How Can I Involve My Child's Siblings in a Therapy Session?
Brothers and Sisters Make Wonderful Teachers & Role Models

By Denise Dahl, PT 
When your EI therapist arrives to work with you and your child, do you feel like you have to keep your other children occupied away from the session? Do your other children want your attention as soon as they feel you are giving all of it to one child? Early Intervention believes in being part of your daily routines. Early Intervention is a family training program, so it's beneficial to work with the whole gang in order to get an idea of the family dynamics to better help you, the parent, know how to use the information and strategies you learn from your therapist. ....Read On! 


Tummy Time!

By Betsy Gamza, M.Ed
TEIS Developmental Therapist

Every time I put my baby on the floor, Grandma said, "She's going to catch a chill!" I mean, really...WHO puts their baby on the floor? Well, guess what?? The floor is one of the BEST places your baby can spend time! And not just on the floor, but *GASP* on their BELLY! Baby may think this is a terrible idea, but I'm here today to tell you exactly WHY it's a WONDERFUL and BENEFICIAL idea! .Read On!

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Carrot Shape Calzones

Make food fun with these tasty calzones disguised as giant carrots!...Get Recipe!

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Meet A TEIS Therapist

Abby Watson, DPT 
Physical Therapist 

Abby graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training from the University of Pittsburgh and sat for her board exam to become a certified Athletic Trainer in 2012. She continued on to obtain her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Chatham University in 2014. She chose early intervention because she loved working with young children during her 11 day field experience providing PT services to underserved children in Ecuador last summer and while volunteering at The Woodlands Foundation. Abby completed a clinical rotation with TEIS during her last semester of graduate school and has now joined the team as a full time certified PT. Her hobbies include travel, music and concerts, working out, and spending time with family and friends.

40 Ideas for Kids Constantly on the Move

Help Your Toddler Work on Gross Motor Skills and Burn Off that Excess Energy

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"Our therapists were phenomenal. Every session was relaxed,informative, and
inspiring. They really cared about my son and his progress. TEIS members
always listened and never let us feel we were alone in this journey! Their
passion for my son's progress will never be forgotten. I highly recommend
Rachel, Flo and TEIS!"


  ~Tracy O


At TEIS, we specialize in Therapeutic Early Intervention Services for children from 0-3 years of age in Allegheny & Westmoreland Counites and Independent Evaluations in Beaver County. 

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