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Office of Alumni Engagement

Welcome to Summer!

We hope that you are enjoying the same type of slow-down that we are: there is still much work to be done, but it happens at a different pace and - with the added bonus of our new screen door at the alumni house - more fresh air seems to give us a fresh perspective on life!  Stop by and say "hi" if you happen to be traveling through Alma this summer.

We are especially in a period of renewal and fresh starts in the alumni office as we use some of this time to evaluate our office procedures and make space in preparation for a third staff member, our Associate Director of Alumni and Parent Engagement.  We hope to be able to introduce you to this person soon, so stay tuned!

Go Scots!

Lou Ecken '95
Director of Alumni Engagement


For information on these and other events,
please 'like' the Alumni Association Fanpage on facebook or check out the campus calendar at this link:

(Alma College) Scots in Scotland!
Our first international alumni and friends trip has returned from a quick ten days in Scotland.  Here are some photos from the trip:
Our full group at Scottish Parliament with Professor Britt Cartrite!
Board members in Scotland!
Board members Dave Campbell '75 and Dave Hubbard '60 enjoy the Scottish scenery!

Scottish Castles!

Britt w/alum in front of castle

Interested in being a member of the  
Alma College Alumni Board?

AlumniBoard April 2013   
HERE for an application now! 
(The alumni board will vote on new members at the September meeting)
Wishing you a safe 4th of July!


Are you making plans for Homecoming 2013?

Sweet Home, Alma College 
October 4-6, 2013    

Watch your mail for our Homecoming teaser in July -
and check the website for our full listing of events:

Smith Alumni House   
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of Alumni Engagement
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Scots in Scotland!
Alumni Board
Homecoming 2013
New Campus Art!

Eddy Tiles by Carrie Parks-Kirby

Next time you're on campus, check out the beautiful tiles on the Eddy Music Building created by Professor Carrie Parks-Kirby!


Eddy Tiles. Percussion&Bagpipes
Upcoming Events

7/2 Tartan Tuesday, Ferndale 


7/19 Ann Arbor Street Art Fair gathering   


7/24 Lugnuts Suite, Lansing (limited tickets - please rsvp early!) 


7/29 Central Michigan Summer Sendoff Picnic, Alma   

7/30 Northern Michigan Summer Sendoff Picnic, Traverse City


8/1 Metro Detroit Summer Sendoff Picnic, Troy 


8/4 Chicago Summer Sendoff Picnic 


8/5 West Michigan Summer Sendoff Picnic, Grand Rapids


8/6 Midland Summer Sendoff Picnic, Midland


8/6 Tartan Tuesday, Detroit, Chicago 


8/8 Lansing Summer Sendoff Picnic, Lansing


8/14 Picnic/parade at the Cheeseburger Fest., Caseville  


8/20 Tigers Game, Detroit 


9/19 Art Prize Reception, Grand Rapids


October 4-6, 2013  


Sweet Home Alma College 

Admissions Update


Greetings - we hope you're enjoying this beautiful summer!  


We have reached our 400 mark and will work with families throughout the summer to bring in another strong class.


Junior interest has picked up with many visitors coming to campus during the week as well as on weekends for our small Explore Alma events. We are confident these efforts with juniors (and even sophomores) will pay off in the year ahead and beyond.


As always, please refer students you think are a good fit by completing the online form (link below)



Jessie DeHaan '07  

Sr. Asst. Dir. of Admissions 

Athletics News: 


Join us for summer fundraisers for various sports - all are welcome!

6/29 - Volleyball golf outing (Mackinac Island)   
Click HERE for information.


8/4 - Football golf outing (Alma) 

Career Corner   
Congratulations again to our most recent Alma College alumni!  By now, we hope you are starting your new job or preparing for graduate school. If you are still searching for your next opportunity, please contact Laurie in the Center for Student Opportunity (CSO). She can help with resume review, networking advice, job search resources and more! Also check the Alma College Career Planning Facebook page for announcements and opportunities.

In fact, ALL ALUMNI are welcome to seek career assistance from the CSO. Contact Laurie to learn more, or to discuss the many ways established alumni can help new grads succeed.

Laurie DeYoung '04
Asst. Director, Career Services


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