Mississippi Cattlemen's Association
Angus Meeting & Sale
Mississippi Angus Association members will hold their annual meeting Friday, May 3rd at Hinds Community College. Then on Saturday, the association sale will begin at noon.
Go to the Angus Association website  to pre-register for dinner and download the sale catalog.

Gelbvieh Field Day  
Gelbvieh breeders invite all cattlemen to attend a field day on Saturday, May 4th at Drs. Lowell and Karen Rogers near Sanford. Gene Star and AGA representative Dr. Jim Gibb will be one of the speakers. Live demonstrations will include Border Collies working cattle.
Health & Fitness Expo

Those attending the Health & Fitness Expo last week were given nutrition information on beef along with beef samples.
Lowndes Steak Sale

Lowndes5 Lowndes6

Lowndes County Cattlemen's Association served 2,200 12-ounce steak dinners at their annual fundraiser in Columbus.
Beef University
BeefU1  BeefU2
Culinary students from Hinds Community College and Rankin County Vo-Tech saw a pasture-to-plate program last week featuring a beef cutting demo, live steer display and cooking program.
Hinds Community College and the Beef Checkoff sponsored the event.
Making Tracks Camp 
Sign up today for Making Tracks Leadership Camp at Mississippi State University on June 17, 18 & 19.

What is the Animal Drug User Fee Act (ADUFA) ?
ADFUA legislation amends the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) and authorizes the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to collect fees for certain animal drug applications, in support of the review of animal drugs.
ADUFA is up for reauthorization every five years, and is up for reauthorization in 2013. NCBA supports the reauthorization of ADUFA in order to provide resources for the FDA to conduct timely evaluations of new animal drugs for safety and effectiveness without short-changing the rigor of the evaluation or compromising the quality of the process.

Healthy Cattle are the Foundation for Safe, Healthy Food

Why Use Antibiotics?
  • Cattlemen work with veterinarians to implement comprehensive herd-health management plans, which includes the judicious use of antibiotics to prevent, control and treat diseases in cattle.
  • Antibiotics are made specifically for cattle to help animals regain and maintain superior health.
  • Prevention of disease is a cornerstone in both human and animal medicine.
  • It is important for veterinarians and producers to have the ability to best manage herd health and raise healthy cattle.

Is Antibiotics Use in Cattle Safe?

  • Yes. All antibiotics used in beef cattle production go through a stringent approval process by the FDA before being approved for use. FDA approves antibiotics to treat specific diseases or conditions at specific dosage rates for a specific time period.
  • It is important for consumers to know that by law, no meat sold in the United States is allowed to contain antibiotic residues that violate the FDA standards.
  • This science-driven process helps protect human health while giving veterinarians and cattlemen the tools they need to keep cattle healthy because healthy cattle are the foundation of a safe food supply.
What about Antimicrobial Resistance?
  • Antimicrobial resistance is a complex, multifaceted issue often over-simplified and cannot be adequately addressed by solely focusing on the use of antibiotics in animal agriculture.
  • Antibiotic use is an important issue that affects both human and cattle health, which is often only looked at from the risk side of the equation but should weigh both risks of antimicrobial resistance with the benefits of antibiotic use.
  • NCBA and our producers continually work internationally with veterinarians, animal scientists, researchers and experts on AMR to improve our knowledge of this complex question; and to ensure the safest and judicious use of antimicrobials as one tool to maintain cattle health.

Cattle Market
Dr. John Michael Riley  
April 26, 2013

Cash Cattle:
Cash cattle sales were very light this week. In the Southern Plains (Texas Panhandle and SW Kansas) live cattle traded at $126/cwt. Similarly, in Nebraska, limited movement was reported at $126/cwt and $201-$202/cwt for live and dressed sales, respectively. Trade was too low in the Western Cornbelt to call any trends. The five-area fed price finished Friday at  $125.27/cwt versus $127.23/cwt last Friday.
In Oklahoma City, feeder steers and heifers were $3-$6/cwt lower and calves were $2-$4/cwt lower in OKC.  In Mississippi auction markets feeder steers and heifers were $3-$8/cwt lower, while cull cows and bulls were $2-$4/cwt lower.

Live cattle futures ended the week mixed with nearby contracts closing higher, while more distant months were lower. A weaker U.S. dollar added some support early in the week and most all commodities benefited. Higher Choice boxed beef and a sharp premium for cash cattle (i.e., strong basis) helped bring the front month contracts up. More cold weather ended the week on a sour note leaving most sane folks indoors and away from their grills. More sor news came in after markets closed as the monthly USDA Cattle on feed report was on the bearish side. Placements were well above expectations, but marketings were higher helping to offset the inflow of cattle. More information can be found in the summary here.
Corn futures finished mostly steady. The lower dollar provided support early in the week. Rains continue to help soil moisture conditions, but they also keep planters from rolling. Planting progress will be a vital metric of corn prices for the next few weeks. Wet and cold weather this spring have not helped in establishing a good start to the season.

Wholesale boxed beef prices were lower this week but Select, once again, dropped at a steeper pace than Choice thus pushing the spread between the two higher. This is common at this time of year as grilling season continues to gain steam. Choice finished with a weekly average of $190.51/cwt, down $0.09, and Select finished at $18.04/cwt, down $1.40.


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