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This month we are pleased to formally introduce a revolutionary line of activated carbon vapor absorbers for industrial applications and critical facilities.  To date, Dynamic Air Quality Solutions has successfully applied this technology on several healthcare and laboratory projects, and the high profile Barnes Foundation Art Gallery in Philadelphia.


Carl Mitchell, Vice-President Sales

[email protected]   

Dynamic and MeadWestVaco Team Up with Activated Carbon Product Line


Introducing Dynamic Versacomb™ Carbon Media








Dynamic Air Quality Solutions has teamed up with MeadWestvaco (MWV) to bring their patented Activated Carbon Matrix to the HVAC market. MWV is a $6.5 billion global leader in paper, packaging and specialty chemicals, providing a myriad of products and services within these industries.  The MWV industrial air cleaning division which maintains a dominant role in paper and pulp mills historically relied on carbon pellet systems. Several years ago, the company developed the Versacomb Carbon Matrix material which increases carbon utilization, requires less space, operates with a very low pressure drop and requires no post filters.  As a result of these advances, Versacomb carbon media can be used today in a variety of applications where carbon filtration was previously not an option.


Today, Dynamic Versacomb carbon media is a perfect solution for a wide range of applications.  In composition, the material is composed of a carbon/ceramic mixture that is extruded and then baked to produce parts a variable number of channels (cells) through which air can pass. The cells per square inch (CPSI) can vary from 16 to 400 although the weight percent of the carbon is kept constant.   



Low static pressure: Pictured above is an up close look into a

2" deep Dynamic Versacomb Carbon Matrix Media Panel

Dynamic Versacomb technology offers advantages over pellet based systems and can be retrofitted into existing pellet cassettes (V-banks) and HVAC units to offer many benefits including:

  • Dramatic reduction in power consumption:
  • Versacomb systems have up to a 60% lower pressure drop, reducing fan horsepower requirements, and saving significant electrical costs.
  • Half the size, and a fraction of the weight of a pellet based system.
  • Versacomb systems have significantly smaller footprints and much lower weights, making installation easier and less costly than traditional pellet systems.
  • Ease of maintenance and reduced operational cost.
  • Versacomb systems make operation and maintenance much easier because they do not require vacuum trucks, pellet handling or confined space entry.
  • Unlike pellet based systems which typically break through after about 66% utilization of the pellet media, properly rotated Versacomb™ systems use 100% of the media as the media modules are replaced over time.


Dynamic Versacomb media is available in several configurations to fit the equipment application: 

  • Size 12 and 18 modules to replace pellet systems.
  • 6' x 6' modules for the Industrial Vapor Adsorber Units.
  • 2" framed modules for standard 2" filter racks or V-Banks. 


Carbon Filtration


Activated carbon has been used for decades to remove gas phase contaminants from air and water.  Charcoal filters even became an integral part of cigarettes.  But "real" carbon filtration (e.g. trays and modules) is very expensive, very messy, and operates with a high static pressure resistance.  Carbon impregnated pleated filters don't last very long.  Carbon service life and efficiency is all about weight and contact time.  A 24" x 24" x 12" carbon impregnated pleated filter with the "highest" level of carbon, contains about 9 lbs. of carbon.  The same size Versacomb module contains about 16 lbs. of carbon.  Versacomb media brings the power of industrial-strength gas phase filtration to commercial and residential applications.


Dynamic Versacomb media is available with different carbon material for different applications. 


The following chart shows the two most common types of Versacomb media and their corresponding effectiveness with typical VOCs:


Dynamic Versacomb media can be used in:

  • Specialty applications: such as museums, hospitals, labs, manufacturing, embassies.
  • Problem applications: such as entrainment of kitchen or engine exhaust fumes
  • General Applications:  cleaning the air of gas phase contaminants in commercial buildings or for reduced outdoor air applications.


As a general rule of thumb, more cells = more air contact = greater single pass removal = higher pressure drop.  It is possible to get very specific answers to very specific application questions (e.g. if there is 220 ppb of H2S, what do we need to do to make it less than 10 ppb?). 


For more details about Dynamic Versacomb technology, contact your Dynamic Sales Manager or call us today at (880) 578-7873.


Dynamic Joins European Chamber of Commerce

Gaining a foothold in high-energy-cost Europe 
 Article by Andrew Kitchenman, NJBIZ


Martin Cummins was looking for opportunities to expand his business in Europe a year ago when he became aware of the European American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey and met Camille Sailer, its president.




"If she's doing this, then I want to be part of it," Cummins said. "We see great growth in Europe because of the U.S. dollar, which makes our products more affordable," adding that the design of his company's patented energy-conserving air filtration systems is beneficial in high-energy-cost Europe.


The West Windsor-based chamber was founded in 2009, but its growth has picked up since Sailer joined in 2011, actively promoting trans-Atlantic ties. It focuses on holding seminars, and while it has only about 50 members, 5,000 companies have participated in its events or received other services from the chamber, Sailer said.


Cummins said those seminars have been essential for networking and improving his understanding of trading with partners in the European Union.


"I really want to meet other companies that are trying to do business over in Europe," Cummins said, noting that pharmaceutical plants are natural customers for his company's products.


"There's just hundreds and hundreds of U.S. pharmaceutical plants throughout the E.U. We think that's the next logical growth for us."


Cummins was part of a trade mission organized by the chamber that visited E.U. headquarters in Brussels, in March. He de-scribed it as "three days like being back in college."


"We learned about the E.U. as a group, versus the individual countries," he said. "We learned what they regulate, like that the E.U. in Brussels sets all of the tariffs that all of the countries have to follow."


Cummins started the company with CEO Duke Wiser, in Princeton, in the 1990s. It now has more than 30 employees in New Jersey, as well as 30 more at a plant it owns in Ontario, in Canada.



 Duke Wiser, left, president, and Martin Cummins, chief operating officer, at Dynamic Air Quality Solutions


Both Cummins and Sailer pointed out that while much attention has been paid in recent years to developing markets like China and India, Europe still represents a larger market for both American goods and for for-eign direct investment in the United States.


"I just think there's an opportunity here for a lot of New Jersey businesses that don't even think about going overseas," Cummins said.


Sailer works on international business development for the biotech trade association BioNJ and other private clients, and is serving as a chamber president on a pro bono basis. She previously served as director of international trade for the New Jersey Economic Development Authority.


"As we acquire more and more momentum, we're anticipating doubling our growth by this time next year, and going for-ward from that," Sailer said.


The organization received a charter in 2009 from the Paris-based European-American Chamber of Commerce to serve as the New Jersey chapter. It later formed a partnership with Rutgers to launch a series of seminars focusing on different industries in Europe. In May, it began a relationship with the European Union delegation in Washington, D.C., which named the organization as its adviser in New Jersey.


The trade mission to Brussels led to the group's next seminar, which will take place Sept. 27 and focus on intellectual property laws in Europe, Sailer said.


"We learned while we were there that the E.U. is moving to an E.U.-wide patent system," she said, adding that the seminar will cover a range of issues, including what kinds of questions New Jersey companies should ask about seeking patents in Europe.


The chamber also is building ties with non-E.U. countries like Russia, Switzerland and Norway.





"When you look at the trans-Atlantic relationship, it is 54 percent of the entire world GDP," Sailer said of the combined size of the U.S. and European economies." The trans-Atlantic ties really go beyond a few sectors."


Attorney Stephen B. Schott, a chamber member and a shareholder with Volpe Koenig who is moving to the firm's Princeton office, said the chamber has been a good outlet to learn about opportunities for New Jersey businesses. Schott practices patent law.


"It's very easy for American companies to do business with European companies, but sometimes we have a lot of questions," Schott said, adding that the two markets have many things in common: "They respect contracts; they negotiate deals in ways that are understandable to Americans. This organization helps businesses in America and businesses in Europe to connect with each other."



LEED Certification is a Growing Trend in Cities Throughout the Nation




Going green is becoming increasingly important to building owners and tenants in Jacksonville, Florida as well as other places. Read more.



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