September 19, 2013
Vol 7, Issue 30
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Market Updates
Thanks to everyone who came out for Kids' Day last week!  We had a great time dancing, tasting the rainbow and celebrating the end of a bountiful summer.  
This week, we are hosting our annual Customer Dot Survey.  This is our chance to learn a little more about you and for you to tell us what you think about the market.  And it all happens with stickers!

Nossa Familia is back in the market this week, after two weeks away.  Laurel Ridge Winery is also back this week.  Bogg's Trail Foods, Captured By Porches, Dancing Light Ranch and Hot Mama Salsa are all in the market this week.  This will be the last week for Happy Campers Gluten Free Baking, Sylvan Valley and possibly THINK Unique so be sure to stop by all threeAnd Scoop Handmade Ice Cream will be absent this week but should be back next week.  
And last, but certainly not least, next week is our first Salsa Contest.  For our contest, the vendors will make salsa out of market ingredients and you get to vote for the best one!
See you at the market!
Redeem Your Sprouting Stories Reward!   
null After working hard all summer, our young market customers can come claim their reward!  Completed Sprouting Stories booklets can be turned into our Market Information Booth and exchanged for a $5 market token, good for ANYTHING in the market! 

Thanks to all the families who participated in this pilot program this year!  We hope you had as much fun as we did!   
Dog Policy and Hours Reminder
Just a reminder of a few market rules that help the market run more smoothly for everyone.   
Please remember that dogs are only allowed in the market between 10am and 1pm. If you arrive with a dog before 10am, you be politely asked to keep your dog outside the market. After 10am, dogs in the market must be kept under control and on a short, non-expandable leash at all times. Registered service animals are allowed in the market at all times as required by law.
Vendors are not allowed to sell either before the market opens at 8am, or after the closing bell at 1pm. If you arrive at the market early, please wait until the opening bell rings to buy from vendors. By the same token, if you arrive towards the end of the market, please get all your shopping done by the 1pm bell.  Vendors may not sell after the bell, even for just a few minutes. This is mostly for your own safety, as during the setup and breakdown periods large trucks are driving in and loading/unloading, and Hancock Street is not the safest place for people on foot.
Much thanks for reading this, and for being careful and conscientious market shoppers!
Featured Product

September 21, 2013


Italian Plums

Maryhill Orchards

Look for Italian Plums this week! Ever wonder why we no longer call them prunes?  Apparently a few years ago, the Prune Council asked farmers to stop calling them prunes and to start calling them plums. They decided that plum was more appealing to the younger generations! So look for dried plums in the fall, not prunes! 

Ground Cherries

Think Unique Gardens

Ground Cherries have arrived!  Similiar to tomatillos, ground cherries need to be peeled or husked before eating. They have a tangy, tropical flavor - often likened to a tomato/pineapple blend. They are great fresh, as a garnish or in salsa.  They can also be dried or made into jam. Unwrap and enjoy! This may be Think Unique's last week in the market until the spring, so make sure to stop by their booth this Saturday!


Quinoa Bread

Gabriel's Bakery

Gabriel's Bakery is probably best known for their bagels or maybe their delicious and generously portioned pastries, but one of the best products from this bakery is their quinoa sandwich bread.  Like all their sandwich breads, it's made with sustainable grains and no preservatives and it toasts up real nice.  Other sandwich breads made by Gabriel's include Walnut Bread, Molasses Bran and Sunflower Seed. 


Blueberry Plants

Dancing Light Ranch

In addition to an amazing assortment of lavender products Dancing Light Ranch provides a well rounded variety of herb starts. This is a great time of year to start planning ahead with certain plants such as blueberries. Look out for the Chandler and Legacy varietals. The Legacy is a great choice in that it not only offers a super sweet berry, but in that it is an evergreen which makes it a great ornamental plant in the off season. The Chandler is among the largest of the blueberry varieties and will provide fruit throughout the summer months.  


Chuck Roast

Deck Family Farm 

The Pastured Meat of choice from Deck Family Farm this week is the mighty Chuck Roast! After browning all sides of your roast on either a grill or skillet, plant it in a crock pot with a quarter cup of water. Add a touch of your favorite vinegar/oil, any herbs or spices you may have on hand, and cook on high for 6-8 hours. The best time to start your crock is in the morning, so your place smells like dinner when you get home!  Chuck roast is on sale this week for $9.25/lb. 

At the Market


The Pale Players


Community Booths:

Heifer Portland 

Women of a Certain Age 


Upcoming Events:


Customer Dot Survey - Saturday, September 21st

Salsa Day - Saturday, September 28th

Face Painting with Crista
Saturday, October 5th and 26th, 9:00 am - 12:30 pm
Tip of the Week:
Cooking Eggplant

closeup of deep roots eggplants  

Eggplant was sent by the gods to test us. It will soak up oil like nobody's business and it tastes terrible when undercooked.  


To successfully prepare eggplant: Cut the eggplant into pieces - small to medium chunks are best. If the eggplant is big and tough-looking, you can sprinkle it with salt, let it sit and blot the resulting liquid from the surface. If you've got a fresh, firm, cute eggplant from the farmers market, however, don't bother.  


Start with a small bowl of olive (or canola) oil at your side and with a heat-proof brush. Heat a frying pan to medium-hot, brush it with oil, allow it to heat slightly, and then add the eggplant. Cook it until the surface of the eggplant is a medium brown, then brush some more oil in the pan, and turn the chunks on another side.  


Continue brushing and turning until all the sides are beautifully browned. Now cover the pan, turn the heat to super low, and let the eggplant steam itself until it collapses.


Above all else, the flavors of cooked eggplant should be sugar & cream, not acid & oil. 

Market Photos

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