Issue 604
April 2016
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What frozen meal does Kevin eat in Home Alone?

A) Salisbury Steak
B) Macaroni & Cheese
C) Frozen Peas
D) Pizza Rolls

WINNER: Pam Lowry
COMPANY: Prospect Management

What movie is this adorable penguin scene from?

A) Happy Feet
B) A Tale of Two Penguins
C) Madagascar
D) The Lion King

Email the correct response to for your chance to win some SolidLine swag. Good luck!

The Crew Corner

If you had a pet penguin, what's the first thing you'd teach it to do?

Mike Petrik, Art Director
Play hockey. Go Penguins!

Tracy Granzyk, Managing Director, Healthcare
Juggle ice down under.

John Courchane, Editor
Play baseball. Go White Sox!

Ed Boe, Director of Photography
Help me look for cool bugs.

Jonathan Reed, Motion Graphics Artist
I'd train it to be a professional wrestler.

Adam Marzec, Motion Graphics Artist
Do laundry.

Allison Miller, Producer
I'd teach him to dance with me.

Michael Kromm, Director of Post Production
To follow me.

Greg Vass, Executive Producer
Get a job and pay some bills.

SolidLine Travels to Australia for Documentary Production

Over the past 8 years, SolidLine Media has been documenting the Academy for Emerging Leaders in Patient Safety, creating short videos about their efforts to educate young medical students and doctors, and working on gathering footage for a longer documentary. This week, 50 patient safety students and experts gathered in Australia for the first ever Academy in Sydney. And, of course, SolidLine was onsite to capture the wonderful stories and learning happening during the retreat. It was an amazing week with lots of new content and perspectives from another part of the world on this important patient safety topic and current culture of healthcare. Footage has now been captured in the US, Middle East, and Australia for the larger documentary production. 

"The Academy for Emerging Leaders in Patient Safety, The Sydney Experience, was an important event for young Australian future health leaders," states Kim Oates, MD, Director of Undergraduate Quality & Safety Education at Australia's Clinical Excellence Commission. "On the final day, we took the opportunity to showcase the event to a larger audience of healthcare professionals. A highlight of this session was the four-minute video clip produced by SolidLine Media which captured the spirit and enthusiasm of the scholars as they and the faculty discussed how they could contribute to a safer health system. It was a life changing experience for each of the scholars."

Check out the brief video below of our week in Australia. 

SLM Producer on NAB 2016 Panel

This month, SLM's very own Executive Producer, Greg Vass, had the awesome opportunity to be part of a panel discussion at NAB 2016 along with four other production professionals. Held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, NAB had over 100,000 attendees from 187 countries and is the largest annual convention in our industry. The panel discussion, "How Not To Screw Up When You Crew Up" was hosted by our pals at ProductionHUB and was live-streamed for folks who weren't able to watch in person. The discussion focused on current production trends, as well as hiring crew around the US and the world. The diverse panel participants offered plenty of perspective and insight.

"We were honored to host the thought leadership panel on crewing tips & tricks at the NAB Show," says Katrina de Leon, Director of Marketing for ProductionHUB. "Who better to share insights than some of our most esteemed partners? SolidLine is consistently paving the way when it comes to professionalism & integrity; they continue to make us look good by exceeding client's expectations across the globe."

Check out the NAB panel discussion below!

Behind the Scenes: DHL Town Hall

Last month while our awesome SIU Externs were on board, we gave them a fun project to create a Behind the Scenes-style video about DHL Global Forwarding's Town Hall communications. The Town Halls are released quarterly to DHL's 9,000 employees across 16 countries, and the benefits of the new Town Hall format are discussed in this video. DHL's Director of Corporate Communications, Jennifer Pakradooni, along with other DHL employees and SLM's Executive Producer, Greg Vass, explain the importance of these communications and the new format SolidLine Media developed.

We submitted the video to the Clio Awards and will keep you
updated when the results are in. Take a look at the video below!