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June 2014
The Drill Sergeant Edition

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Installing a new version of KeyCreator and want to transfer over all of your custom settings?


Start by going to Tools>Settings Export. Choose the settings you want to transfer and then save as a KSA file.  


From the new installation, go back to the Tools menu and select Settings Import. Choose the settings that you want to bring in and then select the KSA that you had created previously. 

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Sept 17 & 18

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Portland, OR
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KeyCreator Essentials Online Training
July 8-17, 2014

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August 12-21, 2014

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Sept 16-25, 2014

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October 7-9, 2014
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Toy Green Army Men promoting the Kubotek Quarterly Newsletter - The Drill Sergeant Edition

We're not going to yell at you in this newsletter.  We won't even make fun of your height or where you're from.  And you're safe from having to scrub floors with your toothbrush.  In this issue, we're going to focus on something basic:  training.  


We know what you're thinking.  You don't need training.  You don't have the time for training. Training is admitting defeat (you feel the same way about directions - both reading or asking for them). But it comes down to this:  you don't know what you don't know.  And quite frankly, things change (like new technology and features in KeyCreator Direct CAD).   


So, whether you're a long-time KeyCreator veteran or a fresh Direct CAD recruit, we want you to be all you can be (highly productive). And the only way to do that is by educating yourself, including tips and training from the experts (that's us).  Read on for some free training opportunities, software tricks, as well as formal class information. 


And no, you don't have to address us as "sir." 

Watch now!  Special KeyCreator Tips  Webinars
Two of our most popular online events are available for anyone to view.  We guarantee you'll discover a useful trick or feature that will make you more productive. As one of the participants stated, and we quote, "every time I participate in one of these seminars, I learn something new."     
Uncover under-used KeyCreator Direct CAD surfacing tools (10 of them) in this fast moving webinar aimed at helping you become a surfacing straight-A student.

Rapid-fire, time-saving tools and features.  Have you ignored a useful KeyCreator tip? You won't know unless you watch this recorded webinar.  
Watch Now 
New Animation Class Offered July 16 

The new KeyCreator Animation tools make it easy to create dynamic animations of mechanisms, tool sets, shop fixtures, and any combination of solid objects that move in relation to each other.


Now, you can learn how to do this in a brand new class being offered on July 16.   


The good part is that the class is listed at $99.  The best part is, the class will only cost $49 for the first 25 registrants.   


Use promo code: yessir 

Webinar Series 

Missed any other recent webinars?  Good news, you can still catch them on-demand!  Click on any of the titles below to watch. 

This webinar will not only show you the advantages of having CAM and CAD integrated in the same environment, you'll also see why it's perfect for manufacturers and job shops who want to stay competitive and profitable. 

Analysis is serious work. But sometimes, things that have nothing to do with heat or stress (not that kind of stress) get in the way of complete, timely or accurate results.  Learn about the unique software perks for both FEA experts and novices that will help you overcome common FEA issues.

Watch Now
Animate it!  How to save time and money in mold design.  [Live Webinar]  
Using CAD animation saves potential (and often unnecessary) costs in manufacturing. Watch as we walk you through the Mold Design and Animation Process, highlighting where it makes sense to add animation.  Plus, we'll give you a break-down of the things you should animate.

Live webinar | Wednesday, July 16, 2014 | 2:00 PM EDT

Targeted Technical Training

Who: Any KeyCreator user.  
What: A dedicated, one-on-one class.  You pick the topic.  You tell us what you want to learn.  We'll show you how to master it.

Where: Online through GoToMeeting.

When: Whenever it works for you.  You tell us and we'll set the agenda around your schedule. Typically, 2 web sessions, 2 hours each.

Why: Because sometimes you want to know something so specific, it's not covered in other class offerings. Or maybe it was, but you want to know everything there is to know about it.  It's okay.  We'll deliver.

Last chance.  Buy KeyCreator, Get Free Training.    
KeyCreator gives you world-class translators, interrogation tools, a unified design environment, direct modeling tools and one amazing price.

If those 5 amazing reasons to use KeyCreator aren't enough, here's one more item to get your gears turning


Through June 30, 2014, anyone who buys a new seat of KeyCreator Direct CAD will get free KeyCreator Essentials Training.  That's a value of $1150.
Direct CAD for the Contract Manufacturer  
Direct CAD for Contract Manufacturers eBook
Many job shops and contract manufacturers are discovering the unique benefits of using direct modeling in their production processes.

Read this new eBook to find out how Direct
CAD software is helping them deliver higher performing products in less time and at a lower cost. 

And if you know of any contract manufacturers who haven't picked up on this trend, send them this link.  After all, knowledge is power!

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Get privy info to our products, connect with other users to share ideas, ask questions, or post job ads. Join us on our Linked In Kubotek Users Group. 

View our profile on LinkedInNot a Kubotek Product user yet?  That's okay (but really, why aren't you?) follow us on our open Linked In Kubotek Company Group.
Kubotek University

Kubotek University delivers lessons and how-to videos to current customers and students.  Videos can show you how to use the Direct Dimension Editing (DDE) Tree feature found in KeyCreator 2014 Version 12.5 or use the videos to get started with KeyCreator Animation.  Dozens of new lessons and videos have been added on these two features alone. What else can you find?  You'll just have to log into the University to discover more. 
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KeyCreator Tips and Tricks
by Doc Walt  

Bending a Spring

This month we're going to look at how you model a coil spring wrapped around a 5 inch diameter pipe 180 degrees so it heads back in the opposite direction.

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