"Do's" and "Don'ts" of E-mail Marketing 


204 Million Emails are sent every minute. How do you get your own content seen, read, and shared? Having an email marketing strategy in your firm can help drive traffic and increase sales.


Here are some "Do's" and "Don'ts" to keep in mind in your email marketing campaigns.



  • Make your content R.I.T.E.
    • Relevant- Too often we create content without the audience in mind, and then wonder why it doesn't resonate. Be proactive in finding out what your audience needs & wants and address that specifically.
    • Interesting - How much of your content sounds like corporate "robot speak"? Real people write real content that speaks to other real people. It's harder than it sounds. You have to move people to action. Interesting content can do that.
    • Timely- Stay up to date on what's hot and what your client needs to know about you right now. Don't send the same blast over and over.
    • Entertaining-Similar to making your content interesting, you've got to make an effort to make it entertaining. Remember, you want people to read, like, and share. Take your reader on a short but entertaining journey.


  • Put space in all the wrong places.  
    • White space can help make an email feel less cluttered, but if it's aligned incorrectly, the email becomes confusing and hard to navigate
  • Use bright colors and fonts that cause physical discomfort.
    • The wrong colors can strain a person's eyes so much he or she will give up reading your email completely.
  • Forget to highlight the purpose of your email.
    • If you don't highlight why you are sending an email, chances are pretty good readers won't do anything-except delete it.
  • Forget social share buttons, forwarding options, or contact information.
    • If you don't have external resources in your newsletter, you've made your email a dead-end. All email newsletters should drive the reader to some action.

These tips are brought to you compliments of Vertical Response and Constant Contact.


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