June 2012Issue 4  No. 6
Monsoon Season
  Being Prepared 

arizona monsoon  

June begins Monsoon Season in our area... and we need to be prepared. The best way to be prepared is to know what to expect.
So, what is a monsoon?  The Arizona Monsoon is a powerful thunderstorm that develops in the afternoons during the summer months. As these thunderstorms dissipate, a microburst can produce severe wind gusts that blow at 57 miles per hour or more. 


Every June, a strong high pressure system builds and brings moisture into the state from the Gulf of California and Gulf of Mexico. The first thunderstorms usually arrive around early July. The rain comes fast and furious, from clouds towering 50,000 feet into the sky. The season lasts until September 13. 


How long will it rain? On average, our area can expect 56 monsoon days each year but it has ranged anywhere from 27 to 99 days. 


How much rain will we get? The amount of monsoon rain in Phoenix varies greatly, from nearly 6 inches in 2008 to less than an inch in 2007. And while the valley gets about 1/3 of its rain from the summer storms, Tucson and Alpine get more than half of their annual precipitation in the summer.


How Does Your Garden Grow?
  Tips for Desert Gardens



If you have a lawn or a garden in our Arizona desert, you might need a little assistance with what to expect in your garden, and what to NOT do in your garden at certain times of the year. Here are some basic tips for caring for your desert plants, flowers, and vegetables. 


Don't List for June
  1. Don't over water. Yes, it's very hot in the desert in June, so it might seem like watering more is the answer. Not necessarily true. Water slowly (prevents run off), deeply (use a soil probe or a long handled screwdriver to check that the water is penetrating 2-3 ft. deep for trees and shrubs, and 1- 1 1/2 ft. deep for turf and flowers), and infrequently (let the soil dry between watering).
  2. Do not prune citrus during the summer.
  3. Don't shade corn, squash, melons, black-eyed peas, okra, or grapes.
  4. Don't add fertilizer to dry soil. If you apply dry fertilizer on dry soil and water it in, the fertilizer is carried toward the roots as a concentrated solution and will burn them. Always water first, then apply fertilizers to moist soils, and then continue with the rest of the water.
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Employee Spotlight
  Our Hotshot of the Month

Our Employee Spotlight shines on Stacey delaFuente this month! 
Stacey is the newly-appointed Business Development Manager at the Phoenix office. Before coming on board with us, Stacey worked as a project manager for two years and before that she ran own school and sports photography business for ten years. 
Stacey lived in the Northwest until 3 years ago when she moved to Goodyear, Arizona. She has 3 boys (ages 9, 11, and 14), a cat, two bearded dragons, and a guinea pig. In her spare time, Stacey plays soccer and softball. She likes to camp, fish, hike and travel. 
We are so glad Stacey is a part of our team at ServiceMaster All Care Restoration!
SM Around Town
   In Our Community
Mike Benner, our Business Development Manager, gets to do all the fun stuff!     
Earlier this month, he was able to attend a March of Dimes raffle event with an Elvis impersonator sponsored by Farmers Insurance District 7. Later this month, he will be competing in Farmers Insurance District 9 "Bowling for Babies" as well as District 10's "Keswick Klassic Charity Golf Tournament for March of Dimes." 

Our New Office
   Tempe Office

We're expanding and planning to open a new office in the Tempe area! 
Check out some new photos we have on the space. More details on the launch date will be in next month's newsletter!

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