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Volume 12, Number 10

 October 2016 

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Interesting Domestic and International Articles Discussing the Environment, Energy Efficiency and Water Conservation

Upcoming HHW/E-Waste Collection Events


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Did You Know?

Most of the electricity in the United States is produced using steam turbines.

Message From the Executive Director of SBCCOG

With October comes cooler weather, turning lights on earlier, and driving up energy usage. This change could lead to larger utility bills. You can take actions to reduce your energy use such as unplugging all the "phantom" energy users around the house. You can discover them by turning off the lights and looking for all those little red lights that mean you are using energy even if an appliance or charger is not being used. See other articles in this month's newsletter about having your home working smarter not harder with regard to saving energy. 

 And have a great Halloween!

Jacki Bacharach
Energy Upgrade California
Make Your Home Work Smarter, Not Harder

South Bay Cities Council of Governments through its
Environmental Services Center is providing information to make your home run smarter, not harder. Having a smart home is about getting the most out of your home. Energy Upgrade California® can help you and your home work together to get smart on energy savings.

Building Economic Resilience
FREE Financing Workshop for Businesses: Wed., Oct. 26th 

The South Bay Cities Council of Governments, in collaboration with the Los Angeles County Commercial PACE Program, invites you to Building Economic Resilience. This free workshop in Torrance will help you explore financing energy efficiency, water, and renewable energy solutions for your property. Breakout sessions of your choice will be offered, allowing you to customize this workshop to your interests. Industry experts at each session will provide information on local resources and assistance, rebates and incentives, and innovative financing programs. Breakfast will be provided. 

Home Upgrade
A Tale of Attic Insulation and "Chocolate Sprinkles"

We all know that attic insulation helps to even out indoor temperatures in your home and keep out hot or cold unconditioned air. But did you also know that sealing the floor (a.k.a. the plane) between the attic and the living area helps to keep dust, allergens, and the icky "chocolate sprinkles" left by critters out of the air you breathe? (Eeew!)

Fast facts:
  • Helps with uneven temperatures and indoor air quality
  • Proper installation matters. Choose R-38 or higher insulation materials.
  • One of the best upgrade opportunities to save energy
Been thinking about upgrading your attic insulation and sealing that attic floor? Home Upgrade can provide you statewide rebates and your choice of their trained licensed Participating Contractors. Start saving money and improving your home's efficiency, comfort and resale value. Want to find out more? Just go to

Upcoming Workshop Power of Waste: Renewable Natural Gas for California - Thurs., Oct. 27th
This full-day workshop, co-hosted by SoCalGas® and Energy Vision, will discuss renewable natural gas (RNG) and its critical role in enabling California to achieve its greenhouse gas reduction goals. Don't miss your chance to learn from and interact with many of the industry's leading experts.

Southern California EdisonSCE  
Making Vision a Reality
Within ten years, about 1.5 million Southern California Edison customers will likely be connected to clean energy technologies such as rooftop solar, onsite energy storage, electric vehicles and energy management systems.
Sign Up for Green Power

Renewable energy, or Green Power, is electricity produced from clean, sustainable energy sources such as the wind, water, and the sun. Some examples of the renewable technology include wind turbines, small hydroelectric turbines, and photovoltaic (solar) cells. 

Travel Pal
Looking for a Stress-Free Carpool to Work?

Not only is Travel Pal a great tool for understanding your Personal Mobility Patterns - where you go and how you get there - (driving alone, bicycling, walking or taking the bus), it's also a fantastic way to find a carpool match for your trips to and from work. As more and more people sign up to become Travel Pal Pals the opportunities to find a carpool match increase.

Sanitation Districts of LA County
Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County
The 17-acre Bixby Marshland, located near the intersection of Figueroa and Sepulveda in the City of Carson, was restored by the Sanitation Districts in 2009. This marshland is a unique habitat located in an urban setting. We are open for free tours on the first Saturday of every month from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. Sanitation Districts also schedule tours for groups by appointment. For more information, or to set up a tour, contact them at (562) 908-4288, ext. 2301. 

West Basin Municipal Water DWest Basinistrict 
Upcoming Rain Barrel Distribution Events

West Basin is scheduling rain barrel distribution events in the South Bay this Fall. Participants must reside in West Basin's service area to participate and may receive up to 2 FREE rain barrels (depending on supply available). Visit our website to register for the event location most convenient for you.  
City of Torrance 
City of Torrance
Rain Barrel Distribution - Sat., Nov. 5th
If you are a Torrance resident, get a FREE rain barrel to help conserve water. The barrels are 55 gallons in capacity and can help recirculate water into your landscape. Learn more about registering for this event here.  

L.A. Metro
The 2024 Los Angeles Summer Olympics bid and Metro
The world is less than a year from learning whether Budapest, Paris or Los Angeles will host the 2024 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. The International Olympic Committee will pick a city next Sept. 13 at their meeting in Lima, Peru.

Los Angeles, of course, has twice hosted the Summer Games in 1932 and 1984. Nearly all of the venues needed for a third Games are in place. The only entirely new one needed is a canoe/kayak course in the Sepulveda Basin.
Read More

Also, learn about other Metro programs such as Vanpool and ExpressLanes.

Volunteer Profile
Kanesha Pompey
I am a 25-year old African American woman born and raised in the South Bay. I love the South Bay! Its cultural diversity has taught me to not only be open- minded and appreciate differences but to also see similarities and the interwoven nature of life. This idea was further ingrained into me during my college years at UC Berkeley. What I gained from my four years as an environmental science major was the knowledge that everything in nature is connected - both human and non-human are affected by each other; it's one of the most important rules of the universe. Because of this knowledge, I believe that no matter what a person does it has to be in service to others and/or the environment in some way. This belief has fueled my passion for a career in environmental science. 

Legislation Corner  
South Bay Cities Council of Governments Supports Three & Opposes Five of the November Ballot State & County Propositions
The South Bay Cities Council of Governments (SBCCOG) Board of Directors, comprised of elected officials from the city governments and the county in the South Bay, voted to support State Propositions 54 and 67 and oppose Propositions 53, 57, 64 and 65 on the November ballot. The Board also supported County Measure A and maintained its opposition to County Measure M. On the remainder of the propositions, they took no position. Please be sure to vote!

The South Bay Regional Broadband Fiber Optic Master Plan
Focus Groups Meeting November 15th & 16th in Torrance

We are reaching out to South Bay community members to participate in regional planning for broadband fiber optic network. Focus groups will be hosted according to the following categories:
  • Education and Youth Services
  • Healthcare and Social Services
  • Manufacturing and Logistics
  • Retail, Services and Small Businesses
  • Startups and Tech Companies
  • Local Government
These focus groups are important for assessing the South Bay's current and future needs and keep the region competitive. If you are interested in participating in one of these focus groups, please see contact information below:

Chris Cagle - [email protected]
More information at

South Bay in the News 
South Bay Economic Forecast Conference: Thurs., Oct., 27th
California State University, Dominguez Hills presents their 2016-17 South Bay Economic Forecast Conference, A Region in Transition: Game Changers. Please see flyer for registration information.

October & November 2016 Events & Workshops 
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