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February 2014
DemandDemand Response Incentive Changes - Get Paid Up to 4x More to Use Less Energy


Con Edison is offering new payment projections for their summer 2014 Demand Response program in New York. Properties must enroll by May 1 for June 1 participation. For properties already enrolled in 2013, these projections would increase incentives by up to 4x for the same kW commitments as last year.  These figures will be confirmed in mid-March. Click here to see proposed changes


Check the Con Ed website for updates, or contact Great Forest for help enrolling at the right level of participation for your property.

PreparingPreparing for May 1 Deadline - Auto Uploads and Other NYC Benchmarking Updates  


Great Forest

Earlier this month, Great Forest was invited to a meeting with New York City officials to go over changes ahead of this year's benchmarking submission deadline of May 1. 


Great Forest was responsible for submitting data for over 60 buildings in NYC last year, making it one of the top benchmarking consultants in the city. 


Representatives from the Department of Buildings, the Department of Environmental Protection, and the Office of Longterm Planning and Sustainability were present. The discussion included... >>Read More

ChefsChefs or Diners - Who Holds The Key to Composting Success?

Last year, a large hospitality company - we will call them Company A - decided to start composting. They launched their program in the staff cafeteria but ran into problems right from the start. Only a small amount of compost was collected, and almost none was acceptable for composting because of cross contamination. The program was scrapped after only a few months. 
Another tenant in the same building - Company B - then picked up the option to compost. Their program was a great success. Why? 
One of the main differences is how, or specifically where, they launched their composting effort. 
PolarPolar Vortex Hits The Wallet


The extreme cold hitting much of the country has affected gas pipelines and electric production far into Canada. Some analysts have likened the polar vortex's effect on the short term gas markets to what happened following Hurricane Katrina. Energy customers should be assured that the futures markets into 2015-16 are holding relatively steady against the late 2013 forecasts. Customers with floating contracts and on full service should expect some relief as early as late Spring.


Regarding long term forecasts for natural gas generation, air quality advocates should also be optimistic about the new revised U.S. Energy Information Administration's forecasting relating to increases in coal plant retirements. This gives cleaner fuels and renewables a much larger relative share of power generation in the U.S. Watch this space for more about nuclear forecasting for the Northeast.

ThinkThink You Should Get An EBie Award?  Let Us Know

The deadline for the 2014 EBie Awards, which celebrate sustainability in Existing Buildings, is March 20.  

Do you have what it takes to bring the award home? Great Forest will submit at least two nominations, and we are looking for more outstanding individuals who qualify. If you think you fit the bill, let us know. >>Read more, see changes to the application process
Is Your State in the Top Ten for LEED?

What were the top states for LEED in 2013? Illinois topped the list, with Washington, D.C. coming in at #10. 
Within the top ten states there were 1,777 projects certified, covering 226.8 million square feet.
Did your state make the list?  See the top ten states for LEED (Infographic).
MakingMaking A Difference... Near the Roof of the World 

This month we take you to Tajikistan, where mountains cover more than 90% of the country, and half of it sits 10,000 feet or more above sea level. 
This former Soviet republic at the "roof of the word" is home to some of the most breathtaking views on earth. But beneath the beauty lies a legacy of toxic pollution, particularly in the form of uranium and stocks of dangerous, obsolete pesticides like DDT.
Blacksmith is working to help the Tajik government clean up this life-threatening toxic pollution. Read and see more photos here.

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