Why Is It Important For Me To Be Involved in My Child's Therapy Session?

Family Members Make All the Difference in Their Child's Learning and Development, Therapists Are Just There to Lend Guidance

By Tamara Guo, M.Ed.
TEIS Developmental Specialist 
Did you know that YOU, your child's parent or primary caregiver, are THE most important part of your child's therapy team? No doubt your TEIS therapist has told you this multiple times. As therapists, we are there to guide you and your family in your child's journey to reaching his or her developmental milestones to the best of his or her ability. YOU are the reason your child continues to make progress, NOT us! ...Read On!


What's With All the Climbing?

By Betsy Gamza, M.Ed
TEIS Developmental Specialist

Does your toddler love to climb? On three separate occasions last week, caregivers asked me what to do about the climbing. Why do they do it? What can be done?  Read On!

Summer Fun Recipe

Healthy Frozen Yogurt Pops

Greek yogurt & fruit pops for breakfast? Yes please! These are simple to make & if you don't have popsicle molds, use Dixie Cups and  popsicle sticks. Get Recipe Here!

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Meet A TEIS Therapist


Christine O'Matz, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist


Christine O'Matz has been working with children as an occupational therapist since 1997. Upon graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in occupational therapy, she spent a few years in Wheeling and Cleveland working with adults. After moving back to her hometown of Pittsburgh in 1997, she has worked with children in a hospital environment, outpatient setting, and the school system. She chose to work at TEIS in an early intervention setting because she sensed her therapy interventions could have a great impact when done in the child's home, with the caregivers actively participating in the therapy session. She is delighted to be invited into families' homes in order to provide assistance with caregivers' concerns, whether the concerns are sensory, feeding, neurological, or developmental.  




Speaking of TEIS Therapists, did you see our recent article in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review? 




Large Motor Activities for Infants

Help Your Baby Work on Gross Motor Skills Needed for Rolling, Crawling, Sitting and Walking

The national child development organization Zero to Three suggests that parents support the infant's gross motor development by providing tummy time from birth onwards, click  HERE for more IDEAS!

Speaking of gross motor skills, have you seen our new TEIS video on Torticollis and Plagiocephaly?

Pretend Play
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See What Others Are Saying About TEIS


"Imperfections" are sometimes blocked by love. My husband and I love our son so much that there were certain things he was doing that needed to be corrected, but we did not see or knew to look for. Denise pointed those things out and helped us improve and follow exercises to correct. Denise was awesome and super friendly, great with our little one!   


~Isabel W


The services provided helped our son learn to communicate more effectively ,therefore leading to less tantrums and behavior issues. We are now equipped with the skills taught to us from occupational, speech, and behavioral therapies to continue helping our son adapt to new environments. We are very grateful for these services!

  ~Autumn W


At TEIS, we specialize in Therapeutic Early Intervention Services for children from 0-3 years of age in Allegheny & Westmoreland Counites and Independent Evaluations in Beaver County. 

Your Child's Progress is our Passion! (SM)