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  Mississippi Cattlemen's Association                   07.21.14 


  22 Area Leaders
        Meeting, Vaiden
 24 Area Leaders
       Meeting, McComb

 25 Wilkinson Blood
        Drive, Woodville 


 2 MJCA Field Day,

 4 Homeplace Board
       Sale, Hattiesburg

 7 Copiah CCA

 8 Deep South Stocker

 27, 28 Cattlemen's

 28 Risk Management
, Collins 


Cattlemen's College
Join us on August 27 in West Point or August 28 in Brookhaven for Cattlemen's College 2014.
Forage Specialist Dr. Don Ball will be on hand each day with a presentation that will help improve your pasture and hay program.
A summer annual is being planted at Mathis Farm today for the grazing demonstration in Brookhaven.

Cow Numbers

1. India 329,700,000

2. Brazil 207,960,000

3. China 104,188,000

4. European Union 88,000,000

5. United States 87,730,000

6. Argentina 51,745,000

7. Colombia 30,240,000

8. Australia 28,250,000

9. Russia 19,514,000

10. Mexico 17,760,000

The world has over 1 billion head of cattle.

MJCA Field Day 

Mississippi Junior Cattlemen's Association members are invited to a field day on August 2 at Hinds Community College.
You may bring your show cattle or just come and enjoy the program.
Please phone the MCA office to help in planning lunch.

High School Rodeo Scholarship
Courtney Tullos of Edwards was awarded the $1000 Cattlemen's Foundation Senior Scholarship at the High School Finals Rodeo. Foundation board member Larry Jefcoat made the presentation.
Thanks to the sale of "cattlemen's" car tags, the Foundation has awarded scholarships totaling $44,500 in 2014.
Retail Grocers Promotion   
grocery 26
Beef Council staff has visited 26 retail grocery stores this summer to provide promotional material and point-of-sale displays to help meat market managers sell more beef.
Summer intern Jessica Keyes is pictured at one of the locations she visited.
Cattlemen's College, Brookhaven
Brookhaven 2
Mathis Farms in Brookhaven will host the morning session of Cattlemen's College on August 28.
The summer annual Tifleaf 3 pearl millet has been planted to demonstrate controlled grazing and Dr. Don Ball will discuss "Critical Forage Profit Factors".
Hear Dr. Ball and get a copy of his latest publication, "Forage Quotes and Concepts".
Be there!
Deep South Stocker Conference  
TriState Stocker  
Mississippi is again hosting the Deep South Stocker Conference for cattlemen in the three-state area.
Tours are planned for Thursday, August 7, with the conference and trade show slated for Friday.
Go to the Deep South website for registration information.
Steak & Roasted Veggie Salad
Try this cool summer treat.

Total recipe time: 1 hour
Makes 4 servings

Forage Newsletter 

Check out the latest issue of the forage newsletter from Mississippi State University.
Myth: Saturated fat is bad for you. 

Conventional Wisdom:  Many researchers have now begun to reevaluate the role of saturated fats in heart disease.
A review of more than 70 clinical studies raised questions about current guidelines related to fat intake, which generally restrict the consumption of saturated fats and encourage consumption of polyunsaturated fats to prevent heart disease.
Furthermore, many people may be surprised to know that beef contributes 10 percent or less of saturated fat and total fat to the American diet.  And, about half the fatty acids found in beef are monounsaturated fatty acids, the same kind found in olive oil and avocados.
The recently published study in the Journal of Human
Hypertension conducted at Penn State also shows that a dietary pattern rich in fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy, that includes lean beef, even daily, can reduce risk factors for heart disease, including elevated cholesterol and blood pressure.
Allied Industry Members

Positive feed

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Cattle Market
 Dr. John Michael

July 18, 2014

Cash Cattle:
Negotiated cash trade was mostly steady this week. The five-area weighted average steer price for the week ended Friday was $156.02, up $0.03 from the previous Friday, and dressed steers averaged $246.54, down $0.68. A few live sales in Texas panhandle were at $155 and at $155-$156 in Kansas. In Nebraska, live and dressed sales were reported at $156 and $246-$248, respectively, on Thursday. Sales in the Western Cornbelt were $155-$156 and $246-$247, respectively for live and dressed.
Feeder steers rallied this week in Mississippi auctions, improving about $10, while steer calves in ranged from declines of about $5 to gains of about $5. Heifer calves were mostly $7 lower and feeder heifers were steady to $7 higher. Cull cows and bulls were $1-$3 higher. Feeder steers in Oklahoma City's auction were steady to $4 lower and heifers were called steady.


Live cattle futures spent most of the week recovering a portion of last week's drop. Feeder futures were mostly even with last Friday's market close and spent the bulk of the week in a sideways pattern. Wednesday's trading showed the most weakness for both live and feeder futures. Thursday's broad market tumble left commodity markets largely unscathed. Cash markets were steady and boxed beef trickled lower throughout most of the week, so the uptick in futures implies last week's dip was largely unwarranted. News that China will possibly lift their ban on Brazilian beef did little to the market today, but keep in mind U.S. does not export any beef to China.
Futures markets are more focused on the upcoming crop with the expiration of the July contract this week. Corn futures were mostly steady through the week with Wednesday and Thursday showing signs of life before settling mostly even to close the day. Ethanol production was reported higher on Wednesday providing support.

Wholesale boxed beef prices were mixed this week, but mostly even with last week's trade. Choice boxes averaged $250.15, down $0.39. Select boxes slipped all days excluding Thursday and ended with an average of $243.53, up $0.64.

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