institute and AJFCA Advocacy Mission (GAI) is filling up. Registration closes on Tuesday, January 22, 2013.The GAI is our premier gathering of professionals and lay leaders who are interested in public policy. The GAI brings together professionals and volunteers from Jewish family and children's service agencies and Federations to advocate on policies that impact the vulnerable populations that you serve. Learn more here.

2013 Government Affairs Institute & AJFCA Advocacy Mission
Tuesday, February 5th - Thursday, February 7th - REGISTER HERE
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