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March 2015 
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One of the many awesome technology features of Kubotek Software is the ability to work with CAD data, regardless of who or what created it. There is no other CAD technology company that gives you multiple tools to put CAD data, especially non-native CAD data, to use and reuse faster and with less hassle. And that "plays well with others" attitude is what brings so many benefits to our customers. 

Kubotek customers easily work with a wider variety of customer data without wasting time or effort. No more asking for a different file format because you can't open it, read it or work with it. No more rebuilding CAD models to get something you can actually use. No more worrying about the integrity of CAD data translations.

Simply get the job done!  

Check out the articles below to learn more about reading, editing or comparing & communicating CAD data, regardless of file format.


Reading Non-Native Geometry
Not everyone needs to be able to modify CAD geometry.  Some people simply need to look at the model data for verification purposes, for quoting & estimating, for exporting product images for publication, or for shop floor and customer communication. 

Why not use the industry's leading CAD Viewer, one that can view a wide variety of neutral and non-native CAD file formats, eliminating the need for multiple CAD Viewers?

Spectrum CAD Viewer is an inexpensive, easy-to-use CAD viewer
that can be used to open and explore simple to complex parts and assemblies of over 2 dozen file formats.

Manufacturing, sales, support, and service departments can easily view CAD files. No CAD software is required. 

Editing Non-Native Geometry  
Direct CAD for Contract Manufacturers eBook
Are you a job shop or contract manufacturer? Direct CAD software is helping many people like you deliver better quality products in less time and at a lower cost.

Direct CAD offers many excellent creation and editing tools.  However, it's the ability to import and edit non-native CAD geometry that makes the biggest impact for companies that rely on customer provided CAD models and data.

In addition to editing, Direct CAD also offers multiple ways in which customer provided data can be used to save time and money.  And who doesn't want to do more of that?

Find out about the unique benefits of direct modeling for all your production processes in this popular eBook. 

Download Direct CAD for the Contract Manufacturer now!


Comparing Changes in Model Geometry 
Kubotek's proprietary pattern recognition technology provides users with an easy way to graphically identify, automatically organize and communicate changes to CAD model data via automated reporting (including PDF and 3DPDF).

Using a graphical CAD Comparison & Reporting software like Kubotek ECO Manager reduces costs and increases the efficiency of your organization.  Design revisions are clearly identified and easily shared among your team. Communication is clear and errors due to missed design changes are no longer.

In addition, ECO Manager can mix both native and non-native formats so you can eliminate data translations and easily identify differences between your own and customer supplied data sets. Or use it to quickly identify revisions to Model Based Definition (MBD) or Product Manufacturing Information (PMI).

Want to learn more about ECO Manager and how it can work for you?

You can always request a free trial.  Or better yet, let us do the work while you sit back and watch.

Request a personalized product demo of ECO Manager.



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KeyCreator Tips and Tricks
by Doc Walt  

Using Offset Body to Check Interferences

In the latest Tips and Trick,s we'll look at an easy way to quickly check for interference in an assembly of two components.

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