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September 2008
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This month we are proud to announce our partnership with ASHRAE on the renovation of their headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Dynamic Air Quality Solutions was one of roughly two dozen companies that were selected to provide expertise and equipment for the LEED certified project that will be dedicated next month.

Carl Mitchell, Vice-President Sales
The LEED Story
ASHRAE Chooses Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning Systems for Headquarters Renewal Project 
Sustainable buildings ultimately mean preserving resources for future generations.  The design of energy-efficient buildings with sustainable materials now lets us reap benefits for many years to come.  These were determining factors for the engineers in choosing Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning Systems for the ASHRAE Headquarters Renewal Project.
In January 2006, rather than buying or leasing a new facility, the ASHRAE Board of Directors decided to go with a comprehensive renovation of the existing 31,000sf Atlanta headquarters building that was constructed in 1965.  Some of the key project requirements related to IEQ included:
· Operation and maintenance needs, featuring an easily maintainable and secure facility with low utility and maintenance costs.
· Excellent indoor environmental quality requirements that facilitate occupants' productivity by providing a comfortable environment while avoiding design attributes related to poor HVAC system performance, poor space utilization, poor acoustical qualities, and inconsistent interior style.
· ASHRAE's desire to minimize environmental impacts and to achieve LEED® NC 2.2 & LEED® EB Gold Certifications.

To meet these requirements, Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning Systems were used throughout the building.  Twelve Dynamic V8 systems are installed in accessible filter boxes used with ClimateMaster water source heat pumps on the ground floor and 22 are in filter boxes used with Daikin variable refrigerant fan coils on the second level.  An additional Dynamic V8 system was factory-installed in the Trane dedicated outside air system.
For LEED points, Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning Systems must provide a minimum MERV 13 level of filtration.  The Dynamic V8 accomplishes this, and then some, with very low-pressure drop, low energy consumption, and long maintenance cycles.

"This is especially remarkable because MERV is a test for passive filters," according to Carl Mitchell, VP Sales for Dynamic. "MERV tests use carbon dust which short out electronic air cleaners," continued Mitchell, "so the Dynamic V8 system had to pass the MERV test while shorted out. However, typical atmospheric dust is not conductive. When the MERV test is performed without carbon in the loading dust, the Dynamic V8 performs at MERV 16 levels."

On the ASHRAE project, the Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning Systems were sized to the static allowances and size of the various units. Clean pressure drops ranged from .05 to .33.
The equipment chart above shows design cfm and static pressure (clean and dirty)

Dynamic is very proud to be in the ASHRAE Headquarters and ASHRAE has been pleased as well.  "ASHRAE is committed to
making its headquarters a 'living lab' for its members and the HVAC&R industry. Generous donations from companies such as Dynamic Air Quality Solutions, have helped to make this goal a reality," says William A. Harrison, ASHRAE president and chair of the ASHRAE Headquarters Renovation Ad Hoc Committee. "With its sustainability and productivity focus, this project showcases Dynamic Air Quality Solutions commitment to environmental leadership and healthy environments. ASHRAE is grateful for not only their
donation, but their dedication to the technologies we are embracing as part of the renewal."

For complete details about the ASHRAE Renewal Project, including drawings and LEED checklist, click here.
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