July 11, 2013
Vol 7, Issue 20
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Market Updates
This week in the market, Dancing Light Ranch is back again with their beautiful and aromatic lavender! Plus our knife sharpener, Dragonfly Forge is in the market!  You can also find on-call vendors Better Bean Company, Captured By Porches, Hot Mama Salsa and Pacific Northwest Kale Chips. 2 Fruits and Ole World Oils will be absent this week, both returning on 7/20.   Click here for a full list of vendors in the market this week.  

Gales Meadow Farm
returns this week and will have lots of duck eggs!  "Why duck eggs?," you ask, well continue on to read all about the unique characteristics of these large eggs.  You can also find duck eggs at Boondockers Farm and
Pine Mountain Ranch this week.  

Senior Day is July 20th! The day will feature special discounts, two cooking demonstrations, music and a themed tour of the market!

See you at the market!  
Demystifying Duck Eggs
by Erin Houlihan, HFM volunteer

Have you walked through our beloved Hollywood Farmers market lately, and come across a variety of farm fresh eggs? Most notably, duck eggs? And you think to yourself: "how on earth can I use those, how would I cook with them, and are they good for me?" To help address these ponderings, and to familiarize you with the almighty duck egg, I enlisted the help of Pine Mountain Ranch, Boondockers Farm, and Gales Meadow Farm, all of whom sell you your weekly eggs.


Right off the bat, duck eggs are noticeably larger than the more familiar chicken egg, and have a tougher shell. They may look daunting, yet Anne from Gales Meadows assures us, "While duck eggs are not twice as big as chicken eggs, one duck egg will provide the nutrients and calories of two chicken eggs, because they are denser. 100 grams (3.5 oz) is roughly equivalent to one duck egg or two chicken eggs." As to the cost, she adds, "duck eggs are a bargain since one duck egg is equivalent to two chicken eggs, but they don't cost twice as much." Nutritionally, duck eggs have more Omega 3 fatty acids, and since all of the eggs you see at Hollywood Farmers Market come from local farms and forage, the duck egg's mineral and omega fatty 3 acid content will be higher than your average store bought chicken egg. For all you bakers out there, start baking with duck eggs! They are richer with more albumen, making all your baked goodies richer and cakes higher and fluffier. The taste of a duck egg is similar to a chicken egg, but more luxurious and rich.


One thing to consider is that duck eggs can be a seasonal product, which, when reflected upon, makes complete sense from a farmers market perspective. Pine Mountain Ranch raises Muscovy ducks, whose eggs are larger than the typical duck egg. However their Muscovy ducks don't lay during the winter months, and Pine Mountain will have duck eggs for just a few more months, so please swing by their booth and pay them a visit!


Ducks, like most poultry, play an important role in local farm ecosystems. They forage, feed on slugs and follow larger animals, cleaning up pests and as a result, their droppings are nitrogen rich and fertilize the soil. Boondockers Farm raises Holderread Ancona and Saxony ducks. Anconas are known to forage better, and their diet is enhanced by a custom organic feed with no corn, no GMOs, and no animal products. From the start, the ducklings are encouraged to socialize and as a result, are happier and produce more eggs. I visited Boondockers Farm recently, and I can tell you the eggs are lovingly washed and packed, not by a machine, but by farm hands.


So there you have it. The duck egg, demystified. This week, expand your horizons, visit these lovely farmers at their booths and start incorporating duck eggs into your meals and baking!

Market Photos
At the Market


Caroline Oakley


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Featured Products
July 13, 2013
pie cherries  
Pie Cherries
Peak Forest Fruit
Get here early this week for your pie cherries. Sweet, sour, delicate and going fast! These make wonderful pies, tarts, cobblers and have a short season. In addition, Peak Forest will also offer your other cherry varietals such as Rainiers and Bings. 

Big Beets
Big B Farm
With a staff that makes you feel like a member of the family, it's hard to say no to the biggest beets you have ever seen. They are so large they can be cut into "steaks", blanched and seared off for a deep earth flavor that eats possibly better than a steak on these hot summer days.

Ken & June's Hazelnuts/
Melcher Family Farm
A true Oregon staple - hazelnuts. Get your roasted and salted or unsalted nuts here. They're great toasted on salads, eaten with fruit and cheese or used to make pie crusts. This can be a delicious substitute in gluten free recipes.

Pinot Gris
Laurel Ridge Winery
This week we see a wonderful addition to the already well rounded selection. The newest release is the 2012 Lujon, a true Willamette Valley pinot gris. Looking ahead to other market offerings like apples and pears to pair with, the release comes at a great time. A must on your market travels to stop, taste and ask some questions.

Dancing Light Ranch
Just starting their season at the market, Dancing Light Ranch offers a creative variety of lavender products such as lavender salt, essential oils and salves. Look out this week for an additional variety of bundle, corbett croso. The lavender salt is a really gem and can be used to season everything from fish to sweets.
Lloyd Farmers Market
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www.lloydfarmersmarket.com for more information or to sign up for weekly updates.
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