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Green Building Challenge Newsletter | Nov 24, 2015
Special Incentive Alert: Holiday Lights Exchange
New participants that sign up NOW for the Green Building Challenge will be eligible to trade up to 5 working strands of old, electricity-guzzling incandescent holiday lights for new sets of energy efficient LED light sets, FREE, while supplies last. Each strand is 33 feet long with 100 lights and would be a festive and cost-effective addition to your business or property! Please call (310) 371-7222 to sign up now and take advantage of this $100+ value while it lasts just for signing up. We will deliver the lights to you!

We are excited to welcome our newest participants: Watson Land, Maki Yaki, Naja's Place, Poblanita Express, Bagels Galore, LEDtronics and 9Round to the Green Building Challenge! 
Green Building Challenge
Participant Spotlight
We are pleased to highlight Green Building Challenge participant Horizon Inc.-Green Hapas. Based in Lawndale, Green Hapas is a supplier of high quality remanufactured toner and inkjet cartridges for businesses. It offers free local empty toner cartridge and e-waste pick up for recycling. 
With a commitment to environmental sustainability, Green Hapas provides this vital service whether a business purchases its products or not. To date, Green Hapas has recycled a total of 25,321 pounds of empty toner cartridges which has prevented this waste from entering our landfills!  The South Bay Cities Council of Governments applauds Green Hapas for its continued efforts and participation in the Green Building Challenge.

Water Conservation
Participants can use the following activities as
tools to engage employees to take action and earn points!
During this unique time of record drought with strong El Nino conditions predicted, it is more important now than ever to conserve water by collecting and re-using rainwater. Using a rain barrel to collect rainwater from gutters and downspouts for watering plants or irrigating gardens reduces the amount of water flowing into our storm drains, sewer systems, and waterways.
  • Residential rain barrel rebates are available through the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California starting at $75 per barrel.  Access the rebates here.
  • Earn points and become a more waterwise gardener by participating in a free California Friendly Landscape Workshop on Saturday, December 12th from 9:00 am to noon at West High School in Torrance. Register here to learn 6 ways to make your garden California Friendly and save money! Employees can attend to earn points for the company (a maximum of 100 points available). Earn points for Tenant E&O-006 and Prop E&O-001. 
Request a water presentation for your next staff meeting and discover how local water agencies are planning for long term drought-resistant water reliability, while earning Challenge points for Tenant E&O-006 and Prop E&O-001!  Learn how water conservation, recycling of water and ocean desalination can play an important role in maintaining a vibrant economy in the South Bay. Contact to learn more. 
Big Announcement Coming Soon!
The highest point earners in the Green Building Challenge for the first quarter of the program will be announced in January! If participants complete outstanding activities by the end of December, the points will be included in this count! If you have any questions or would like guidance in completing GBC activities, please call (310) 371-7222 or send an email to

Earn easy points to get started!
Just getting started with the Challenge? Here are a few easy ways to earn points and start climbing the leader board! 
  • Encourage your employees to install free aerators at home (Tenant H2O-004, Prop H2o-003)
  • Invite Colleagues to the Challenge (Tenant E&O-002, Prop E&O-004)
  • Set Water Conservation Goals (Tenant & Prop H2O-000)
  • Connect with Social Media (Tenant E&O-003, Prop E&O-008)
Questions? Contact us at 
Interested in a training or workshop for your company? Contact us at
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