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July 2009
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We all know Dynamic Air Cleaners do a great job of removing particles and odors in small spaces.  So what better place to use them than on an airplane or bus, where you have a large group of people in a confined space?   For almost ten years now, ADO GL, a luxury bus line serving southeastern Mexico has been doing just that.  This month's feature story explains how ADO GL has applied Dynamic Air Cleaners to its fleet of luxury buses to maintain an image of high performance customer service.

Carl Mitchell, Vice-President Sales
Luxury Bus Line Going Places With Dynamic

Since 2000 ADO GL luxury Line has used Dynamic Air Cleaners in their drive to provide permium service

Mexico City, MEX - ADO GL began in 1992 providing luxury bus service between Mexico City and Veracruz with a fleet of forty 40 Mercedes Benz buses that were totally fitted for passenger comfort.  The company has grown steadily over the past 16 years and the ADO GL brand successfully conveys high-performance specialized luxury service.

Today the company serves over fifty destinations covering the entire southeastern part of Mexico and the company enjoys the reputation as the premier provider of service to the Gulf coast.  New Volvo buses feature a large portion of seats with extra leg room and space between seats, men's and ladies restrooms, a self-service beverage galley, flat screen TV monitors that feature new release movies, and of course superior indoor air quality featuring state-of-the-art Dynamic Air Cleaners.

"ADO GL approached Carrier Transicold back in 2000 with the issue of air quality.  Carrier Transicold was familiar with Dynamic Air Cleaners and believed Dynamic would be right for the application," says Eric Hernandez who represents Dynamic Air Quality Solutions in Mexico.

Each bus uses two custom sized one-inch polarized media electronic air cleaners.  They fit into compartments above the ceiling and are optimized for running on 12V power. 

According to Eric, "ADO GL has used superior air quality to differentiate the company from competition.  They want to position themselves as the company with the best features and highest quality.  They really like the way that Dynamic Air Cleaners control odors."

For more information about ADO GL, the luxury bus line from Grupo ADO visit http://www.adogl.com.mx 
New Representative in Manitoba

Dynamic Air Quality Solutions is pleased to announce that PRAIRIE HVAC Inc. is our newly appointed manufacturer's representative handling the commercial market in the Canadian province of Manitoba. The experienced mechanical sales staff at Prairie HVAC has a solid background in HVAC systems and strong contacts in the mechanical engineering community.  Prairie HVAC works with building owners, mechanical engineers, and contractors to optimize energy savings with innovative products like Dynamic Air Cleaners. For more information, visit www.prairiehvac.com or contact:

Paul Amsler, AScT - Director of Sales
Email: paul@prairiehvac.com
Tel:  1-204-257-4822
Fax:  1-204-256-6101

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