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The AAMGA HR Committee has updated its HR Handbook, which contains sample policies and procedures you can apply to your everyday employee interactions, including best practices.


If you don't currently have an employee handbook, this new guide will be especially beneficial to your company. Employers generally benefit from increased communication with employees regarding company policies, benefits, and work rules.  New employees, in particular, can become better acquainted with work place practices at the outset of their employment, with the handbook serving as their guide. Check out the new HR Handbook!

New to benefit you, we have three new webinars featuring:
Interested in our NEW
Hot Topic webinars?

Here's what to expect in 2013

Cover 5 hot topics in 20 minutes!
  1. Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA): Do you conduct background checks? The most recent forms are a must.
  2. Social Media: Monitoring what is being said about your company on social media? Want to take action against employees for what they put on Facebook? Find out if you can.
  3. Do you know what it takes to trigger an FMLA event? You will after this webinar.
  4. FLSA: Are you paying your interns? Find out if you legally need to compensate them.
  5. Revenge: The single most likely claim in the EEOC is for retaliation. Protect yourself with tips from our experts.

Click here for the Hot Topic webinar. 

Conduct Legal and
Effective Interviews

You could inadvertently be asking discriminatory interview questions. Common questions indicate discrimination, even when not the employer's intent. Keep your interview discrimination-free with our tips:
  1. Project a positive image by asking these appropriate questions
  2. Interview questions you should and should not ask
  3. Five critical best practices for effective interviewing
Click here for the Interviewing webinar.
Breaking Up: Effectively Deal
with Terminations the Smart Way
  1. Are you sure? Before any termination, review your facts and documentation to ensure termination is appropriate.  Eliminate confusion by clarifying the precise reason why the employee is being terminated.
  2. Think ahead.  Possible discrimination or retaliation claims can be avoided by analyzing their potential prior to termination.
  3. Stick to the script.  Emotions may run high, but knowing what you will say during the termination meeting will ensure cooler heads prevail.

Click here for the Termination webinar. 

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