January 2013Issue 5  No. 1
It's a Green New Year
  Green Cleaning by SM
Green Cleaning  
With the start of a new year, many companies are thinking about making some changes.  The new year is a great time to "go green" in some simple ways that can really make a big difference for our community and environment.  

Switching to green cleaning for your business is not only the responsible way to clean, but it is easy to do, cost-efficient and has been proven to be healthier for your employees.  Recent studies have proven improved employee health, productivity and retention, along with lower operating costs and sometimes government incentives.  

This year look into adding ServiceMaster's green cleaning methods to your existing maintenance plan.  We offer complete care with effective cleaning technologies and reduced toxins affecting our environment.  We take our responsibility to our environment seriously and make it easy for homes and businesses to switch over to green cleaning.  Check out the details on our green-cleaning plan for your home and business.

Employee Achievements
   New Certifications

Congratulations are in order as some of our amazing employees have gone above and beyond! We are proud very proud of their accomplishments!


* Amir Noweder, General Manager is completing his CDS (Commercial Drying Specialist )course IICRC Certification;

* Andy Klunk, Sr Lead Tech, received his ASD (Aplied Structural Drying) certification - IICRC certification;

* Chris Dillinger, Peoria Project Manager, received his ASD (Applied Structural Drying) certification- IICRC certification.

* Katherine Ely, Project Supervisor, received her AMRT (Applied Microbial Remediation Specialist) - IICRC certification;

* Joseph Garnet, Senior Lead Tech, received his AMRT (Applied Microbial Remediation Specialist).


Way to go! 

5 Green Cleaning Tips
  Easy Ways to Go Green at Home

go green1) Use cleaning products made from safe natural and not-toxic ingredients to prevent exposure to the hazardous synthetic chemicals conventional cleaners contain.

2) Dust with a damp cloth to ensure that household dust, which collects toxins, is removed from surfaces and not stirred back into the air.


3) Open windows and doors occasionally (even in winter!) to rinse out any air pollutants that have accumulated inside.


4) Don't use aerosol products. They fill your home with microscopic droplets of whatever is being sprayed. These droplets remain suspended in the air for hours and are easily inhaled.


5) Avoid room deodorizers or other air "freshening" products, which are frequently made from unhealthy chemicals.


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Green New Year
Employee Achievements
5 Green Cleaning Tips
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Employee Spotlight
  Hot Shot of the Month




Our spotlight this month shines on Joseph Garnett, a Senior Lead Technician with our Tucson office.


Joseph has held this position with us for a year. He holds several certifications, Water Restoration Technician, Applied Structural Drying, Applied Microbial Remediation Specialist. He also has 70 credits in Drafting and Design.


Before coming to SM, Joseph spent 8 years in the Army and 3 1/2 years as a Farrier. Joseph has also lived in Florida and Michigan. 


Joseph is getting married in April and has two children, one son and one daughter. In his spare time, he likes to hike, ride motorcycles and spend time with his family. Joseph is very outgoing, spontaneous and enjoys learning new things.


We appreciate you being on our team, Joseph!


Special Equipment
  Cool Stuff That Works
odor control services with servicemaster
Removal and control of unwanted odors requires a variety of professional products, systems and specialty equipment.

ServiceMaster All Care Restoration has developed several effective methods of eliminating unwanted and unpleasant odors.  Our process begins with identifying the odor, removing it and then cleaning and disinfecting any affected surfaces, leaving behind only particles in the air.

The OdorKlenz-Air Cartridge is available in 3 configurations:

  • OdorKlenz-Air: for use with air scrubber on fire, flood, and general nuisance odors.
  • OdorKlenz-Air for Dehumidifiers: for use on floods, category 2 & 3 water loss, and sewer.
  • OdorKlenz-Air ProFinisher: for use with air scrubber for chemical and refinishing odors.
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Our advanced tools and techniques allows our professional and qualified technicians to restore any of your commercial or residential property affected by fire, smoke or water damage.  Our certified professionals are experts in mold removal, elimination of mildew and complete water and fire damage restoration.


It is our commitment to work closely with you through the entire restoration process and assisting you every step of way.  Our customers are our first priority, so your satisfaction is completely guaranteed. We now offer services throughout the greater Tucson metro area.  

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