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December 2014 
Top 8 Direct CAD Topics - 2014 
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As 2014 rapidly comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment to look back over the year.  Specifically, we're focusing on our Direct CAD community and the events and information that seemed to resonate with you the most this year.  Our gift to you:  a list of the top 8 most popular Direct CAD topics of 2014.  (If we knew your size, we'd have sent a nice pair of slippers, too...) 


So, as we look ahead to 2015, we want to wish you continued productivity and much business success.   


Now, without further ado... 


8. KeyCreator 2015 Free Update Training

Whenever we release a new product version, we offer free update training to our users to get up-to-speed with the new features and technology.  Our latest KeyCreator Direct CAD realease was no exception.  Updated Animation features, CAD Comparison integrated features and more were highlighted.  Learn more and watch now!

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7. Direct CAD for the Contract Manufacturer  
Direct CAD for Contract Manufacturers eBook
Are you a job shop or contract manufacturer? Direct CAD software is helping many people just like yourself deliver better quality products in less time and at a lower cost.

Read this popular eBook to uncover the unique benefits of direct modeling for your production processes

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6. Switching from History to Direct CAD? Follow these worry-free steps.   
How hard is it to move from history-based CAD to Direct CAD?  It's pretty easy, especially when you follow the worry-free recommendations we outlined in this very popular webinar.

Everyone wants to know what things they need to learn. But more importantly, we also help you figure out the things you need to un-learn!
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5. Animate it! How to save time and money in the mold design process 

The mold makers in our audience really liked this one.  We walked through the Mold Design and Animation process to uncover where it makes sense to add CAD animation to save costs in manufacturing.  We even give you a list of the things you should animate!   
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4. 15 Tips for Passing Boeing D6-51991 Supplier Quality Audit   
Boeing Passenger Jet
We quizzed one of our resident Boeing Digital Product Definition (DPD) experts to find out what's important in the eyes of the Boeing D6-51991 standard - the requirement that says any and all CAD data translations, CAD migrations or product data modifications must be validated against a master file.


Our expert gave us tons of information, and we did our best to capture it.  And you don't even need to be a Boeing Supplier to benefit!  


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3. KeyCreator Essentials Online Training  
Not everyone can spend an entire day in training classes when products need to be shipped.  Our KeyCreator Essentials online training course was (and still is) a crowd-pleasing choice for users. KeyCreator Essentials offers training in manageable chunks over the course of two weeks.  Plus, users can take the information they learn and immediately apply it to their processes. Win-win? We think so, too.



2. KeyCreator Upgrades 
Many of our customers upgraded old seats of KeyCreator (and even CADKEY) in 2014.  Motivating factor: updating old computers and operating systems - old software stopped working (but then again, why put old software on a sparkling new computer?) Users also wanted to take advantage of KeyCreator's latest translators, features & tools including CAD Comparison and new and improved Animation. 

Great news! Special pricing is still available.  Find out more.




1. KeyCreator Dynamic Tips and Super Surfacing webinars   
We have to declare a tie for the #1 slot. Both of these webinars delighted KeyCreator users.  Watch them and we guarantee you'll discover a useful trick or feature (if not more).  Need more convincing?  One participant told us "every time I participate in one of these seminars, I learn something new."  See for yourself! 

Because these webinars were so popular, we plan to do more like this in 2015.  So, stay tuned.
Uncover under-used KeyCreator Direct CAD surfacing tools (10 of them) in this fast moving webinar aimed at helping you become a surfacing straight-A student.

Rapid-fire, time-saving tools and features.  Have you ignored a useful KeyCreator tip? You won't know unless you watch this recorded webinar.  

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KeyCreator Tips and Tricks
by Doc Walt  

Creating Wing Core Partitions

In this exercise we'll look at a neat way to quickly create multiple core partitions for built up structures like composite wings.

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