Issue 607
July 2016
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Quick Links

Which of these 90's TV icons played the accordion?

A) Steve Urkel, Family Matters
B) Tim Taylor, Home Improvement
C) AC Slater, Saved by the Bell
D) Michelle Tanner, Full House

WINNER: Debbie Miller
COMPANY: GLAD Monogram Creations

Which of these movies does NOT have a BBQ/cook-out scene?

A) Father of the Bride
B) The Waterboy
C) The Wizard of Oz
D) The Fast and the Furious

Email the correct response to for your chance to win some SolidLine swag. Good luck!

The Crew Corner

Invent a hot dog with your chosen fixins' & give it a name.

John Courchane, Editor
The Michael Kromm Dog: A waygu hot dog with steak frites and truffle oil.

Ed Boe, Director of Photography
The anti-Kromm. A s'more.

Pat Cheng, Motion Graphics
A hotdog slathered completely in Ketchup - Chicago BratWORST.

Allison Miller, Producer
Bacon, pepperjack cheese, chipotle mayo, & a burger instead of a hot dog. It's called a cheeseburger.

Michael Kromm, Director of Post Production
Ketchup, sport peppers and sauerkraut. It's called a KrommKraut.

Greg Vass, Executive Producer
Cheeseburger Hot Dog in Paradise. Cheeseburger on a hot dog bun, enjoyed on a beach. 

SolidLine Produces Inclusive Casting PSA

We are so excited to announce the videos we recently produced with Changing the Face of Beauty, a nonprofit organization that focuses on the inclusion of models with disabilities in mainstream media. Together, we produced an educational PSA that will be offered to high school students starting this Fall. Complemented with a course curriculum and assignments to create advertisements featuring models with disabilities, students will be inspired to consider what our world would be like if everyone were included in media. The SolidLine crew is very proud of how the PSA turned out, and we can't wait to work with Changing the Face of Beauty on more projects to help support their important mission!

"The SolidLine team had my back every step of the way!" states Katie Driscoll, Founder of Changing the Face of Beauty. "The team knew my vision and they made it happen in the blink of an eye -- and made sure I was on board with everything they planned. I couldn't ask for a better team or be happier with how the PSA turned out."

For more information on purchasing the curriculum, click here.

Check out the trailer for the PSA below!

SolidLine Partners with Great Clips to Grow Franchises

We're lucky to have awesome clients like Great Clips, and recently we produced two new videos highlighting the many benefits that come with owning a Great Clips franchise. Last month, the SLM Crew jetted up two cities in Canada, Vancouver and Toronto, to tell the stories of successful Great Clips franchisees. We spent a couple days at each location capturing interviews, salon footage, and lifestyle shots. The finished productions will be delivered in three formats: A 3-minute story, as well as a :30 and :15 version.

"These new franchisee videos will be used to help promote our growth throughout Canada," states Great Clips Director of Franchise Development Beth Caron. "We appreciate SolidLine's storytelling abilities when it comes to this kind of production, and the fact that their crew makes the production process fun and memorable."

 Click below to watch the video from Vancouver!