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 Green Building Challenge Newsletter | June 14, 2016

There are currently 147 businesses participating in the Challenge, and our newest members include; Lucky Donuts, Saigon Dish, and  Union Bank Hawthorne. 

Through the Challenge, over 250 activities have been completed, and our staff is available to help those businesses that want to earn additional points! Contact us at or (310) 371-7222 to learn how you can use the Challenge to engage your employees, upgrade existing equipment, and reduce your energy usage

Also, be sure to save the date for the Challenge Awards Breakfast on September 28, 2016 at the Automobile Driving Museum!
Reduce Energy Costs with Solar Water Heating
Keep profits up and energy costs down by choosing a solar water heating system that will boost the efficiency and supply of your existing water heater while reducing utility costs. 

Solar water heating systems can be used not only for tap water, but also for process heating, space heating and cooling, swimming pools, spas, showers, dishwashers, washing machines, boilers,
and much more!

Rebates are available for businesses that choose to install solar water heating systems, and you may also qualify for federal and local tax credits. Find out more by visiting for further information and a directory of qualified, local contractors who can help you start heating water with the sun. Explore energy saving opportunities and earn points for Tenant and Prop ENR-005.
Participant Spotlight: 
Automobile Driving Museum 
The Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo is dedicated to preserving automotive history and educating guests, with a rotating collection of over 130 classic cars and special exhibits. Unique among car museums, their fleet is fueled and ready to drive, and each Sunday they provide rides to visitors.

The Museum is completing a lighting upgrade, installing LEDs that will generate energy savings, and bring improved lighting quality.

Currently, they are showcasing the history of the electric car and the industrial and environmental impacts associated with an electric car future in their new exhibit, "The Electric Car - Fad or Future?" Check it out  to explore the past, present, and possible futures of The Electric Car and earn points for Tenant E&O-006 and Prop E&O-001. Read More. 
Upcoming Events
California's New 2016 
Title 24 Standards
Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Learn about residential and non-residential building envelope, lighting & mechanical requirements affecting residential, commercial and high rise-residential new construction under California's 2016 Title-24 Energy Efficiency Standards scheduled to take effect January 1, 2017.  

Earn points for Tenant E&O-006 and Prop E&O-001. 

Basic Heating, Cooling, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning (HVAC)
Friday, August 26, 2016

Attend this free seminar and learn about residential and commercial basic HVAC systems.  This class will explore how to improve HVAC performance and reduce operating costs without sacrificing comfort.

Earn points for Tenant E&O-006 and Prop E&O-001. 
Easy Ways to Earn Points and Climb the Leaderboard!
  • Invite Colleagues to the Challenge (Tenant E&O-002, Prop E&O-004)
  • Set Water Conservation Goals (Tenant & Prop H2O-000)
  • Connect with Social Media (Tenant E&O-003, Prop E&O-008)
If you have already completed any of these items, let us know by contacting us at so we can help you earn points!
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