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The Golden Rules of Effective Communication
Lisa Budlow
Director of Programs
You're a professional, an expert in your area even. You spend (at least) five days per week engrossed in your portfolio with depths of knowledge that allow you to come up with some really great ideas. To spring idea into action, you may need to make a pitch to your boss or your team. Once implemented, you may want to convey the impact to your organization's board of directors. Here's where you hit a snag. 
Continue reading here.
JFCS Atlanta Wins Management Award 
JFCS Atlanta
Jewish Family & Career Services of Atlanta is the proud recipient of the 2012 Managing for Excellence Award, presented by The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta. One of more than 7,000 nonprofits in Georgia, JFCS received the award recognizing outstanding nonprofit management in the largest category. JFCS CEO Gary Miller and President Seth Cohen accepted the award on November 14th, at the Foundation's annual meeting.
We Give A . . .
JFS cincinnati
JFS Cincinnati
Jewish Family Service of Cincinnati has been strengthening lives since 1943 from the joys of adoption to the challenges with aging parents, and every age and stage in between. Yet JFS still has people who are surprised to know about the wide range of services they provide.

So JFS created "We give a..." campaign. They want the community, and the world, to know that through four comprehensive program areas, they give. Check out their video.
Buena Vista Volunteer Transportation Pilot Program
jfs new mexico
JFS New Mexico
While Jewish Family Service of New Mexico runs a Senior Transportation project there are limitations. JFS has begun a new pilot program. Those in need of a ride, or "Riders," register with JFS and then ask a neighbor, friend, or family member to give them a ride at a mutually convenient time.  In exchange for the ride, the Rider can offer their volunteer driver mileage
reimbursement to cover the cost of gas and vehicle maintenance.  Learn more here.
Ruth Rales JFS Announces $1M Gift to Name Food Pantry
ruth rales jfs
Ruth Rales JFS
Ruth Rales Jewish Family Service announced a new $1 million gift for the "Jacobson Family Food Pantry at JFS." Anne and Norman Jacobson's gift coincides with the opening of JFS' new food pantry.
In addition to a much expanded storage area, the new Food Pantry at JFS will feature a "shopping" area for clients with transportation to make selections onsite rather than receive food deliveries. The new location also includes a walk-in produce cooler for donated produce and will allow JFS to begin storing store fresh milk. Learn more here.
Change in Leadership at JFCS Long Beach
jfcs long beach
JFCS Long Beach
Lori Litel has replaced Wendy Puzare as the Executive Director of Jewish Family & Children's Service of Long Beach. Lori's email address is llitel@jfcslongbeach.org.
Calls & Webinars
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Introduction to the HHS Office for Civil Rights
Dec., 10th, 3:30pm ET

The Health Care Law 101
Dec.,  12th, 3pm ET REGISTER HERE

The Evolution of the CMO
Dec., 13th, 12pm ET
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December 7, 2012
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D'Var Torah
Lee I. Sherman


Recently, I have been thinking a lot about children and how we both relate to them and they define us. My son, Josh, is doing a semester abroad in Morocco, so we have been communicating entirely through one form or another of social media for the past few months (Facebook, email, Skype, etc.). In particular, I love to see the photos that he posts on Facebook, detailing his travels, friends, and encounters. For the most part, these photos bring me the joy of recognizing the richness of his experiences. One photo taken a few days ago while he was visiting friends in Granada, Spain, gave me a much different feeling.
israel kills children
This was chilling for me to see amongst the incredible and gorgeous photos of Southern Spain.

In this week's parashah, Va-yeishev, we begin the Joseph narrative. In the opening lines of the parashah, it is introduced as "this is the line of Jacob." Primarily, what follows in the stories we read over the next few weeks is the story of Joseph and his brothers, yet we understand that these stories define for us who Jacob is as well. We know more about the values he transmitted to his children, including his sense of the importance of family and community. We also learn about how Jacob's worries and concerns for his children affect both himself and his relationships with his sons.

None of us wants to expose our own children, or anyone's children, to risk and danger. Sometimes, in what would seem the most serene of places and times, even in the company of one's own brothers, threats and their consequences can appear. We can hope that, like Jacob, our values will carry through to our children and they will be safe in the comfort of those values. Still, I look forward to welcoming Josh home in three weeks.
U.S. Senate Fails to Ratify CRPD
We at AJFCA are disappointed that, on Tuesday, the U.S. Senate failed to ratify the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), a United Nations international human rights treaty designed "to promote, protect and ensure the full and equal enjoyment of all human rights and freedoms by all persons with disabilities, and to promote respect for their inherent dignity." The treaty, modeled, in part, on the Americans with Disabilities Act, has been ratified by 126 countries (including Canada and Israel), and signed but not ratified by 155 countries, including the U.S. The Senate voted 61-38 in favor of the treaty, falling 6 votes short of the number needed for ratification. AJFCA, and many of you, had advocated for CRPD's ratification and we will continue to pursue that goal.  
The Business of Social Work: Marketing as a Second Language
AJFCA would like to thank Deanna Shoss, Director of Marketing at JCFS Chicago for presenting "The Business of Social Work:  Marketing as a Second Language," yesterday to more than 20 agency professionals. Deanna explored how to translate social service terms into marketing language, covering tactics to melt away resistance and engage every member of the staff and board in supporting marketing and development initiatives. To listen to a recording of the webinar or view the PowerPoint slides, please visit the For Our Members portion of the AJFCA website and then click on Webinars.

AJFCA looks forward to hosting future calls/webinars and forum discussions designed for communications, marketing, and fund development professionals with the goal of fostering an environment where professionals can network, share and learn from one another.

An Introduction to SafeLink
Have you heard about SafeLink, but aren't sure how to go about providing your low income clients with a free cell safelinkphone and free monthly airtime the program provides?
An Introduction to SafeLink
Wednesday, December 19th, 2:00pm ET - REGISTER HERE 
Access information will be emailed to those who register.
Sandy Recovery Micro-grants from Repair the Worldrepair the world-square
In the wake of Superstorm Sandy's destruction, Repair the World is pleased to offer micro-grants to support winter and spring alternative break programs that focus on Sandy relief and response efforts. Learn more here
Five Steps to Successful Crisis Communications
Five Steps to Successful Crisis Communications, November 12, 2012, NETN, by Meghan Teich
Is your organization prepared to respond to the next crisis? With more than a month since Superstorm Sandy hit, many nonprofits aNTENre asking the same question: how do we communicate during a crisis like that? It's not an easy situation to be in for anyone. Knowing how to get your message out and how to get support will help position you out in front the next time something like Sandy roars ashore (although hopefully not anytime soon!). Continue reading here
Critical Steps to Getting Started in Leadership Development
Critical Steps to Getting Started in Leadership Development, November 27, 2012, The Bridgespan Group
If The Bridgespan Group's research is any guide, many nonprofits recognize that leadership development is an organizatiobridgespannal imperative but struggle with making it a priority. Over the past several months, The Bridgespan Group has posted articles explaining briefly a few simple actions that nearly any nonprofit can take to implement a systematic process of leadership development. Continue reading here. 
13 New Ways To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Irresistiblelinkedin logo
13 New Ways To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Irresistible, November 16, 2012, Business Insider, by Julie Bort
If you haven't touched your LinkedIn profile in months or years, it's time to take action.Think of it like a makeover for your professional image.The site has steadily transformed its profile pages from simple resumes to a smorgasbord of interactive tools for job seeking and networking. It's no longer enough to just list your past jobs and schooling. But you have to log onto the site and use these tools. Ready? Continue reading here. 
Sharsheret:  New Financial Health Program sharsheret
If you are concerned about insurance coverage, disability, and general financial issues associated with your cancer treatment and recovery, contact Link Program Coordinator Adina Fleischmann for information on Sharsheret's new financial health program. This program will help you take control of your financial well-being during and after a health crisis. Watch a live recording of Sharsheret's recent roundtable discussion, "Taking Control Of Your Financial Health During And After A Heath Crisis," for tips from experts in the field on insurance coverage, social security and disability rights, and financial planning. 
Federal and Foundation  Assistance Monitor
Now that the 2012 elections are behind us, there are many questions that nonprofits across the country find themselves asking. With so much uncertainty ahead, check out the Federal and Foundation Assistance Monitor. Download a free copy here.
Member Agency Board Presidents' Conference Call
We would like to invite AJFCA member agency board presidents/presidents-elect to participate in a group conference call. 

Bruce Beyer, AJFCA Board Member, will facilitate a discussion on "Cultivating Members for Your Board," touching on topics such as the criteria used in seeking new members for your board, and how the board's basic responsibilities influence the way in which you seek new members. Please email Lisa if you would like to participate.

Cultivating Members for Your Board
Thursday, December 13th, 1:00pm ET
Ensuring the Economic Security of Older Adults
NCOA Webinar Series
The NCOA is hosting a webinar series exclusively for AJFCA member agencies focused on ensuring the economic security of older adults. To listen to a recording of either webinar or view the PowerPoint slides, please visit the For Our Members portion of the AJFCA website and then click on Webinars.
ncoa logo
We hope many of our members will join us for the third webinar in this series (see below). Please email Megan for registration details.

Savvy Saving Seniors - A Toolkit for Money Management from NCOA
Tuesday, December 18th, 3:00pm ET
2013 Government Affairs Institute & AJFCA Advocacy Mission capital
Registration for the 2013 Government Affairs Institute and AJFCA Advocacy Mission (GAI) is now open. The GAI is our premier gathering of professionals and lay leaders who are interested in public policy. The GAI brings together professionals and volunteers from Jewish family and children's service agencies and Federations to advocate on policies that impact the vulnerable populations that you serve. Learn more here.

2013 Government Affairs Institute & AJFCA Advocacy Mission
Tuesday, February 5th - Thursday, February 7th - REGISTER HERE
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