August 15, 2013
Vol 7, Issue 25
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Market Updates
We are mixing things up a little at the Hollywood Farmers Market this weekend.  We have a few vendors absent, a
few filling in and even more space for farmers to bring you peak summer produce.    

Let's start with who will be missing.  This week Nature's Best - OR Honey will be absent, just this week.  Boondockers Farm and THINK Unique Gardens will be absent for the next two weeks.  And Liepold Farm had to end their season early and last week was their last week in the market until next year. 

Luckily, Deep Roots Farm, Happy Harvest Farm and 
ProFarm Produce will have extra produce for you this week.  Dancing Light Ranch will also be in the market with their usual selection of lavender and also native, edible and ornamental plants. Captured By Porches and Fatdog Mustard are also in the market. And 2 Fruits and Ole World Oils are back this week.

And as if that was not enough, we also have a cooking demonstration in the market this week.  Keith Bidwell will show us different ways to create interesting summer salads and dressings with fresh herbs.  Check out the demo and try some samples between 9:30am-11:30am.  
See you at the market!
Vendor Profile: ippai
by Sarah Broderick

This week, we are featuring our newest hot food vendor at the market, Ippai PDX. Brought to you by the very talented Jane Hashimawari, formerly of Castagna and Wafu, Ippai PDX is healthy Japanese comfort food featuring Pacific Northwest products and locally grown vegetables.

Jane grew up in Southern California learning to cook and comfort herself with delicious and healthy Japanese food such as Japanese curry (カレー) and chirashi (ちらし) bowls, onigiri (お にぎり), and pickles. She moved to Oregon five years ago to attend culinary school, quickly rising to the top and landing internships and jobs at places such as Biwa and Castagna. Jane helped launch Japanese restaurant Wafu in 2011 and left earlier this year to start Ippai PDX. It has been quite the ride so far and she hasn't looked back since.

At first glance Ippai PDX's menu seems overtly simple. Curry over rice, a veggie bowl, and onigiri (triangular Japanese rice balls stuffed with a filling). But take a closer look and you will find that Jane's culinary talent and the hidden complexities of Japanese cuisine shine through, right down to the quality of her ingredients. Take Jane's chirashi veggie bowls, for example. Chirashi, in a culinary sense, means variety. Jane's chirashi veggie bowl is a variety of different vegetable dishes on top of rice. She makes kinpira-gobo (a delicious crunchy stir-fry of carrot and burdock root), creamy sesame kale, a fresh vegetable sauté with miso-mustard sauce, and lip-smacking good Japanese pickles. A little of each of these dishes are carefully placed atop a bowl of steamed haiga rice. Filling, delicious, and healthy, you can add a perfectly cooked egg for some extra protein.

The quality of ingredients used at Ippai PDX is impressive right down to the rice. Jane prefers haiga rice in her dishes. Haiga rice is special because unlike white rice it still has the nutritious rice germ attached to the kernel but unlike brown rice the tough outer husk has been removed. You might say it is rice that is one step between brown and white; it is healthier than white rice but easier to cook and digest than brown.

Jane's dedication to supporting local and regional agriculture while she creates delicious, healthy comfort food is nothing short of inspiring. Her onigiri often features smoked salmon bought that same day from other market vendors. Vegetables are purchased from local farms, again supporting her fellow market vendors. Ippai PDX offers unique farmers market fare that is healthy, tasty and filling, all at a price point that is affordable and supports our local economy. Try it out this Saturday! 

Lloyd Farmers Market

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Featured Products
August 17, 2013
Persephone Farm

If you haven't already made pickles this summer, now is the time. Persephone has all your cucumber pickling needs covered. Try a mix of the smaller varieties and don't overlook the lemon cucumbers. You can also get whole garlic, fresh dill flowers and sweet onions from Persephone, all for a promising batch of quick pickles.

Amaranth Greens
Blooming Goodies
Blooming Goodies is always one of our more exciting booths, because you can count on them to have interesting offerings that you wont find elsewhere in the market. Vegetables like Vietnamese spinach and purple sorrel are unique and full of flavor. This week look out for amaranth greens. They have health benefits similar to kale but cook in half the time. If you are not sure what something is or how to prepare it the vendors are happy to share ideas.

Montiel's Cocina
You will never go hungry at the Hollywood Farmers Market with vendors like Montiel's Cocina, offering a number of different tamales from pork to veggie and dressed with homemade green or red sauce. The masa is moist and fluffy and the filling is always generous and packed with flavor. Look them up on facebook and you can find a great video tutorial on making your tamales at home.

Early Chanterelles
Nature's Wild Harvest

Last week brought us the first chanterelles of the season at Nature's Wild Harvest. They are small and delicate now, but we should see them get larger on through to February. Chanterelles are terrific roasted or sauteed quickly on high heat with garlic and herbs. You can buy them in small amounts so stop on by, ask some questions and you will almost feel like your out on a  foraging trip yourself!

Sweet Leaf Farm

Finally! Melons are here. From watermelon, honeydew or the sought-after cantaloupe, Sweet Leaf Farm has them all. But you must get there early because, as fast as they get to market, they are gone. Look for the smaller to medium sized ones and if you can find a few slightly under ripe, snag them and save them for later in the week.  

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