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Volume 10, Number 3

 March 2014 

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Did You Know?

  • Letting your faucet run for 5 minutes uses as much energy as leaving a 60-watt light bulb on for 14 hours.
  • Shorter showers (5 minutes or less) can save up to 700 gallons of water a month.

Message From the Executive Director of SBCCOG


As March ushers in a new season, we can consider what needs to go and what can stay when we begin "spring cleaning". However, this is not an excuse to just throw things away or simply trash possessions that we no longer can find a use for.  Determine if these items can be recycled, repurposed or redistributed before deciding that they are ripe for the waste bin. For those products that are at the end of their useful life, make sure to dispose of them in the proper way and at the right place (see Sanitation Districts of L.A. County's Hazardous & E-Waste Collection Program). This way of thinking not only gets the job done but also can provide benefits to others less fortunate and to the community as a whole.


And, considering how dry our rainy season has been, every drop we get is as important as ever. Recapture the spirit of spring by reading the articles in this month's newsletter.  Be sure to check out the showcase on rain barrels and how they combat the impacts of drought.  


Jacki Bacharach
Executive Director
South Bay Cities Council of Governments


Southern California Gas CompanyThe Gas Company

Upcoming Seminar Schedule


Sign up for one of many courses offered in the second quarter of 2014, tackling sustainability, HVAC and industrial topics. All courses are hosted at SoCal Gas' Energy Resource Center in Downey and are FREE to their customers.  

See Full Course Catalog Here


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Southern California EdisonSCE  

Enroll Now for SCE's Summer Discount Program


Save up to $200 without interrupting your fun.


It's almost time for summer to start heating up even more.  Good thing saving up to $200 on your electric bill is a breeze.  Simply enroll in SCE's Summer Discount Plan so they can get the savings started., while you hit the pool, catch a sunset, or just take in a movie at home with friends.  It's summer as usual, with added savings.


The Summer Discount Plan works with you.


When you sign up, SCE simply installs a remote-controlled device on or near your A/C unit.  On days when Southern California really needs to conserve energy, SCE may use the device to temporarily turn off or cycle your A/C, depending on the option you choose.  If your A/C unit is located on the ground, SCE also offers an "override" option that gives you the flexibility to opt out of energy events at the touch of a button, should you ever need a bit more comfort.


It's a breeze to enroll.


Jump start your summer savings in one of two ways:

  1. Visit to enroll online.
  2. Call SCE at 1-800-497-2813, Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., or Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Still have questions?  Find your answers here.


Get Enlightened


Upgrading your lighting is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to reduce your energy use. Learn more about LEDs, CFLs, and other ways to save on lighting.
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L.A. Metro
Metro Wants Your Feedback on Metro ExpressLanes


The Metro ExpressLanes is a one-year pilot program designed to alleviate congestion and provide new and better travel options on two of LA County's busiest freeways. February 2014 marked the Program's one year anniversary and Metro is seeking your input.


Please make your voice heard by attending one of the following Public Hearings. Content presented at each of the meetings will be identical. Free parking is available on site at each location.

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Vanpool - Commuter Benefits 

If you are interested in saving money, you'll find it worth the time to take a closer look at Commuter Benefits.


Commuter Benefits make commute alternatives more economical for you, often without any additional cost to your employer. If you ride transit or join a vanpool, you may be able to take advantage of the tax-free benefit associated with Commuter Benefits. Not only will you take home more of your paycheck, but you'll save money on your vehicle's operating costs. It'll feel like you're getting a raise.

To find out if your company offers pre-tax dollars for Commuter Benefits programs, contact your Employee Transportation Coordinator or your Human Resources Manager. For more information on Commuter Benefits, have your employer contact Metro.


Employer Information: Federal IRS tax code 132 (f), has tax breaks available for subsidizing transit and vanpooling for your employees. In addition, your employees may benefit when they set aside pre-tax dollars for certain transit or vanpool expenses.

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Sanitation Districts of LA County

Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County

Would You Like a Speaker for Your Next Meeting or Event?


The Sanitation Districts' Speakers Bureau provides speakers, at no cost, to come to your organization, business, or school and give presentations on the agency and the issues they face. Their most popular presentation is an overview of the Sanitation Districts, but they also provide more specific presentations on wastewater, solid waste, and energy recovery programs as well as other topics. 

To schedule a presentation, please use this form


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West Basin Municipal Water DWest Basinistrict 
Rainwater Rescue-Free Rain Barrel Program


Catch the rain and water savings in this drought year with a FREE rain barrel. West Basin has implemented a new program for residents to use water efficiently and make sure that every drop counts. Collecting and reusing rain water reduces the amount of water flowing into storm drains, sewers and local waterways. For more details and to register to receive your free rain barrel, call South Bay Environmental Services Center at 310-371-4633. Click here for more program details.


South Bay Green Business
Rain Goddess - San Pedro
The saying "it never rains in California" appears to be true. Gov. Jerry Brown officially declared a drought emergency for the state. For the past several years we have been seeing less and less rainfall. Los Angeles has only received 3.6 inches so far this season, which is more than 10 inches below our annual rainfall average of 14.91 inches. The State is the driest it has been in recorded history, so what can we do to conserve water?

While none of us has the ability to make it rain, we can help to preserve some of the rainfall when the rains return. Think about it, the majority of all rainfall (fresh water) falling onto urbanized areas is lost. Instead of reaching the soil and naturally infiltrating and replenishing ground water and fresh water supplies, the majority of rainwater hits paved surfaces and becomes contaminated stormwater runoff. The natural rainwater cycle has been interrupted, rainwater that should be replenishing our freshwater supplies is now contaminated with pollutants found on our city streets. Contaminated stormwater and is carried through the storm drain system and ultimately discharged to our local lakes, rivers and ocean.

There are more than 3 million households in Los Angeles County alone, with an average of 1800 square feet of roof area. During a ¼ inch (very small) rain event, an 1800 square foot roof will produce more than 280 gallons of rainwater runoff.

3 million homes x 280 gallons (rainfall) = 840,000,000 gallons of water lost

If half of the households in Los Angeles County saved just 60 gallons of water in a rain barrel more than 90,000,000 gallons of water could be saved.

City of Torrance 
City of Torrance

TorranceVotes.Org is Now LIVE 


In conjunction with the June 3, 2014 election, TorranceVotes.Org was created to empower the voter and to provide each person the ability to frame their own questions based on their own values. The website hopes to challenge you, the voter, to make a more informed decision based on your observations and values.  If you have relied on others in the past, this website invites you to step inside to learn more. 

Legislation Corner 

EPA Finalizes Fuel and Car Standards
On March 3rd, the EPA finalized emission standards for cars and gasoline to cut volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides by 80 percent, establishing a 70 percent tighter particulate matter standard and virtually eliminating fuel vapor emissions. These standards will also reduce vehicle emissions of toxic air pollutants, such as benzene by up to 30 percent.

Cities in the News 
Rancho Palos Verdes Document Shredding & E-Waste Roundup Event (Plus FREE Mulch Giveaway)


EDCO Waste and the City of RPV are sponsoring a free document/paper shredding event on Saturday, April 26, 2014 from 9 a.m. to noon at the RPV Civic Center (City Hall) Parking lot located at 30940 Hawthorne Boulevard. RPV residents can safely dispose of personal documents since the documents will be shredded by a certified shredding company on-site. Maximum 3 bankers boxes per household. Electronics waste will also be collected at the same time and place. Additionally, free mulch will also be available to residents (while supplies last).


EDCO's Spring 2014 City-Wide Brush Clearing Event 


EDCO's spring brush clearing event is coming up soon. The goal of the event is to assist homeowners' dispose of (free of charge) excess brush, shrubs, hedges, tree branches, and bushes in order to comply with the Fire Marshal rules. The event starts on April 5th for five Saturdays, each week concentrating on a different area in RPV depending on that area's regular collection day.


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March 2014 Events & Workshops 
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