September 26, 2013
Vol 7, Issue 31
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Market Updates
It's Salsa Day this Saturday! Come out for some salsa music, watch (and smell!) live roasting tomatillos from Gales Meadow Farm and sample some salsa in our first ever vendor salsa contest.  The salsa contest will be set up along Hancock Street. Try samples of the salsa that vendors make from market ingredients and judge which is the best.    

Also this week, Ole World Oils is back in the market. Captured By Porches, Fatdog Mustardand Hot Mama Salsa will all be set up.  Dragonfly Forge (knife sharpening) will be in the market for the last time until November.  And last week was the last week for Happy Campers Gluten Free Baking, Sylvan Valley and THINK Unique

Since our last Saturday together, we had the pleasure of visiting three of farms that sell at HFM.  We learn about their unique lands, mindful growing practices and passion for growing your food.  One of those farms was Persephone Farm in Lebanon, OR.  You can find out more about this Certified Organic Farm by reading the article below by HFM Board Chair and Persephone Farm staff, Gabrielle Haber. 

See you at the market!
Vendor Profile: Persephone Farm
by Gabbi Haber, HFM Board Member

Persephone Farm is tucked away between a hillside and a river outside Lebanon, Ore. Here, you won't see endless rows of single crops, or paths clear of weeds, or large soil-compacting machinery. Here, you will find lettuce nestled up next to fennel standing tall beside corn-and at the end of each row and sprinkled throughout the fields, you will see bursts of red, orange, and white flowers, little havens teeming with ladybugs and other beneficial insects that will spend their lives feasting on aphids.

Here, chickens scratch in the grass, bathe in the dirt, and occasionally hop their fences to see what's on the other side. A one-eyed cat roams through tall grass and sweet pea hedges, curious enough to greet newcomers but busy with his own routine of guarding the farm.
The only greenhouse you will see here is a warm, wet nursery for baby plants. Once sturdy enough to be pushed out of the nest, all of these plants will spend their lives under the wind, rain, and sun. They will grow on their own time, not hastened by hoop houses or plastic row covers. They will ripen in the season they like best-not before, not after. Because of this, unlike at most farms, the tomatoes will not be red until September, the onions will grow small and grouchy in the rain, and you will find no eggplants, habaneros, or sweet potatoes - they don't like growing in Oregon. 

If you come to Persephone Farm's market booth, you may be surprised at some of the prices. But if you ask, you will hear a story about hand-planted vegetable starts, hand-harvested onions and potatoes, hand-plucked eggs daily from the nest. If you look again, you will see that the produce is washed and sorted with care, that the bundles of kale are all equally bursting, that someone went to great pains to ensure that the finest produce made it to you in the best possible condition. Nothing at Persephone Farm is done carelessly.
persephone's display
In Greek mythology, Persephone is the daughter of Demeter, goddess of the harvest. She is also, though not of her own accord, queen of the underworld, where she is forced to spend four months of every year. But every spring, Persephone joyfully bursts back into the land of the living, and plants begin to grow again. I work for Persephone Farm at the Hollywood Farmers Market, and every Saturday morning, as we unload the truck and start opening bins of produce, it feels like Persephone has just returned to the earth.
Gabbi Haber has been a volunteer and board member at Hollywood Farmers Market for the past three years. On Saturdays June through March you can find her working Persephone Farm's booth at the market. She also blogs about food and farms at More Than We Eat
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Featured Products

September 28, 2013


Sweet Potatoes

Sun Gold Farm

One of the rarer Oregon-grown produce items! Our sweet potato season is fairly short this far north, but Sun Gold Farm will have delicious "Beauregard" sweet potatoes for the next week or two! They have golden flesh and are perfect for making sweet potato fries. Will keep through the holidays.


Fresh Apple Cider

ProFarm Produce

It's apple cider time!  ProFarm Produce uses a blend of three different types of apples, but don't ask them which three, because the exact varieties and quantities are a family secret!  They have been producing fresh, pure apple cider (no sugars or additives) for four years and it has become one of their hottest sellers. The containers are expandable, so they are perfect for freezing. Be sure to stock up for winter! 


Pumpkin Patch Granola 

Hammer & Tuffy's Granola

Hammer & Tuffy's fall seasonal granola, the Pumpkin Patch blend, is back at the market! With a mixture of hand-roasted pumpkin seeds, cranberries, pecans and pumpkin pie spice, this is a great fall breakfast or snack.


Matsutake Mushrooms

Peak Forest Fruit

The matsutake is an elusive mushroom with a spicy, cinnamon-like aroma and flavor. In Japan, they are traditionally given every autumn as hand-delivered gifts in pine boxes. Because of this, Gino says that they are one of the few mushrooms whose price is driven by international demand, and prices actually go up when harvests increase later in the fall. For now, they are still rare enough that their price stays low (paradoxically) and us locals can enjoy them!

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