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March 2009
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Jet Exhaust No Problem For This Airport
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Dynamic Air Cleaners are often used to remove odors and exhaust fumes from outside ventilation air.  Sometimes it's the exhaust from school buses infiltrating into classrooms. And sometimes it's the exhaust from emergency helicopters infiltrating into hospitals.  This month we look at how Dynamic Air Cleaners are used successfully to control jet exhaust odors infiltrating into airport terminal facilities.

Carl Mitchell, Vice-President Sales
Jet Exhaust No Problem For This Airport
Dynamic Air Cleaners were specified on multiple expansion phases at Victoria International Airport to control the odor of jet exhaust fumes migrating into the building

A recent multi phased $20 million+ major expansion and renovation project for the Victoria Airport Authority included an expansion of an existing baggage claim and customs area, a new two-level hold room, a renovated ticketing and arrivals area, pre-board and retail spaces, and a new baggage handling facility which meet the latest federal security standards. The first of the six phases in the terminal building started in November 2000 and the last phase was completed in 2005.

"There is considerable air traffic at Victoria International," according to Timo Lucas, Trane sales engineer at Trane BC, "in addition to regular passenger service, a lot of helicopters and military aircraft use the airport."
Engineering: Hirschfield Williams Timmins Ltd.
HVAC Equipment: Four Haakon Custom Air Handling Units and one existing Custom Air Handling Unit
Air Cleaning Equipment: Twenty-six Dynamic 2" Tandem Air Cleaners provided through Trane British Columbia

Prior to the project, the airport authority was receiving regular complaints about jet engine exhaust odors in the offices, terminals and baggage claim areas. The first Dynamic Tandem Air Cleaners were installed in the summer of 2001.  According to Mark Williams, President of Hirschfield Williams Timmins Ltd., "The feedback we received was that once the Dynamic filters were retrofitted into the existing air handler, and in the new Phase One units, the jet exhaust odor complaints stopped.  We were originally skeptical, but that was the first indication that the Dynamic Air Cleaners really did perform well."  
The same engineering firm and general contractor were used for all phases but the various phases were put out for bids which resulted in different mechanical contractors in the various phases.  Since both the engineering firm and the client were happy with the filtration system performance after Phase One, they made sure that all air handlers on subsequent phases were provided with Dynamic Air Cleaners.
For more information about the Victoria Airport Authority renovation project, visit www.victoriaairport.com/press-releases and also www.hwt.ca/projects/victoriaairport.html
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