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March 2015   
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You may have noticed that the look of our commercial website changed recently. In February, we took the opportunity to update our website software with the latest features and security protocols. Although we kept the basic functionality the same, we have upgraded the look and feel. This month we examine the first thing you see when you visit our commercial site - the Energy Savings Counter. We hope you'll take a few minutes to explore our new website and if you have comments, please pass them our way.  


Mark Montesanto, Executive Vice President - Sales





If you've been on our website, you've seen this counter on the commercial homepage. But did you know what it means and how it is calculated?


While Dynamic Air Cleaners can reduce maintenance costs nicely, by far the biggest savings are in the form of energy. Studies show that in general, 90% of the cost of filtration is energy and not the cost of the filter. That is, the primary cost of filtration is the energy required to push air through the filter. With low static pressure and the flattest loading curve in the industry, Dynamic Air Cleaners save significant fan energy and brake horsepower. For example, a MERV 14 passive filter with a MERV 8 pre-filter consumes 3 times more energy than a Dynamic V8. Further, Dynamic Air Cleaners can help implement the IAQ Procedure of ASHRAE 62 to result in more cleaned air and less outdoor air. This saves the energy it takes to heat, cool, dehumidify and clean the outdoor air.


So what does counter measure? Started in 2009, it measures the cumulative savings from reduced fan energy and reduced outdoor air compared to base case operation. In virtually all commercial jobs, we have computed the savings and payback as part of the applications engineering. Operation with Dynamic Air Cleaners is compared to passive filtration and/or the use of the Ventilation Rate Procedure. This information is the basis for the savings numbers in the counter. While the energy cost for each job may vary anywhere from $0.06 to $0.28/kWh, we assume a conservative $0.11/kWh in the calculator.


The savings are expressed in U.S. dollars, KWH, and metric tons of carbon dioxide. Each month we update the savings with new installations.


We are extremely proud that our Air Cleaners have saved our customers over $31 Million in energy-and counting!


If you've been on our website, you've seen this counter on the commercial homepage. But did you know what it means and how it is calculated?


Take a minute to check out these other new features on our commercial website: 

  • FIND A REP - our new rep locator enables users to search by state or province (or country) for the reps in their immediate area.
  • Core Competencies - focuses on our three main product advantages of "Cleaning the Air", "Saving Energy", and "Reducing Maintenance".
  • Past Newsletters - the main center column of the website features content from one of our past newsletters.
  • Product Line - New information has been added on our 75VA, 100VA and 300VA control panels.
  • Market Solutions - New verticals, including "Agriculture" and "Museums".
  • Awards - This new section under "About Us" speaks to several awards garnered by Dynamic V8 and Dynamic V8-SL Air Cleaning Systems.
  • Under Training & CEUs, you will see that our course Economics of Indoor Air has been accredited by the Practicing Institute of Engineering for 1.5 professional development hours (PDHs).
  • Updated artwork and images are available to Registered Users.


DynamicAQS.com has a wealth of information for Engineers


Registered users at www.DynamicAQS.com/commercial/ have access to additional detailed information such as Dynamic Air Cleaner submittals and specifications. Sign up today! 

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