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November 2013
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2013 Annual Meeting
Gardens Closed Saturday, October 19th
Gardener Survey
Registration for 2014 Begins in January
Happy Thanksgiving!

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2013 Annual Meeting

Project Grow's 2013 Annual Meeting was October 10th.  Lucas, DiGia, Eric Meves, and Ralph Powell were re-elected to the board, Jennifer Knight's appointment was confirmed, and Pam Schwarzman was elected to replace Inge Ferguson.  Congratulations all!

Board members provided a table full of goodies for everyone including apple crisp, apple pie, blueberry cobbler and more.  
Gardens Closed Saturday, October 19th

All the gardens closed on October 19th and Kevin began tilling the plots on the 27th.  Only 11 sites are tilled, the others are entirely perennial such as Clague, Lakewood and Buhr or are all raised beds like the Discovery Gardens.  Perennial gardens still need to be prepared for the winter, though, and there is work to do at every site closing for the winter.  With 19 garden sites this is not a small job!


Project Grow wants to thank everyone involved in doing this.  First the gardeners for cleaning up their plots, the site coordinators for holding work days to make sure everything gets done, and the board and staff for making final checks on each site.  



The garden at Catholic Social Services ready for the snow




Gardener Survey

We sent a link to a survey to all the 2013 gardeners in late October.  So far we have received more than 110 responses.  This is better than we had hoped for, and we want to thank everyone who has responded.  

Once the gardens are closed and things slow down, the board will look through all the responses.  After doing that we will write up the results for the newsletter.  

If you gardened with Project Grow this year and overlooked the survey e-mail but would still like to respond, please notify us at info@projectgrowgardens.org and we will send you another link. Thank you again!
Registration for 2014 Will Begin in January

The slowest months for gardening are November and December.   Most of us are worn out from a long season of working outside and welcome staying inside for the long nights, cold weather and of course holiday get togethers with friends and family.  

In less than two months, though, we will start everything again!  Spring seed catalogs start arriving in January and even late December and 2014 Project Grow registration will begin on January 1st.  Project Grow will send everyone who had a garden with us in 2013 a reminder to register and a link to the application on January 1st or 2nd.  If we don't hear from you, we send a couple more reminders.  By mid-February we assume that anyone who wants to return has registered and make any plots not spoken for available to new gardeners.

The application will be available to new gardeners on the website by January 1st.  If you have not gardened with Project Grow before, you can also be added to the wait list by sending an e-mail to info@projectgrowgardens.org.  People on the wait list will receive the application link a couple days before the end of the year so they can be at or near the head of the line of new gardeners seeking plots at their favorite site.
Happy Thanksgiving!

The board and staff of Project Grow want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!