PURA VIDA FITNESS - 'A client perspective'
'Often when I am trying to Inspire, Inform & Educate - I feel it's best to say nothing at all, but instead  let my clients, do the 'talking' - Adam

 'I'm 44 and my ethos was mostly to watch my food and get a couple of walks in a week.  In my opinion I was a stone over weight.  I had my first pt the next day.  That was a shocker!'


'It ended with a possibility of throwing up on the grass, but thankfully that passed and I was amazed I got through it.'


'Each session got harder and harder for me.  Some strong days, some awful ones.'


  Joanna - relaxing in the sun. 'Yeah right.' 


However in parallel with this my  fitness improved.  My asthma has also improved.  I have cut my preventative medication in half and rarely need my Ventolin.  My body shape has changed dramatically and my posture is improving.   So the hard work was paying off! Friends have noticed also that I look much better   


Adam also put me on a  4 day food detox.  It was tough going with 2 days good and  2 days dreadful!   I was told to come off my coffee fix, the week before the detox and it was then that, I really struggled as I was a heavy coffee drinker.   

Since completing the detox, miraculously,  I really haven't gone back on coffee.  Maybe 2 cups a week?  I have also fallen in love -  with juicing and have continued juicing daily since detox began.  John and my three boys love them too.'



 If you are anything like me, no routine, no fitness, no motivation, tired etc, Adam will sort you out.  He doesn't listen to "I can't."


His sessions are never the same, never boring. He completely trains you to revert back to the simple movements that you found so easy as a child but struggle with as an adult, 'Like balance.'



I have spent the last two months feeling sore, stiff but I'm a changed woman!


I am more aware of what I eat and have found a healthy balance between food and activity.



If you want to improve your lifestyle but still enjoy your dinners out and your prosecco!!  Give Adam a call, as despite his tough training methods, is actually very approachable.    




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