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March 2014
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After upgrading to the latest software release, are you getting a message that says your license is for older versions?  


Update your license easily by running the License Wizard.  Select "Manage current license activations" and then press the "Upgrade" button.

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Kubotek Comparison Suite 2014 Version 12.5 Released

Kubotek Comparison Suite 2014 Officially Released

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Design 2 Part
Atlanta, GA
March 26 & 27

Design 2 Part
Secaucus, NJ
April 9 & 10

COE Annual PLM Conference & TechniFair
Anaheim, CA
April 27-30

Design 2 Part
Schaumburg, IL
May 7 & 8

Design 2 Part
Santa Clara, CA
May 21 & 22

Collaboration & Interoperability Congress
Colorado Springs, CO
May 28-30

Novi, MI
June 11 & 12
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KeyCreator Classroom Training
Marlborough, MA
March 25-27, 2014

KeyCreator Essentials Online Training
April 8-17, 2014

KeyMarkUp CAD Viewer Online Training
May 5, 2014

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Winter is officially done.  Done.  Hello Spring.   


What's up ahead?  Besides the hope of warmer weather, we will be speaking at amerimold 2014 with our friends from Synergetic Engineering/Expert Mold Designers.  Our planned topic: Animate It!  Save Time and Money in Mold Manufacturing with CAD Animation.  Plan to check us out if you're at the show.


Speaking of manufacturing, we sense that things in manufacturing are going well.  Tell us how everything is in your world on any of our social media pages.  We'd love to hear from you (and talk about how KeyCreator Direct CAD is great for nimble and smart manufacturers like yourself).   


We continue to hear from an increasing number of users who are getting fed up with the restraints of history-based modeling.  We certainly hate to see anyone tied up by their CAD data.  On the flip-side, we're welcoming them into the Direct CAD Community.  If you see any of these new faces, please say hello.   


Go forth and model freely and edit directly!


Kubotek USA  

Webinar Series 

Missed any of our recent webinars?  Good news, you can still catch them on-demand!  Click on any of the titles below to watch these webinars now! 


Outlining what the Boeing D6-51991 requirements mean for suppliers, including a walk-through of the validation process.  See Kubotek's unique tools for not only maintaining DPD integrity, but for acing quality system compliance audits.

What's New in KeyCreator 2014 Version 12.5
Free update training to learn about the newest features and enhancements in the lastest version of KeyCreator Direct CAD.

Seriously Simple Complex Shapes 
See the advantages of using Direct CAD solid modeling, wireframes or easy-to-use curves and surfacing tools to quickly create a complex shape. 

2D to 3D: Easy as 123
Avoid tedious and cumbersome methods of generating 3D solids from 2D information.  Plus, learn some useful tips to help you avoid the common pitfalls of 2D to 3D conversion.

Conceptual Design Made Easy with Direct CAD
Discover how Direct CAD let's designers design, and not interrupt them with rigid construction steps and requirements.

Optimize your Designs with FEA
See if FEA will help you make better designs. Plus, discover the convenience of having CAD and FEA in a single software package.

Linear Static Analysis for the Novice
Using KeyCreator Analysis as the FEA tool, cover the basic concepts of FEA, common terminology, and how to interpret Finite Element Analysis results.

Watch Now 
Kubotek on YouTube

Check out the latest additions to our YouTube Channel, including new product videos featuring the latest enhancements and tools. 

Videos like...

KeyCreator Machinist 2-axis Wire EDM module 
KeyCreator Machinist 2-axis Wire EDM module
 Or videos like...
Direct-dimension editing tree (DDE tree) in KeyCreator Direct CAD 
Direct-dimension editing tree (DDE tree) in KeyCreator Direct CAD
10 Ways SolidWorks Users Can Benefit from Direct CAD 
We're sharing Direct Modeling love. (Don't worry, we don't have cooties.)  What we do have are some awesome tools that anyone can use to make their CAD tool box rock.  And that includes you, Mr. SolidWorks User.   


We compiled 10 ways in which SolidWorks users can benefit from adding a seat of Direct CAD to their CAD tool box.  And let's just make sure we are clear: we said add to, not replace with.  But whatever.  Add a seat.  Replace a seat.   Have a seat.  Stand on a seat.  Wiggle your seat.  We won't put restrictions on what you do - that's the beauty of Direct CAD!   


Get your copy now.

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In The News

Automotive manufacturers have embraced an integrated workflow that incorporates elements of both direct and indirect 3D Modeling - including KeyCreator Direct CAD and KeyCreator Customer Aero Tec Labs

Desktop Engineering: The Best of Both Worlds
KeyCreator Compare is just one of many tools you can use to progress to MBD. Verify Translated Data with KeyCreator Compare


Kubotek University

Kubotek University continues to expand on the lessons and how-to videos it offers to current customers.  Check out videos to get you up and running with KeyCreator Animation or how to make use of the Direct Dimension Editing (DDE) Tree feature found in KeyCreator 2014 Version 12.5.  Dozens of new lessons and videos have been added on these two features alone.  Log into the University now to see them
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KeyCreator Tips and Tricks
by Doc Walt  

Barrier Strip Redesign

This month we're going to look at combining a really basic slicing maneuver with sophisticated Dynamic Face
gymnastics to revise a basic design element in a simple
barrier strip.


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