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September 2013 
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This month we highlight a recent study involving the medical and healthcare segment where IAQ and advanced environmental control strategies are playing a growing role in patient safety. Three key factors make attention to IAQ particularly important in these settings:

1. Patients at risk: Healthcare facilities house many persons with heightened susceptibility to infections, respiratory distress, and other problems associated with air contaminants.

2. Occupant density: Because the density of people in health care settings is relatively high, at risk patients are likely to be in close proximity to infectious individuals.

3. Aging systems: Many hospitals are aging and ventilation systems are in need of updating.

Carl Mitchell, Vice-President Sales

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Study puts hospital infection price tag at $9.8 billion annually




Research released recently by JAMA Internal Medicine that reported that hospital acquired infections cost $9.8 billion annually, has received an enormous amount of attention in an era where health care cost savings is perpetually in the news.

Read the article here

Dynamic offers a variety of healthcare solutions that address the increasingly important IAQ and advanced environmental control strategies that impact patient safety, while reducing operating costs over other air filtration systems. 

With the added benefit of potential reduction of nosocomial events, Dynamic can provide:

* MERV 15+ filtration with reduced maintenance schedules and lower static pressure drops for outside air ventilation systems.  Meets CA seismic requirements (OSP 0269-10);
* Prefilter systems with low static pressure drop and optional pathogen inactivation with our Sterile Sweep™ UV-C system (subject to local code requirements);
* Custom solutions for specific contaminant control, including spot pathogen inactivation for additional infectious disease control, offering additional protection to both patients and care-givers;
* Both new design and retrofit capabilities.

For case studies and more information about how Dynamic Air Quality Solutions can improve air quality in medical and healthcare settings click here.


Companies renovating, not building

Upgrades seen as less risky


As you likely know, many American businesses are choosing to save money by renovating existing buildings instead of constructing new ones, signaling that caution persists even as the economic recovery enters its fifth year.  Amid sluggish demand, energy-efficient upgrades -- such as replacing lighting or HVAC systems -- offer both cost savings and potential tax breaks for companies. 

Read the full story here.



Reminder, the Dynamic V8 is seismic certified


Disaster proofing a facility involves a wide range of preventative measures.  The Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System has passed rigid Special Seismic Certification requirements from the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) through 12/31/2016.  

Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System Earthquake Simulation
Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System
Earthquake Simulation

In the video, the Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System is tested on a triaxial seismic table which can shake a 10,000 lb load up to 18 G force (ZPA) at 200 Hz. These tests are performed by Amidyne Group Inc. to the American QA program 10CFR50 Appendix B, or to the applicable Canadian QA programs (CSA CAN Z299.2, applicable parts of N286.1 and N286.2, and applicable parts of ISO 17025) 



Welcome two new Dynamic reps in Florida


Help us in extending a warm welcome to two new companies representing Dynamic Air Quality Solutions in Florida:

Slade Ross Inc.in Tampa, covering the greater Tampa/Ft.Myers area.

Nelson & Company LLC. covering the Jacksonville, Orlando, Gainesville, and Tallahassee areas.  www.ncjax.com




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Agrion Roundtable
Featuring Marty Cummins on Financing Bundled Energy Efficiency Improvements for Commercial Buildings - October 16, 2013 in NYC.



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