Explaining EI Services to Grandparents
How Grandparents Can Be Instrumental in Your Child's Therapy 
Sometimes when a child is first enrolled in Early Intervention services our families tell us that their own parents are not "on board" with the program. They sometimes hear things from their child's grandparents such as, "You didn't talk until you were 3, and you're fine!" or "There is nothing wrong with my grandson, he doesn't need therapy!"

Talking with grandparents about the benefits of Early Intervention services is very important in order to help them to understand the pluses to a program that may not have existed when they had their own children...Read On For Ways To Include Your Child's Grandparents in Therapy Routines 

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As first time parents who learned of our daughter's genetic disease at birth, the past 18 months have been a whirlwind. We have faced many challenges, including learning about our daughter's condition and how to care for her, undergoing two surgeries and eventually, a concern with her ability to eat when we began solid foods. After mentioning to the pediatrician a few times that I was concerned she wasn't doing well, we were recommended to contact early intervention which led us to Shelley. Since our first visit, Shelley has supported our family. Instead of "telling," Shelley "teaches." She is wonderful at integrating parents into the process of therapy. At a time where my husband and I both felt very overwhelmed by yet another diagnosis, (she also has two food allergies) Shelley helped us feel confident that this was just a bump in the road that we would work on and resolve. During our visits, Shelley was very interactive with our daughter and took time to listen to her progress and our concerns. She always remembered our previous conversations and would ask for follow up on new foods we tried and new tactics to feed our daughter. Shelley always made sure that we understood our "homework" and made herself available to us any day. She worked with me to accommodate my ever changing work schedule and she was always on time and active during each visit. We are overwhelmingly pleased with the services we received from Shelley and TEIS. I feel confident that our child will continue to develop appropriately and credit Shelley for her assistance. My husband and I are very thankful we had her to help us navigate through this challenge and come out on the other end with a star eater!   


~ Colleen G, mom    


At TEIS, we specialize in Therapeutic Early Intervention Services for children from 0-3 years of age in Allegheny & Westmoreland Counites and Independent Evaluations in Beaver County. 

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