To Serve & Protect
A Dad's Reflections

By Kurt Kondrich, M.Ed
TEIS Developmental Therapist 

Can I hold my daughter please? My wife Margie delivered our daughter Chloe on May 16th, 2003, and I knew there was something wrong in the doctor's look and voice. Chloe aspirated during her entry into the world, and as they cleared her lungs I was relieved to hear a loud cry. Three years into my career as a police officer I had delivered a baby on a sidewalk, and I knew how important it was to hear that crying sound. The doctor approached us and stated in a very sterile, clinical voice that our daughter had characteristics of Down syndrome.I did not know much about this diagnosis, but I said to the masked physician, "Can I hold my daughter, please?" to which he responded, "You want to hold her?" I detected a surprise in his voice, but Chloe looked right into my eyes and I instantly fell in love with her...Read On   

Drinks for Toddlers

By Betsy Gamza, M.Ed
TEIS Developmental Therapist

We have been talking a lot about feeding lately, but haven't mentioned toddler drinks! So, I thought I'd share some thoughts with you...cheers! What are the best drinks for toddlers?...Read On!

23 Healthy Breakfast Recipes
Your Entire Family Will Love

Many families are "on the go" and in a hurry in the morning. Check out these healthy, creative ways to get your kids to eat breakfast!....Read On!

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Meet A TEIS Therapist

Maureen O'Brien, MS CCC-SLP 
Speech Language Pathologist 

Maureen is originally from Erie, PA. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders at Clarion University and her Master of Science at Gallaudet University in Washington, DC. Gallaudet admits only deaf and hard of hearing students to their undergraduate programs and students of all hearing abilities to the graduate programs, so she spent a lot of time learning American Sign Language and about Deaf Culture.  She completed her Clinical Fellowship Year in DC Public Schools, but left when an opening became available at Maryland School for the Deaf.  She worked there for 3 years and then moved on to The Treatment and Learning Center in Rockville, MD.  When she and her husband decided to move back to PA, she got a job at the Children's Institute.  She got great experience working in school outpatient therapy, but really felt that she could make a greater impact on her clients and their families by working in the homes. That's when she decided that Early Intervention was where she belonged.  She has worked with TEIS for 5 years and is passionate about children/families with hearing loss and children with multiple disabilities and complex medical needs.  Maureen lives with her husband, son, and 3 cats.  She enjoys spending time with family as well as relaxing with a good book (usually an audiobook while she drives).

Get Cooking with Playdoh!
Help Your Toddler Create a Playdoh Feast

Playing with Playdoh is not only good for hand strength, dexterity and general fine motor practice, but it's great for pretend play cooking. Place a large plastic table cloth under your child's kitchen set if they have one or simply let them use your own pots, pans, rolling pins, cookie cutters, etc to create a Playdoh feast. Don't forget, toddlers will require Mom, Dad or older siblings help! For fun Playdoh ideas, click  HERE.

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"We were truly blessed with a group of amazing women to work with our son! They have helped us through so many challenges and gave us the knowledge we needed to help him. From figuring out how to crawl, to learning to talk and getting him to eat more foods these women have always gone way above and beyond anything I could've ever imagined. I am so thankful that our son had their help and he is doing amazing thanks to them and all of their hard work! Thank you!"


~Tricia B.




At TEIS, we specialize in Therapeutic Early Intervention Services for children from 0-3 years of age in Allegheny & Westmoreland Counites and Independent Evaluations in Beaver County. 

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