May 23, 2013
Vol 7, Issue 13
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Market Updates
It's Memorial Day weekend and we have all the fixin's to make your favorite picnic foods!

This week we welcome Big B Farm, Laurel Ridge Winery and Unger Farms back to the market!  Dragonfly Forge is also back in the market this week.  Bring your knives and gardening tools! Mocha Roma Coffee will be out of the market this week.  You can still get your french pressed coffee from Nossa Familia but be sure to get your espresso drinks before you come
to the market. THINK Unique will also be absent this week, but Boondockers Farm, Gales Meadow Farm, Glass Jade Nursery and Sun Gold Farm will have plenty of plants and seeds for your home garden.   

Speaking of home gardens, did you know that you can use your
SNAP benefits to buy vegetable plants?  Just stop by the Information Booth to get your tokens and make those dollars grow! 

Market Tours: Do you want the inside scoop about the Hollywood Farmers Market?  Come join us on one of our new weekly Market Tours!  The tours are free and there's no need to sign up ahead of time.  Just come by the Information Booth at 11am and join in to learn the history of the market, tips about what to ask your farmer, about unique products in the market and more.  We also offer themed group tours for groups of 5 or more.  Let us know if your group is interested and we can set you up. 
Sprouting Stories: Our new kids program starts in just over one month!  Sprouting Stories is a program for kids of all ages (although some may need a little help).  Participating kids will get a special market activity journal and be asked to complete one activity each week.  When you complete 10 activities, you can hand in the book for a $5 market token!  Stop by the Information Booth to see a sample of the booklet and get more information. 

See you at the market!  
Vendor Profile - 2 Fruits
by Erin Houlihan, HFM volunteer
2 Fruits exemplifies the true spirit of the Hollywood Farmer's Market. Their juices use produce made available by the farmers at the market as well as surrounding farmland. I decided to "dig a little deeper" and find out more about these two women and their amazing business! 

Share your 2 Fruits mission with us...

Our mission as 2 Fruits is a dedication to connecting with local farmers to produce the
freshest juices and smoothies, providing customers with the mouthwatering flavors of the Pacific Northwest's bountiful harvest.

What makes you stand out from all the other juice slingers out there?

Here at 2 Fruits we don't just sling drinks and we aren't the year round strawberry banana shop either. Our menu goes through changes based on the availability of ingredients here in the greater Portland area and its surrounding farmlands. We work closely with the farmers at the Hollywood Farmers Market and other local grocers to provide to highest quality of product to our customers. We care about our ingredients, down to the nutrient content (not to mention flavor profile and visual appeal) and we love sharing this information with our customers. We are 2 Fruits...we don't just sell "good for you stuff", we consider our beverages as "elixirs" with multivitamin high potency gold star super nutrition.

What inspires your creations? How do you both collaborate in creating flavors?

When we sit down to create our menu there is a lot to plan and consider. We each have different points of inspiration and motivation. In Amber's words, "I personally like to dissect vitamins and minerals for health purposes and then string fruit and vegetables around that; pairing content with food." My thought, "I LOVE juice. My inspiration comes from personal cravings and favorite foods. Sometimes I'm inspired by a salad, other times decadent desserts and when I'm in an amazing mood I get REALLY hungry and creative."

What does it take to run a small business like this?

Our journey into the Hollywood Farmers Market can be described as a marathon...a year long marathon full of challenges and accomplishments. We fund it, build it and run it. The calluses, cuts, stress, sleep deprivation are all normal routine. We pushed to make deadlines with only minutes to spare and some we didn't make and had to pay the toll. The easy part...the idea, inspiration and dedication.

Please look into this crystal ball and tell us your future!

The future of 2 Fruits is...the future, and we don't want to spoil the surprises. Just keep your eye out the next time you're on Facebook and Kickstarter.
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Featured Product
Special BBQ edition of Featured Produce - get everything you need at the farmers market for a great Memorial Day BBQ!

Zucchini and Squash Flowers
Winter Green Farm
Summer squash is already here! Pick up some zucchini for the grill, and while you're at it how about squash flowers stuffed with cheese and herbs?

Lamb Sausage
Deck Family Farm
Deck Family Farm's lamb sausage will be on special this Saturday for $8.50 a pack. This season's lamb sausage is a Rosemary and Sun-dried Tomato recipe that highlights the natural flavors of the lamb. They've enjoyed mixing it in with spaghetti squash and a hearty tomato sauce, but they're just as tasty from the grill!

Sweet Leaf Farm
You know it's barbecue season when the intoxicating scent of fresh basil wafts through the market! Pick up some this week for pesto or panzanella, to toss with your grilling veggies or layer on a grilled sandwich.

Yogurt Cheese Spreads
Willapa Hills Farmstead
Willapa Hills has six rotating flavors of yogurt cheese, from savory herb to sweet honey. They make great, quick, delicious hors d'ouevres with a fresh tangy flavor!

Garlic Scapes & Shallot Buds
Gales Meadow Farm
Scapes/buds are the flowering stems of the garlic plant and its relatives. They stand up well to heat - perfect for grilling either plain (like asparagus) or with other vegetables in a marinade. For a special touch, blend into pesto.
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Lloyd Farmers Market
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