Resources for Advent 2016

Advent begins on Sunday, November 27. Here are a few Advent resources, both online and in print, that you might want to include as part of your spiritual practice during Advent.


This is an Advent resource from the Episcopal Church. Daily from Advent 1 through Christmas Day, Make Ready the Feast will highlight one scripture citation and one recipe with background information. You can follow it on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and the Episcopal Church website.  
A global Advent calendar from the Society of St. John the Evangelist that you can sign up to receive in your email inbox every day.

Journey through Advent 2016
This app for iPhone users offers a digital Advent calendar.  
This Advent toolkit provides tools and inspiration to help your congregation or group plan, construct and host an Advent campaign to support Episcopal Relief & Development through Gifts for Life.

Advent Calendar 

Forward Movement's Advent Calendar, a poster available in English and Spanish

Meditations & Books

This booklet provides a simple prayer activity for children and families to do together, every day of December until Christmas Day, with additional resources on the book's website.
This booklet offers activities for children aged 4-7 to discover the meaning and practices of Advent in the Episcopal Church.

This year, while waiting for things mundane to things sublime, embark on a seasonal journey with this book of daily meditations by Christine McSpadden that will work on your soul to bring a richer quality and depth to your waiting.
A booklet of Advent meditations from the Society of St. Andrew, an organization dedicated to feeding the hungry
With Scripture readings and prayers, this book by Mark Bozzuti-Jones, offers four weeks of meditations that focus on the growth of Jesus in the womb of Mary as he approaches the day of his birth, learns his mother's voice, responds to the presence of light and dark, and begins to position himself for birth. What does this teach us about our own spiritual journey through Advent?
This devotional study offers reflections for the weeks of Advent from a different perspective, inviting us to engage in the ongoing meaning of preparing for Christ in our lives.

More Resources

Building Faith - From at-home activities, to prayers, to ideas for church life, you are sure to find something helpful.

Books and meditations from Church Publishing
Books and meditations from Forward Movement
Books and meditations from Paraclete Press

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