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I have two identical models but when I compare them the software reports errors. Why?


The models may have been saved in different orentations. Use the Orient Copy command to sync their location in 3D space.

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Welcome to the CAD Comparison Family. Where tons of design files might be related (some might even look the same) but if you look closer, you realize there are many differences between them.  Some differences make for good times, others make you cringe - just like any family reunion might do, right? 


Design changes in the design-to-manufacture process are common.  But just like in any family, some design files are so similar, they are practically twins, while others are so blatantly different, you wonder how they ended up in the same family tree (or production process). In either case, you just hope that those design variations don't harm your product quality or ruin your profit margins.  


In this issue of the Kubotek Quarterly, we're going to focus on our cutting edge CAD Comparison Technology and how it will help you quickly uncover design differences so you can improve your design communication, product quality and increase your bottom line.  This technology will quickly become invaluable to you and your team in all sorts of ways.   


Read on to find out more.  


Article:  Designs Change - Modernize How You Communicate Them

The coupling of CAD Comparison technology with Direct Modeling Technology has only meant good things, including an improved design change communication process.


This article takes a look at how the change communication process has evolved so that users can increase profits and product quality.   

Read More
Comparing CAD Like a Caveman? Stop it!
[Live Webinar]

CAD Comparison has evolved! That's because CAD Comparison can now be automated through the use of state-of-the-art technology.  Not only that, your new found CAD Comparison ability will get super-charged when you couple it with the power of Direct Modeling.   

Join us to see the future of CAD Comparison methods and how you can benefit from putting them to use in your process now.

Live webinar | Wednesday, October 8, 2014 | 2:00 PM EDT

Article:  Change is Good   

How good? We'll let Parker Aerospace tell you in this brief article that explains how they put CAD Comparison and reporting technology to work using Kubotek's ECO Manager software. The end result?  Read on. We don't want to spoil it for you.  

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Webinar Series 

Missed any other recent webinars?  Good news, you can still catch them on-demand!  Click on any of the titles below to watch. 

The Kubotek Validation Tool CAD comparison and validation software helps you increase product quality and improve communication of your designs.  You can also use it to help you pass Boeing and other supplier quality audits.  Watch this free training and product overview to learn more about how to effectively use Validation Tool to compare and validate CAD models.

Animate it! How to save time and money in the mold design process 
Using CAD animation saves potential (and often unnecessary) costs in manufacturing.  Walk through the Mold Design and Animation Process to find out where it makes sense to add animation.  Plus, we'll give you a break-down of the things you should animate  
Watch Now
Free White Paper:  New Generation of CAD Comparison Tools     
The next generation of CAD comparison tools will undoubtedly give you the confidence to identify and communicate changes. 

Download this free white paper to learn more about how this automated approach will benefit you.

Direct CAD for the Contract Manufacturer  
Direct CAD for Contract Manufacturers eBook
Direct CAD software is helping many job shops and contract manufacturers to deliver higher performing products in less time and at a lower cost.

Read on to find out how they are using the unique benefits of direct modeling in their production processes.

(Hint: It includes using CAD Comparison technology.)

Read More
Boeing and Aerospace Suppliers!  Read this:  
Boeing Passenger Jet

Boeing's D6-51991 requires that suppliers maintain the integrity of Digital Product Definition (DPD) data through all operations.


In short, you need to validate any and all CAD data translations, CAD migrations, or any product data modifications against a master file to ensure accurate part production and better documented processes. 

That's where Kubotek Validation Tool, as part of an approved Boeing Supplier Bundle, can help you exceed the requirements for the Boeing D6-51991 and pass your audit.   


We invite any Boeing supplier (or other general aerospace supplier) to learn more about the benefits of Validation Tool now.  You'll enhance your manufacturing processes for a variety of quality related purposes.
Read More
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KeyCreator Tips and Tricks
by Doc Walt  

Creating a Retaining Ring Groove

There are several ways to quickly make this feature. In this exercise we'll look at a quick approach that is very effective and closely matches what actually happens when you machine the groove in the shop.

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