June 6, 2013
Vol 7, Issue 15
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Market Updates
Thompson Farms starts the market this week!  This year, they'll be just across the row from last year's space, sharing a corner with Olympic Provisions.  This is just a small move but be sure not to miss them!

Also in the market this week, you'll find the Better Bean Company, Captured By Porches, Hot Mama Salsa, Masala Pop, Pacific Northwest Kale Chips and Reverend Nat's Hard Cider.  2 Fruits will be absent this week.  They will be back next week with their refreshing juices and smoothies.  Dragonfly Forge, our knife sharpener,  will be back next week and so will Persephone Farm! Also, this is the last week for Old House Dahlias, so be sure to get your dahlia bulbs. 

See you at the market!  
Vendor Profile - Ole World Oils
by Erin Houlihan, HFM volunteer
We have a new vendor in our HFM Family! Ole World Oils is a family business based out of Eastern Washington committed to selling a healthy, sustainable product. They are currently the 5th generation of land stewards who are committed to improving the ecology of the land by diversifying the crop mix. No chemicals or pesticides are used in the production of the crop. I asked for a bit of history on the oil and also what makes their oils so unique? Here's what they said:

Camelina is an Ole World Oil Seed that was used 3500 years ago, before early Roman times. From the times of the Roman Empire to World War II, camelina oil was an "everyday" oil, especially in Germany, Scandinavia and Russia. Because margarine cannot be easily made from camelina oil it became somewhat of a forgotten oil crop.  With Camelina Gold, our family does everything from start to finish. We've farmed for over 100 years outside of Ritzville, Washington. The camelina oil process includes planting the seed, harvesting it, cold pressing it, bottling it, and then finally marketing our oil through farmers markets and natural food stores.

Our camelina oil is unique in that it is raw, naturally filtered, contains 101 % of the daily recommended allowance per tablespoon for Vitamin E, sustains a very long shelf life of 2 years, and has a high heat tolerance of up to 475 degrees. Our oil has been tested at the University of Idaho at 35% omega 3's, which makes it important because our diets are lacking in omega 3's today. It has an omega 3 (35%)to omega 6 (18%) ratio of 2:1. A great alternative to fish oil supplements!

What are the different uses for camelina oil?

Camelina oil is a great tasting, healthy and useful alternative to olive oil. It can be used to replace any oil in a recipe that you would normally use. With the high smoke point, it's best for stir frying, browning meat and tofu nicely, roasting veggies such as asparagus on the grill or in the oven, in a salad dressing - or just by itself as a dressing since the oil is in the mustard/broccoli family. It's also great for roasting almonds in the oven or adding to your smoothies and drinks to get omega 3's in your diet. The oil can also be applied directly on the skin for a lotion since it has so much vitamin E. We have some companies on the coast that put it in their cosmetics.

What's in the works for your company down the road?

Curt is a retired agriculture teacher and current farmer, son Travis, a Senior Economist who studied the oil for a company, and Tyler, who is a field man who does test plots with camelina. They all have been busy promoting the oil in their area and expertise. There was a recent phone call with the FDA to get a GRAS certification with the oil so that we could add our oil to other products.

Stop by and sample some delicious oil, and welcome Ole World Oils to our market this Saturday!
Lloyd Farmers Market
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Featured Products
June 8, 2013
Peak Forest Fruit has a bounty of wild edible treats. Highlighted this week are the foraged porcinis and black morels. The staff here are knowledgeable and even willing to mention what area they found these earthy delicacies in. The porcinis hold up well on the grill or simply pan roasted with olive oil, salt and a few fresh herbs. They have a wonderfully deep woodsy and almost meaty taste.

Sylvan Valley Acres offers several different varieties of tomatoes, grown without the use of pesticides and never refrigerated after harvesting. This prevents the tomato from developing a grainy mouth feel and allows them to ripen naturally. Try experimenting with their green tomatoes, they pickle quite nicely.

Quinoa Bagels
Gabriel's Bakery is a small wholesale and farmers market bakery committed to using sustainable grains and preserving the integrity of providing quality baked goods. Gabriel's offers freshly made bagels using some unique ingredients like quinoa and sweet potato.

Old House Dahlias offers over 200 varieties of beautiful bright dahlias, grown in genuine Portland dirt. Dahlias can be planted May 1st through mid June and if kept properly will bloom throughout the year. This will be Old House Dahlias' last week in the market, so come on down and get your bulbs!

Seascape Strawberries
Happy Harvest Farm has happy berries! This week they are offering "Seascape" strawberries. Small and as sweet as can be. Look out this week for tulameen red raspberries as well.
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