Tips and information for effective public relations - Summer 2013   

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Name Dropping

 Here's a sampling of what's going on with our clients and staff:

Congratulations! Wisconsin Department of Transportation Secretary Mark Gottlieb, elected officials, community leaders and project team members celebrated the start of reconstruction on I-39/90 with a groundbreaking ceremony on June 13th. The groundbreaking took place at the interchange of I-39/90 and Hwy 11 (Racine Street) in Janesville, the first of 11 interchanges that will be reconstructed as part of the nine year project. The overall project is approximately 45 miles in length extending from the Wisconsin/Illinois border to just south of Madison. 


Thousands were in attendance to celebrate the grand opening of Cabela's in Green Bay. The new store received significant media attention during construction as residents throughout Northeast Wisconsin and Upper Michigan grew anxious to see inside the 100,000 sq. ft. store dedicated to all things outdoors. L&F helped coordinate media coverage prior to and during the opening.


The sky's the limit at Austin Straubel International Airport these days. Delta Airlines recently began offering daily nonstop service to Atlanta and the response has been outstanding. In addition, MetJet just announced weekly flights to Cancun starting this December.


Brown County United Way

recently held its first "Day of Action" with 19 community projects taking place ranging from food drives to distribution of bus tokens to a young girl's lemonade stand which raised money for the local women's shelter. At Leonard & Finco, we held a building wide food drive for a local food pantry.


You know football season is almost here when the Green Bay Packers hold their Annual Shareholder's meeting and Packers Training Camp, sponsored by Bellin Health, gets underway. L&F is proud to represent both of these great organizations!


Pioneer Credit Union and Capital Credit Union plan to merge in 2014 to strengthen assets and influence. These two organizations are coming together to better serve their memberships. There will be a total of 25 offices located from Oshkosh to Sturgeon Bay.


The St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce recently featured, "Hurricane Season is Upon Us - Tips to Keep Your Information Safe" from Stevens & Stevens Business Records Management


Congratulations to the Menominee Indian School District's Scholarship Gala that raised $17,000 for the district's scholarship fund, making the first time event a huge success. The gala, sponsored by Menominee Tribal Enterprises and the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin, featured live music, dinner, bucket raffles and silent and live auctions.


The Port of Green Bay and Leonard & Finco were honored with an Award of Excellence from the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) 2013 Communications Award program. The award recognized the development and implementation of the Port's 2012 communication plan.


Signature Select will be hosting EAA's B-17 Aluminum Overcast July 23-24. Jet Air is one of 40 stops the historic aircraft will make in 2013.


The Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary re-opened the updated wolf exhibit with a total of five new wolf pups! Two pups are already using the outdoor exhibit while the other three are still going through a transition period and will be joining them soon!

3 Tips to Creating Quality Content


Setting up a social media account is the easy part. Coming up with quality content that will attract an audience can be a bit contenttrickier. But you don't need to take a hit or miss approach to content. Learning a few tips can help make the job easier. Here are some ideas to get you started:


1. Know who your audience is.

You invest so much time initially to set up your Facebook account, importing photos and writing your company bio that it's easy to forget that the page really isn't for you. It's for your audience. To write content that will get noticed, you need to put yourself in the seat of the person you want to attract. What do they want to read or see?


2. Focus on the 80/20 rule.

This is a simple thing to remember when it comes to generating content. Basically, it means that 80 percent of your content should focus on industry related topics, breaking news that impacts the industry, etc. while 20 percent of social media posts should focus on the company and talking about yourself. Posting solely about a company product or service over and over isn't going to gain an audience (in fact it might cause you to lose some people). You need to share information that your audience finds worthwhile and useful.


3. Simply put, engage.

Being connected through social media means your audience will expect a quick and accurate response to questions and comments. Responding to posts creates a dialogue and gives your audience a sense of community. Get your audience talking by posting relevant articles and ask questions that require more than a yes or no answer. And most importantly, spend just as much, if not more time listening. Your audience will tell you what they're interested in.


Taking time to apply these simple tips can help you with writing content from the point of view of your audience and put you on the path to success.


The Lessons of Leadership


Ask 100 people what leadership means or what it looks like and you'll most likely get 100 different answers. But, even with differing answers, there are some common themes that occur time after time. At Leonard & Finco, our clients expect us to be leaders when it comes to the services we provide. So what does that mean?


Having a vision.

The old saying, "if you don't know where you're going, you'll never get there" is true. Your PR efforts, be they community outreach, media relations, issues management or crisis management, all require a strategic vision and plan.


Be excited. Be passionate.

We're enthused about our client's businesses, successes and even their challenges because we believe in what they do and in their leadership. Attitudes are contagious.


Dealing with problems and challenges head on. 

As much as you may hope the problem will go away or fix itself; it rarely does. As a PR team that specializes in crisis management we can assure you that a problem only gets worse if you ignore it.


Understanding the realities of a situation. 

This is the companion statement for the previous item. In PR, you need a firm grasp of reality and how it might impact your business and your clients' businesses. 


Constantly learn. 

If you aren't learning, you aren't living! Don't chase every bright shiny object or trend du jour; but be aware of what's new and what you need to learn. We view learning as part of our responsibility to our clients.


Understand that not everyone is just like you. 

There can be a tendency for company leaders to think everyone thinks like them. It is part of our job to make sure company leadership understands and embraces the differences among team members and customers or target audiences.


Being a leader, whether it's of a team, a company or in providing services is an ever-evolving process. 

That's what makes it fun and exciting. We appreciate all of our clients who turn to us for assistance and leadership in the PR world! 

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