December 2012
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Your Opportunity to Shine
Do you have an amazing model of successful volunteer programming? An innovative way of recruiting volunteers? A proven track record engaging young adults in your agency? AJFCA is looking to fill the gaps in our volunteer track at AJFCA's 41st Annual Conference, May 19-21, 2013 in Phoenix, Arizona. This year the theme of the conference is centered around social justice. If you think you have a topic worth presenting as part of the AJFCA/Repair the World Volunteer Initiative - please contact me ASAP and no later than Monday, Jan. 14th. In addition - information regarding the application process for the 2013 AJFCA/Repair the World Volunteer cohort will be released shortly. Bottom line:  there will be stipends provided to a select cohort of volunteer managers to attend the conference and maintain a community of support moving forward.

jennie gates beckman - I wanted to bring your attention to the blog post that was published last week. Our Volunteer Initiative is now on Pinterest! Is your agency on Pinterest? Have you thought about how you might engage your volunteers through this visual-centric social media platform? Share your thoughts and ideas over on the forum. Congrats to Kim Toebbe of JFCS in Louisville, KY - our Repair SWAG winner this month. We thank Kim for her continued participation as part of the online forum.

Jennie Gates Beckman
Manager of Civic Engagement & Repair the World Programming
5 Things Nonprofits Must Do To Captivate Millennials
Nothing here is new - but the article is short and to the point in a way that many others are not.  Worth 3 minutes of your time to check in and see how many of these tactics your organization has considered putting into place.
ejewish philanthropyDo you work with interns at your agency? Here Stephen G. Donshik talks about how  internships can be beneficial for both the intern and the organization in which they are placed.
Data has been released from the latest report on Volunteering and Civic Life in AmerCNCSica sponsored by the Corporation for National and Community Service showing that Americans significantly increased their commitment to volunteering and civic engagement in 2011, with the national volunteer rate reaching a five-year high. 

And not to forget the Canadians ...
I'm not aware of any newly released reports, but here are some resources for data on Canadian volunteers. There is an interesting contrast in who the volunteers are in Canada vs. the United States.
Bridging the Gap: Enriching the Volunteer Experience to Build a Better Future
2010 Canada Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating      
In The Audacity brass tack thinkingof Accountability, social business strategist Amber Naslund talks about what  separates change-makers from the rest of the pack.  Not the most gently put argument - but important all-the-same.
good and ready

In October 2012, Hurricane Sandy left more than
8 million people on the East Coast without power - some for weeks. Tens of thousands were displaced, and many will be unable to return to their homes. Good & Ready is an online resource which is unique because it brings together organizations from the nonprofit, government and corporate sectors in one united effort to equip more families with emergency preparedness knowledge and resources. Pass it along! 
From the Forum: Dealing with a Difficult Volunteer
One of the recent topics on the volunteer forum asked for advice on how to deal with a difficult volunteer. Just in case you haven't been following the thread - I wanted to share a few resources I found to provide support:If it comes to the point where the person needs to be removed - here are two great resources on firing volunteers:

The Emerging Leaders at JFS: Service, Leadership, and Philanthropy

Emerging Leaders at JFS brings together young socially-minded Jewish professionals to support the many programs and services of Jewish Family Service of San Diego. Members contribute creative problem solving and professional skills to support the work of Jewish Family Service and enhance their own professional experiences. By taking responsibility for the social issues affecting the community, and empowering each other to make a difference, Emerging Leaders is leading JFS San Diego into the future.
emerging leaders
This group has been incredibly effective in engaging young professionals with JFS by getting them involved in volunteering, and by adding them to the Board of Directors. Since its inception 3 years ago, this group has placed three of its members on the Board. All three individuals are under 40, and come from various backgrounds in law, business, and environmental work. By volunteering in programs at JFS, the program offer a hands on way for folks to see the work that JFS does, and to make an impact with their time. JFS offers leadership development by connecting young professionals with those who have already established themselves as pillars in the community. Lastly, young professionals learn about the importance of philanthropy. Given the relationship they have with JFS through the other two pillars of this program, philanthropy is a natural next step.

By engaging young professionals through the Emerging Leaders program, JFS is committed to a diverse Board, with perspectives from all ages. The Emerging Leaders offers the perfect outlet for young professionals to be engaged in the community by giving their unique skill sets JFS.

For more information on Emerging Leaders at JFS San Diego, contact Ashley Harrington at 858-637-3051.
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Repair the World staff Amy Goldsmith gives a short and thoughtful review of Powered by Pro Bono, a new book from the Taproot Foundation. Powered by Pro Bono provides nonprofit organizations with the tools to both generate and manage hundreds of thousands of dollars in pro bono services. Check out the article on Repair Labs and start thinking about how you might better engage professional volunteers today.
Dedirepair pinkcate 2013 to Service + Top 10 Posts of 2012
This New Year, as we write our lists of resolutions, Repair invites everyone to rededicate themselves to compassion and loving-kindness, to acts of service and charity, and to our responsibility to Repair the World. Here's their Top 10 favorite posts and interviews from 2012. Enjoy!  
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